Statement of Purpose for Academic Use Essay

Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing to express my interest in the [University name], and particularly in the PhD program of Computer Science and Information System. More than ten years ago, I was very fascinated when I opted for bachelors in computer sciences from King Abdul Aziza University Jagged, Saudi Arabia and until now, computer still is the most exciting thing in my life. The more rapidly the technological advancements and computer science developments has risen globally, there is still a long way to go and the continuous innovations, progress and improvements that has retained my interests in this area.

In Saudi Arab where I belong to, still there are a very small proportion of women who opt for computer science field. I strongly believe that I will be among the pioneers to do PhD in the field of computer science information technology in Saudi Arab. I have done my bachelor in Computer Science on full scholarship from the renowned King Abdul Aziza University in Jagged in 2005. Later to peruse further studies I have selected Management Information Systems – Business Intelligence as the major for my Master’s degree from the University of Colorado, Denver in 2013.

Therefore, I strongly believe that I have the necessary combination of self-motivation, background and required academic knowledge to enroll in PhD program of (University Name). [University name] has the best computer sciences faculty and offers highly professional courses which I am interested in. The appealing components consist of multidisciplinary interactions, presentation and research opportunities with highly developed computer sciences faculty. Furthermore, problem solving and profound computer science knowledge to be able to undertake doth academic and non-academic careers is the reason it appeals me the most about [University name].

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During my Masters from University of Colorado, Denver I have experienced that people of United States are welcoming and friendly. Both students and teachers help international students to get adapted to the environment and provide maximum facilities to gain knowledge and attain expertise in the desired field. I am confident that (University Name) will enhance my training and cultivate other proficiencies. Based upon my knowledge of (university Name) computer sciences program, I believe I would be an excellent fit as I am a lifelong learner and want to acquire advance knowledge and skills in computer science and information technology.

I am a hard worker with required expertise and demonstrated dedication in the field of Computer Sciences. If given the opportunity, I will work hard to contribute to (University Name) computer sciences department through my knowledge and research work. I believe that (University name) has highly qualified faculty, research facilities, and academic environment, all of which will be vital to my academic success. My special research interests are in business intelligence as it the perfect combination of business management as well as information technology. I have both studied and worked in these two areas extensively.

PhD is a research degree that will broaden my horizons in the field of business intelligence. Business intelligence is an extensive area and emerging areas of research in the field of computer sciences. Other scholarly topics that interest me in particular are the problems in self-adaptive software systems. I believe that I have the desired qualities f a good researcher as an experienced teacher. I have also been working as an administrator in King Abdul Aziza University, Jagged where I have been helping and promoting research culture. I strongly believe in original research and always encouraged it among my students.

As I have mentioned above my scholarly interests which are very unique and need extensive research. I believe that after my PhD I shall be better able to promote original research work among new generation. Research is the future need of every nation and only those countries are developing ho are promoting and providing research expertise to its people. Saudi Arab is a country where research culture is never given high importance. As there are very few research experts available to provide guidance and direction especially in the field of computer sciences.

So there is a need for good researchers that could not only promote research culture but also provide guidance, expertise and direction to interested students especially females. It is my strong desire to contribute in the field of computer sciences through original research work and continue to train and encourage students of new generation to explore new areas of research and excel in the field of computer sciences. I strongly believe that if I will be given opportunity to do PhD in computer sciences and information system I would be among few females in Saudi Arab who will be contributing in the field of Computer Sciences.

And as I will be pursuing teaching career in higher education I shall be able to impart my knowledge and research skills among female students who are given less opportunities in the country like Saudi Arab. I have extensive experience in the field of computer science. As I have successfully completed my Bachelor in Computer Sciences on full scholarship from the renowned King Abdul Aziza University in Jagged in 2005 with a cumulative GAP of 4. 5/5. In particular, I did exceptionally well in courses such as numerical computation, data processing, artificial intelligence, software design, database systems and computer communication networks.

These courses have prompted me to choose Management Information Systems – Business Intelligence as a major for my Master’s degree from the University of Colorado, Denver in 2013 where I had attained cumulative GAP of 3. 5/4. From the study of MIS, I have not only learned useful knowledge in a great variety of fields but also have come to the realization concerning human knowledge, that man can solve his target problems most effectively and efficiently through a comprehensive application of knowledge in related fields.

During my masters, I have also created web site for computer science department as a final year project. The project has provided me practical knowledge and experience. Besides academic knowledge and skills regarding to my courses, I have also gained valuable experience and become more independent as well as self-confident in the excellent education environment with appropriate teaching method and modern facilities.

In addition, I was a member of the Golden Key organization for A grade students as well as a member of Beta Gamma Sigma for the Best in Business. Following my bachelors I have always been promoting computer sciences knowledge and inspiring underrepresented group of students (female) as their role model and mentor at King Abdul Aziza University, Jagged. I strongly believe that females should be provided opportunities to explore rouses to undergraduate student that was an enriching experience.

Furthermore, currently I am working as an administrator in the Computer Science department at King Abdul Aziza University where I am not only responsible for managing the entire department, nurture and guide young minds about information technology but also promote and encourage research and development culture. During my studies and professional experience I have taken various courses of computer programs such as Flash, Visual Basics, HTML, Frontage, Excel, and Photos and also attended earnings and seminars on Computer Maintenance programs that have further enhanced my knowledge in this field.

I strongly believe that I have the right expertise, knowledge and experience to enroll in PhD program of computer science and information system at (University name) that would enhance my research skills and knowledge in this field. It would be a great honor for me if given an opportunity to pursue PhD studies and would be able to make valuable contributions to uphold the excellent research record at your highly esteemed university. Sincerely, Mona Mediate Ease


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