A story with a twist at the end Essay

Tom: Tom was waiting consciously for his wife Mary, and he had prepared a nice meal for both them and it was lying at the dinner table with candles lit.

Mary: The door opens and Mary comes in with a police detective (Mary smiles at tom) and this was unusual, because she normally had to hug him when he came in, any way she introduced the detective to Tom.Tom: asks the detective would you like to join us for dinner.Detective: No, I had mine when I was leaving home the night duty at 9:00 am.Tom: All right then, why are you here sir?(Mary looks frightened and worried)Detective: Oh! Yes Mr Tom, I am here to question you about the girl found dead in your office cupboard. She died due to a strong sniffed chemical, but we are trying to find out who was involved and why did they do it?Tom: (looking suspicious and guilty). Sir how did it happen because I haven’t been in office for a week or so now?Detective: we found out through forensic science the body had spent they nearly three weeks in your office cupboard.

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Mary: (looking fade and annoyed). Darling let me hope those aren’t the days you didn’t come home very early and I remember one night you came drunk and which was unusual for you.Detective: (having a small smile on his face). We also found out in her dairy that she was going for a holiday in Spain on the fourth of August with her new boy friend and also her boyfriend was supposed to attend a press conference in Real Madrid.Tom: Sir I don’t see why you are telling me all this, because I don’t really know how it happened to be that this body was found in my office.Mary: (looking furious). Tom you know who this girl is, what are you talking about Mary? Tom said, last month you told me about the exact date as the one the detective said that you were due to for a business trip in Spain.

Detective: So Mr Tom, what was this trip about?Tom: it was about a new painting found in a forest in Spain, and according to carbon dating it was 1 million years old, so they were trying to sell it for � 4 million and that’s why I was going as a representative for my country.Mary: so why didn’t you tell me all about it before you went to Spain?Tom: I did not because it was cancelled out for some reasons I didn’t know.Detective: what reasons are those you don’t know Mr Tom?Tom: (wondering around and looking at the roof). I don’t really know detective, because I got a phone call from the Spanish Art organisation telling me it has been corresponded to the 1st of February next yearDetective: had you told Mary about the correspondence Mr Tom?Tom: No! I hadn’t.Detective: We also found tape in the deceased’s pocket, (detective speaking politely), would you like to listen to it Mr Tom?Tom: (looking afraid and scared), I will listen to it.Detective: All right then.

(Detective a cassette player and plays it and it says) dear Tom I am very sorry that our relationship hasn’t lasted for that long, but don’t get worried about the holiday tickets you had bought, Me and my new boyfriend are going to you back your money.Thank you for all the good time you showed me during our short-term relationship, from yours sincerely Diana.Mary: Tom let me hope that’s not the Diana you came with to introduce her to me two months ago, telling me how good an assistant she was to your in the office.Detective: Was she the Diana you brought to show your wife Mr Tom?Tom:(Looking rather a shamed), yes she was and I am sorry Mary.Detective: Besides all this in her dairy I found out that on the 9th July she would be coming to your office to give your money and the tape because she did not want to speak to you directly.Tom:(stammering), so I did not get to see her that day because I wasn’t in for work(Detective looking in his eyes with a face of anger)Detective: are you sure? Yes I am detective. You are telling lies Mr Tom; because I came here I want down to your office and checked the rota with your secretary and the only day you were not at work was the 8th of July.

So could you admit that you are responsible for the murder Mr Tom please?Tom: (feeling feverish with tearful eyes), I did it because I was angry, after spending a lot of money on her she could not just leave like. Detective, but I think she brought it back that day Mr Tom.Tom: I know, but before all that I had used much money buying her Jewry and nice clothing. Mary no wonder those are the days you did not buy anything for complaining that you did not have the money.(Detective receives a call from a forensic scientist, who told him that the girl died due to a strong paint remover which they forced her to sniff and also the similar paint matched that found on Mr Tom’s apron), sorry for the interruption, you can carry on mate. Tom I had to do it.

Mary: (feeling her engagement ring she removes it off and gives it back to Tom)(Tom rather stranded). Please Mary I love you don’t leave me I love you and I promise I will never do such a thing again darling.Detective: Mr Tom, could you please tell me what you used to kill Diana?Tom: I used a very strong paint remover that can kill if sniffed in large quantities.Detective: thank you for being honest, because the forensic scientist had just confirmed that Diana died from the same strong paint you mentioned a minute ago. I am therefore charging you with murder, so could you gently walk out to the police car you Sir.

(Tom gets up rather smiling with an innocent face, looking at Mary).Detective: walks him towards the door, Tom gets out and the detective stands by door and wishes Mary a good life and success in what ever she does.Mary: she puts on jazz music and sits on dinning table thinking a lot and by mid night she goes to bed.

Mary: she was preparing break fast in the kitchen and the doorbell rung, she rushes to open it, and there was the detective again.Mary: come in Sir, thank you said the detective.Detective: He sits at the dinning table; can I make a cup of coffee? That will be grateful.Mary: she brings the coffee to the detective; thank you says the detective she then sits besides him. So what did you want to see me about?Detective: I am sorry to tell you that Tom died last night in his prison cell.Mary: of what?Detective: He hanged himself with the bed sheets and by the time the police on duty spotted him he was in a critical condition and died on his arrival to hospital.Mary: Oh! Poor Tom, now is dead for such a silly thing he did, God bless his soul (looking not bothered at all).


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