Steve Jobs Case Study Essay


Five elements of leading that applies to Steve Jobs taking Apple a ) Leaders-follower& gt ; Effective leader influences follower and their followings act upon them. Effective followings portion their thought and as a leader. they need to listen to others and implement their thoughts to be effectual. Apple is making something that they like and what they think the clients will wish every bit good. so Apple support on introducing new merchandises for it’s clients.

B ) Influence
& gt ; Influencing is the procedure of a leader pass oning thought. deriving credence of them and actuating follower to back up and implement the thoughts through alteration. Influencing is about power. political relations and negociating. and it is besides about the relationship between leader and followings Steve Jobs has influenced five industries: computing machine. Hollywood. music. retailing and radio phone/telecom.

He is an influential laminitis of the Personal computer industry. He besides started NeXT and he contracted with Disney to make couple computing machine animated feature movies. His invention in iPod and iTunes store decidedly affected the retailing of music. While iPhone influenced to the radio phone/telecom. degree Celsius ) Organizational Objective& gt ; Influence the followings to make goods non merely for themselves but besides to the organisation. set clear ends and results that both wanted. Steve Jobs mentioned. “Apple’s success comes from merely seeking to do great merchandises that we want for ourselves and so hope that clients love them every bit much as we do.

” vitamin D ) Change& gt ; Effective leader and followings must be unfastened to alter and are willing to take hazard and seek new things. Steve Jobs is a airy ; Apple has continual and disingenuous invention in every facet of its concern. The launch of I pad was month in front of the others e ) Peoples& gt ; Effective leading is all about working with people. it is the corporate attempts of all people lending that make things go on.

Steve Jobs was said to be an vocal ad non afraid to anger employees and clients. Even many who feared him besides had great regard for him as he did animate trueness. enthusiasm and high degree of public presentation through continuously invention.2. Steve Jobs strongest accomplishment is likely the decision-making accomplishments. merely like a batch of other top degree directors.

Decision doing accomplishments is about conceptual. diagnostic. analytical.

critical thought. quantitative logical thinking. and clip direction accomplishments. it is besides about being originative. perceive tendency.

anticipate alterations and acknowledging jobs and chance. Steve Jobs has so many originative thoughts and he willing to put on the line for new alterations and invention. merely like the ipad. he launched ipad to the market one month in front of other rival.He knows precisely what he’s looking for. he’s really demanding about his merchandise. he has send merchandises back to the lab continuously and kill new merchandises. 3.

As a Chief executive officer of Apple. Jobs majorly played as the figurehead function. entrepreneur function. supervise function and spokesperson function. The most of import would be the entrepreneur function.

which include developing new or improved merchandise. initiating betterment. Jobs is a airy.

he kept conveying new and innovate thought about his merchandises. like the iTunes and iPhones. etc. He is willing to take hazard on developing new merchandises and he made certain everything about his merchandises is perfect.4. I think this instance is focused on the group degree of analysis.

This is instance is about Jobs. the leader and the relationship with his group. It described how much Jobs thought and his personalities have contributed to the group’s effectivity which leads to the success of Apples.5.

Leadership theory categorizations applies to this instancea ) The Trait Theory Paradigm& gt ; This theory attempts to explicate the typical characteristic accounting for effectual leading. but no 1 can come up with a list of traits that guarantee successful leading. In our Apple instance. Jobs is a really controversial figure.

he is really advanced. animating. smart but he is besides really commanding. aggressive and temperamental. B ) The Behavioral Leadership Theory Paradigm

& gt ; This theory attempts to explicate the typical manner usage by effectual leaders. The two generic dimension of leader behaviour are task-oriented and people-oriented leading.

In our instance. Jobs is more a task-oriented leader. he is non a people individual. but as we all know his is superb at his work. degree Celsius ) The Contingency Leadership Theory Paradigm& gt ; This theory attempts to explicate the appropriate leading manner based on the leader. followings and state of affairs. Apple is a company selling technological merchandise. and it requires changeless betterment and invention and that is precisely what Jobs is really good at.

so this is a really of import ground why Jobs was so successful in pull offing Apple. vitamin D ) The integrative Leadership Theory Paradigm& gt ; This theory attempts to unite the trait. behavioural. and eventuality theories to explicate successful.

act uponing leader-follower relationships. Jobs use a more entrepreneurial manner to pull off the Apple Company. He has his ain alone manner and manner to pull off the company.

although it can be rather tough and breath pickings for the employees. It ends up working absolutely for the company. vitamin E ) Management to the Leadership Theory Paradigm& gt ; This theory is speaking about how the old bossy direction manner is no longer plenty for the new environment ; we have to incorporate both the direction and leading accomplishments. Jobs of class did really good in the leading portion. In add-on to the large functions described supra. he besides got involved with all parts of Apple — and no item was excessively little non to count to him. He personally picked the caterer for Apple’s cafeteria.

Il Fornia. naming his predecessor’s bill of fare ‘dogfood’ . Subsequently.

he made certain that the sushi saloon offered “sashimi soba” . an original creative activity of his. He one time called Google executive Vic Gundotra on a Sunday forenoon to alter the xanthous gradient in the 10-pixel Google logo on the iPhone Map app 6. I don’t think apple will travel back to crisis or near bankruptcy once more.

apple is now a well-developed trade name. and he personally names the new CEO Tim Cook as the new replacement of Apple. I merely think that Apple may non be every bit great as it used to be when Jobs was still here. but it is still traveling to be a really competitory company in the market.


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