Storage column instead of a wall Essay

Storage column instead of a wall

A floor-to-ceiling column replaced a nonbearing wall that separated
a small kitchen from an adjacent dining room and den. Better circulation
and shared views make the kitchen seem larger and less isolated from the
rest of the house than it was before. Industrial vinyl flooring in all
three rooms visually ties them together.

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The wooden column conceals plenty of storage space; from the top,
it has a cabinet, a drawer for silverware, a pull-out chopping block,
and a cabinet with pull-out wire bins for fruit and vegetables. Made of
gum wood, the 2-foot-square column rises 7 feet to a lowered ceiling.

Design was by homeowner Janice Butler of Portland.

Photo: Wooden storage column opens up small kitchen to views of den
and dining room

Photo: Richly grained facing on pull-out cutting board looks like a
drawer front


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