Story of my life Essay

I only have a few memories of my early infancy. The earliest memory that I can remember clearly will have to be when I was three and half years old I had ran out of nursery and went into Woolworth’s and my teacher was extremely worried about me. Eventually my mother found me in Woolworth’s, now the nursery have got signs on all doors saying “keep all doors shut at all times” so no one can run out of nursery like I had done. My old neighbourhood was mostly elderly, and I was the youngest I did not have any friends on that street but I did have other friends on the next road so that was alright.

I had despised my neighbourhood because I did not have any friends on the street. I can’t believe all the stuff I had done such as running out of nursery because I am so shy. Many people think that autobiographies are boring and only rich people write them. But I think that autobiographies are very interesting and really good. I could still remember I was on the mat with the other students, we were waiting for the teacher to pick a book to read to us I had looked around the class and I look and I saw the door was open the teacher was still looking for a book.

Then out of nowhere I thought come on lets go so then I quickly ran out the nursery. After miss was looking at the children and then did the register then she said my name and I was not there. The teacher was very anxious to find me then ten minutes later she had burst into tears. She had called my mum; my mum then left work to find me. When I ran out of nursery I went to Greenford Broadway, I went through the traffic lights and it was green but luckly there was no cars in sight. I had gone into Woolworth’s 5 minutes later my mum was thinking where I always want to go.

She realised where I would have been she had rushed there to find me then she had found me in the sweet section I had some sweets in my hands and then they had given me the sweets for free. That was something that I could not believe that I did now, because I am so shy I did not get it, my mum said I was very naughty when I was younger I had done some bizarre stuff in my life. When I was three and half years old my mum was taking the rubbish out I had closed the door and my mum was stuck outside.

My mum was telling me to open the door and I was very young I did not know what I was doing. My mum was worried about what I might do, so my mum had to go to my cousin’s house to get the keys and that was ten minutes away. While I was at home I had saw the phone on the stool I had used to have a play telephone and I liked playing with it. I picked it up and I accidentally pressed 999 and the operator had picked up and I was not talking but I was breathing very heavily and then I put the phone down.

When that had happened my mum had got the keys from my cousin’s house and on her way back home. After I rang 999 I had went into the kitchen then I looked and then I saw the cooker it was on my mum was making tea I saw the flame I just started staring at it. A minute later my mind was telling me to touch the flame and then I did I had touched the burning flame, then I had started crying because it was to hot and my mum came and picked me up.

Minutes later I had calmed down and somebody had rapidly knocking on the door it was the police they said they heard someone breathing heavily and my mum was shocked she knew I would do something like that because I was so naughty, then my mum explained what might of happened but I knew what happened and I still do. I hated my old neighbourhood because there was no one that was my age that I could play with. But I had other friends on the other roads but I did not have any friends on my old road. I mostly used play with my cousin she was a day younger than me.

When I finished nursery I could not wait to start primary school because I thought it would be easy and fun. But then I realised it was not fun like nursery but I started realising it will be hard in the future. I have touched my greatest fear and that is a snake when I was in primary we had music and it was the last day then in year 5. Our teacher had brought his pet snake in and everyone had wanted to touch it and then he came to me and I said I don’t want to touch it and then he had put it on me I quickly dropped it.

And then it was moving everywhere, now I am to afraid to look at my hands my own hands it had scarred me for life and now I think back and I get very worried if that happens to me again. When I was in year 6 I was freighted to come into High school because it will be so much harder and I thought I would not make any friends and I thought I would be very unpopular in the class. But luckily I was not unpopular I had made friends with nearly everyone except 1 or 2 people I don’t get on with. The work we get in our classes are very harder than we got in primary I thought it would have been even harder but people make you want to be scared.

When I started high school I was extremely nervous because I was so shy of talking. I thought we were going to introduce ourselves to the class but luckily we didn’t. I was scared of doing that but now I am not really shy of talking to my class because I know them proper now. I am not scared of death because I had thought about it, it will feel like you only lived for a minute and that’s why I am not scared of death I will just take any thing that comes in my way. When I was little I was absolutely terrified of death because it feels kind of scary but now I am more grown up and you will realise that life was short in the end.


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