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Reading successmaker Why? Find the reason something happened How? Figure out the way something happened What if? Think about a different outcome Questions What is a geyser? What is figurative language? Answer? A spring that sprays water and steam To make an inference: * Think about the facts. * Use what you know. Base word * Word without a prefix * Or suffix End of the page Prefix + base word Build the word inactive Incorrect Invisible When my dog is sick, she is inactive and sleeps a lot. Rewrite Rebuild Reappear My teacher made me rewrite my science report Nonsense Nonstop Nonviolent

My little brother says nonsense words in his sleep Reuse React Recall We learned different ways to reuse empty paper towel rolls. Homophones- are words that have the same sound but Different meaning End of the page When you are drawing a conclusion first you think About the facts and details you are reading second Use those facts details and your common sense to Make a decision or an opinion the conclusions are Not found in the word on the page you have to make The conclusions yourself based on what you thought About and what you have read Will a scientist ever Find a cure for the common cold? More than a

Thousand people came to see the president. Many people travel to see the pyramids in Egypt each Year what material did you use to build that model? Singular subjects- the hot-air balloon is floating in the Sky or the hot-air balloon was floating in the sky. Singular subjects| Plural subjects| Add –s or –es to the verb. | Do not add –s or –es to the verb. | The hot-air balloon Lifts…| Hot-air balloonsLift…| Plural subjects- hot-air balloons are floating in the Sky or Hot-air balloons were floating in the sky. End of the page To draw conclusions- make decisions About what is happening in a passage?

Using details and common sense Generalization: a statement that applies To many people or things Valid: accurate Faulty: not accurate Simple subject: one word that tells who or What a sentence is about. Simple predicate: one word that explains The action ————————————————- Treasure Hunt My treasure is a- diamond Ed sold ten cars last week. They were Identical today, nine people called to say That their windows would not go down. They want a refund. Joe studied all week to catch up on work He missed while he was sick. On Friday, He took a math test. He got an A! His

Hard work paid off. Ki likes to brag about her friends. Sue Is a great artist Juan is an amazing Trumpet player. Deo is a star runner. Ki thinks her friends are special There are many types of roses. Some Are red, while others may be white or Pink many have prickly stems. A lot of roses have a nice scent. Carla eats spicy foods. She always makes Dishes with extra hot peppers whenever Carla eats she keeps a glass of water Close by The waiter asked, “Is there anything else I can bring you? ” The population of our city is growing rapidly. Not getting enough sleep may have a very negative effect on your health.

The human heart has four sections. The barn was destroyed in the storm. Depend: to count on I depend on the bus driver to pick me up. -able: is or can be Dependable- can be counted on The bus driver is dependable because he picks Me up every morning -or and -er mean the same thing they mean One who or a person connected with Inventor- one who makes up something new Invent- to make up something new Or- one who Ben Franklin was a great inventor. -en: to make or made of Fright- a sudden fear Frighten- to make a sudden fear He tried to frighten me with a spider Our swim instructor says that exercise will strengthen our arms

So we can be better swimmers. Heart- an organ in the chest that pumps blood around The body Your heart beats faster when you are exercise. Lungs- a pair of organs inside of your body that you use For breathing The lungs are kept safe by the rib cage. Organ- a part inside the body that does a particular job The eye is the organ that is used to see. Strengthen- to make strong or stronger We will strengthen the muscles in our arms by doing Push-ups Synonym: toughen Antonym: weaken Protein- a nutrient that is found in all living cells and is Necessary for life Protein is important for building muscles.

Carbohydrate- a nutrient made of carbon, oxygen, and Hydrogen We need to eat carbohydrates for energy. VESSEL 1. A tube in the body that carries blood and other Fluids 2. A craft that is used for water transportation, Usually anything larger than a boat 3. The ferry is a vessel that takes people and cars Across the bay Disappear Disagree Disable The warm sun made the winter snow disappear. Dislike Dishonest Disagree I dislike the taste of grape juice. Impossible Impolite Imperfect It is impossible to jump to the moon. Misread Misbehave Mishandle It was easy to misread the directions. Mislead Misheard Mistrust

The newspaper ad may mislead you. Statue- a figure stone or wood There is a beautiful stone statue outside the Library Torch- a burning piece of wood carried as a Light The hikers used a torch to guide themselves Trough the cave Replaced 1. To put something back or trade for Something new Anita’s uncle had to replace their broken Fence Synonym: put back 2. To take the place of A new website replaced the schools Printed newspaper Rebuild- to build again We need to rebuild the fort because the storm Wrecked it Baking soda- a white powder used for Cooking and cleaning My grandpa uses baking soda when he Makes biscuits

View- everything that you see from certain Place There was a good view of the city from Pat’s Window Synonym: scene Freedom- the state of being free or not regulated The puppy had the freedom to run around in The backyard Synonym: independence Symbol- a sign or object that represents Something else A dove is a symbol of peace. Advertisement uses the words: * Must * New * Latest * And greatest Persuade- to convince you to think or do something This is sure to be one of the best vacations you will ever Experience you can visit the famous city of Orlando and Experience the always-pleasing amusement parks make

Your next vacation a trip to Florida and you’ll have the Experience of a life time! Extreme- very great, or much more than usual The desert can have extreme temperature changes From day to night Stylish- having style; showing a degree of fashion The fashion model was wearing a stylish dress. Extreme- very great, or much more than usual The desert can have extreme temperature changes from Day to night Foam-lots of small air bubbles My glass of milk had a layer of foam on top. Synonym: bubbles ————————————————- Alicia was jealous of her baby sister because she was Getting so much attention

