Statement of purpose

Statement of Purpose With a horde of information being generated on a regular basis, it is becoming imperative to effectively manage this information using technology systems. This further raises the demand for professionals possessing a knack for technical as well as managerial skills for undertaking the processes of data mining, supply-chain management, and business intelligence for efficient decision making. The technical part of businesses is what inspired me to undertake my undergraduate studies in computer science engineering. The course equipped me with valuable technical skills in programming languages such as C, Java, HTML, and JavaScript, as well as in database and security management. Using these fundamental skills as a strong foundation, I now wish to build upon it with managerial knowledge through a higher degree program. The course of Masters in Management Information Systems offered by your prestigious University of _________________________________ would be an optimal choice for the same.

 I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering and Technology in Computer Science. During the course, I was particularly stimulated by research on the IOT (internet of things) topics as it has interesting themes connected to the world. I have been a part of numerous projects as well during the course to apply the theoretical knowledge on a practical platform. This includes a minor project titled, ‘Car Rental System’ wherein I created a website for the college in which a user can get registered and rent a car online by viewing the car option available as per their needs. I was responsible for the HTML pages and the illustrative designs used in the website. While most project groups focused on just getting the work done, I used my creative approach and focused on designing a framework that would be attractive through a user’s perspective as well.

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Thus, we avoided settling down with a bland website and designed all the pages of the website using illustrative design items from scratch to make it eye catchy. My final year project was titled, ‘Malware Classification Using Machine Learning’. The malware detection and classification work is useful to detect new variants of malware for which there are no signatures available. Intention of this project is only to classify the malwares among the families and not to identify if the file is malware or not. Our project focuses on novel data visualization techniques including image representation of the malwares and classification based on Artificial Neural Networks and K-Nearest Neighbors.

I was responsible for time management for the team’s work progress, presentations creation and presenting, designing, malware data classification and research work. Other than these academic projects, I have also undertaken numerous internships for a more professional experience. I interned at Shivam Chemicals PVT LTD for 4 months. Here, I understood how business essential software’s are effectively used such as Tally which is software for business and account management. I then worked at Flow tech Engineers LTD for 2 months.

Here, I learnt to use AutoCAD software which is used for precise measurements and scaling large scale products into digital world before manufacturing products. In addition to these academic and professional projects, I have also been an active participant in numerous co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to ensure an overall development of personality. This includes participation in Advanced Linux Networking by GNU IT solutions & services Pvt.

Ltd. (GITSS), ILG LABS. Here, I learnt networking commands and how they are used for real world applications by using Linux terminal. I also participated in Web Technology and Android App Development Training, by UNICOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES where I learnt advanced scripting, web services in HTML pages and database management.

I then participated in Android Application Development workshop by, RamraoAdik Institute of Technology where I learnt to build a basic application on android platform using eclipse. I have been an active member of the Computer Society of India (CSI) and have held positions of responsibility during the technical fests hosted by CSI every year. This includes being the Event head for the events FREAKENSTIEN in 2015 and GOALAZZO in 2016 and a part of the Sponsorship team for TECHMATE’14 and TECHKNOW’15.  I have also secured 1st position in Maze Runner Event organized by IEEE. I have been working on my skills to edit films and photos through photography workshops and filming for which I was also a part of team involved in 50-hour film making competition by India Film Project season-7. In the area of sports, I have secured 2nd position in Volleyball during Stamina 2016 inter college festival, and participated in the marathon, RAIT UDAAN 2016 hosted by Social Wing RAIT. Being an active volunteer in social service as well, I have taught orphanage kids at Girija Welfare Association hosted by Social Wing Rait community, and worked as a volunteer at Veershaiv Lingayat Samaj Mandal, Panvel.

I also have a certificate of Social Service by working for fundraising in donations for HelpAge India.  With a fair background now, I shall be in a position to leverage additional skills to be able to provide for my future goal. In the future, I see myself at a successful position in the IT industry to gain good amount of exposure to the corporate world and to be able acquire effective management skill sets. Using these skills, I aim to eventually be a successful entrepreneur and set up my own venture. The course of Masters in Management Information Systems offered by your esteemed University of ______________________________ would equip me with in-depth knowledge and skills to enable me to achieve this aim through the course subjects such as __________________________. The state of the art infrastructure, diverse culture, and revered faculty of the institute would further provide an optimal learning environment for me. I hope my credentials duly substantiate the prerequisites required for pursuing this course.



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