Steelhead fishing secret near Sacramento Essay

Steelhead fishing secret near Sacramento Many fishermen think they have to freeze on some North Coast riverfor good steelhead fishing.

“Not true,’ says Sacramento fishand game officer Phil Flint. “Fishing is great on the AmericanRiver near Sacramento, but less popular because the river isn’t outin the wilds.’ October through February, these seagoing rainbow trout runupstream. To protect the spawning fish, a section of the river fromAncil Hoffman Park (on the American River Parkway) north to Hazel Avenueis closed to all fishing December 1 through January 1. But the run for2- to 10-pound steelhead peaks in January, and then the fishing shouldbe great. In a drift boat, you can troll the center channel.

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From the bank,you might try upstream riffles. Popular baits are salmon roe and nightcrawlers or glowbug or flatfish lures. Limit is three fish; a statefishing license with inland stamp is required. Some good spots to try are Discovery Park (from I-5, take theGarden Highway exit and go east to Discovery Park Road), and Howe AvenueBridge and Arden Bar on the American River Parkway.


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