Sting Operations Essay

Q. It is time that sting operations carried out by media and others are legalised in India. Express your views. Ans. From ‘Watergate’ (USA) to Tehelka, to ‘Cash for Questions’ the invisible camera has cut short the political career of many a big-wig politicians and made their real faces visible to the people. No doubt, sting operations carried out by the media (both print and electronic) and others in public interest merit to be legalised so that their findings command due respect and recongnition in the courts as well as in the perception of the people at large.

The exposure of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats is the primary responsibility of not only the investigating agencies like the CBI and VB but also of the ever vigilant media, provided the operations are done not to settle personal scores but in the national interest. Soaked in scams and scandals, the power brokers/wielders, whether politicians or bureaucrats or both, deserve to be thoroughly exposed and this onerous task can be performed only by persons of strong conviction and confidence.Since ‘sting operations’ tend to impinge upon the dubious dealings of powerful persons, they should be undertaken with utmost diligence and dexterity, coupled with objectivity, and not vendatta or vengeance. Needless to reiterate that ‘sting operations’ not only play a major role in unearthing the nefarious designs and deeds of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats but also reaffirm the faith of the masses in a free and vibrant media.

If the investigating agencies of the government can trap culprits, why can’t the media be allowed to do so?


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