Stormy Nights Essay

The rain was pelting down upon the tin roof so fiercely I could barely hear myself think, the thunder was roaring, competing with the vulgar noise of the rain, the lightening was powerfully striking in every direction, the wind blew forcefully upon the fragile, brittle tin roof, I wondered how long it will be before the roof was completely dispatched from the house.

I sat and observed the raging electrical tempest from my bed filled only with the warmth created by my own body.The rain gently seeped in through the rotted wooden windowsill and the few rusted out holes in the roof, thankfully none were directly above my bed. As I glanced up to the roof I witnessed a minute spider constructing a delicate web in the bottom corner of my room, he was undisturbed by the horrendous downpour occurring outside. As I studied the spider’s magnificent patience and talent I listened prudently to the discussion my parents were having.Gradually their conversation became louder and louder.

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His authoritative voice eventually overpowered hers. I felt the vibration from his heavy footstep get nearer to her, I sensed her trembling in fear, glass shattered and covered the floor on which she stood, the scent of beer instantly filled the small house, she took a deep breath in and attempted to suck in her fright. She made effort to regain the strength to speak but his manipulating temperament influenced her to do nothing but apologize.I squeezed my eyes tightly shut in hope to immediately fall asleep and wake up to a better day. That night I dreamt of a place where the sun was always shined so bright it almost glowed, a place where everything there was no noise apart from the occasion sounds of nature, and the water was so still it could be mistaken for ice, a place surrounded by luscious green trees and colorful flora and when the sun set there was complete silence across the entire countryside.

That night I dreamt of a place where I could feel connected and at peace.


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