Instant Penguins= habitat Building= design Swamp= wetlands Figurative Language * similes * idioms That is an idiom which is an expression By the middle of November, As long as could remember, It would start up raining cats and dogs and mice! Then as quickly as a sneeze, that is anthor idiom The air would drop by ten degrees, And the rain would turn to slushy Snow and ice As quickly as sneeze- very quickly Idiom: in the blink of a eye, as fast as lightning Wicked- causing trouble on purpose The children tricked the wicked witch Slushy- made up of partly melted ice or snow

My boots got wet in the slushy Imagine; a tree trunk with a slushy on it Helmet- a strong, firm hat worn to protect the head I always wear a helmet when I ride my bike. Glide- to move smoothly The skater glided across the ice. We always get a kick out of Bert. He is so funny and tells the Best stories Mom warned us that we would have a busy weekend. She told Us just to go with the flow After a long afternoon of hiking in the mountains, we were Ready to call it a day What type of soap do we use? The wicked queen would not share her riches. The road was rough and bumpy. Thousands of birds filled the sky.

The ice cold and slushy The snow is perfect for skiing. Historical passages- tells about event or people from long Ago Cultural passages- describe life in a particular place or region Cultural or historical passage clues Names Words Pictures Maps Photographs Dates Events Characters A group of people who live together in the same place Our journey took us trough 15 states. Member Mystery Eyelash We expect the plants to flourish in the Warm sun Finish Whiplash Sagebrush Tracy hiked off the trail, into the sagebrush Flush Thrash Foolish The child would scream and thrash if She didn’t get her way. Rehash Blush Furnish

Randall will furnish his house next month. Publish Crash Selfish Most authors want to publish their writing Community- a group of people who live together in the same place Our community held a bake sale to earn money for new library books. Ceremony-a formal act, done in a specific way The wedding ceremony was beautiful Service- 1 Religious worship Everyone in my family went to the church for Sunday service. Synonym: ceremony Adolescent- a person who is between childhood and adulthood The adolescent girl acted more like and adult than a child. Fast- to go without food for a special reason Muslims fast during the festival of Ramadan.

Vision quest- a time to seek spiritual guidance Some Native Americans boys take part in a vision quest. Journey- a trip or distance traveled Our journey took us in the direction of setting sun. Vision- a picture in your mind I had a vision of crossing the finish line in first place Synonym: dream The act of seeing; sight The eye doctor told me I have perfect vision Guardian- a person who watches over someone or something My uncle acted as my guardian when my parents were out of the country. Shaman- a member of a tribe who performs healing ceremonies The shaman led a traditional Native American healing ceremony for the sick child.

Weather in the United States and Jo Taylor’s adventure at Black Bear Park Fiction has * Made-up stories or events That are not true * Character * Plot * Setting * Theme Some type of fiction * Fantasy * Historical fiction * Realistic * Mystery * Science fiction Nonfiction has * True stories * Information based on facts * Real people, places, and events * No plot * Facts and opinions Some type of nonfiction * Diaries * Journals * Biographies * Autobiographies Abric- the main language spoken in Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and northern Africa Lebanon- a country in the Middle East

Lebanon is a country north of Israel. Muslims- someone whose religion is Islam The Muslim prayed at the mosque every day. Delicious- tasting very nice We made a delicious homemade pie. Performance- a show put on for people to enjoy The performance by the marching band was excellent. Synonym: concert Climate- the type of weather in a place over a long period of time The climate in the rain forest is always wet and warm. Mild- gentle, not harsh My mom uses a mild soap that does not dry out my skin. Culture- the customs that make up a way of life for a group of people We studied the ancient culture Mexico.

Religion- a belief in a god or gods, and a way People express this belief in their lives and Worship My parents teach me about our religion. Values- the amount something is worth After the wreck, the car went down in value. Synonym: price 1. How does Zara feel about living in a new country at the beginning of the passage? * Frustrated 2. What is Asad’s plan to help Zara adjust to her new class? * To teach the class about Lebanon 3. Which of these sentences from the passage is an example of nonfiction? * Lebanon is a small, mountains country 4. Which of this sentence from the passage is an example of nonfiction? Family and honor are important values of the people of Lebanon What information may be describe in a historical passage * Years, events, or people from long ago My uncle demanded that I pick up the trash. My uncle requested that I pick up the trash. Requested instead of demanded Connotations the word cuddled tells the reader that the person cares about the baby brother Why should authors choose their words carefully? * Because different words take on different meanings Attitude- the feeling you have about an event or a situation Brag – to tell people about something in a proud but annoying way

Synonym: boast Boast- to tell people about something in a proud but annoying way Thrashed- to move in a wild or uncontrolled way Sigh- to take a deep breath loudly Dan-ger-ous e- nor-mous Jeal-ous Ner-vous Mys-ter-ious Pre-cious Gen-er-ous Fa-mous-ly De-li-cious Mar-vel-ous Dangerous Enormous Jealous Nervous Precious Generous Famously Delicious Marvelous 1. The feeling you have about an event or a situation Attitude 2. Cause Reason 3. This is the way you feel when you have a pain in your head or in your stomach Ache 4. The quality of being unlike something else Difference 5.

A test you do in order to find out something Experiment 1. Mom made me feel better when she assured me that I will do well in the test 2. An old acquaintance, who I had not seen in two years, called me yesterday 3. I inherited the gene for the blues eyes from my dad 4. The school administration decided to cancel school because of the snow 5. We are all born with traits that’s what makes us unique Historical passages- tell www. google. com www. kidrex. org www. kerpoof. com www. fantage. com www. depp. com www. clubpenguin. com www. coolmath. com www. answers. com www. jasmine. com


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