Street Lawyer Essay

Would you give up your $ 120. 000 paying occupation for a $ 30. 000 to assist homeless and deprived people? Michael Brock did.

Michael Brock works in Drake and Sweeney. a esteemed big house that’s located in D. C. . he was one twelvemonth off from being one of the spouses that would more than treble his one-year wage.

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but all that alteration when Mister. homeless and hungry. held him and other eight people surety. That twenty-four hours alter his life. Besides that twenty-four hours. he found out his house merely evicted stateless people unlawfully.Besides that twenty-four hours he quit his occupation and decided to be a street attorney. Besides that twenty-four hours he stole a file from his fellow attorney that would turn out that the house committed a unlawful action but he besides committed a expansive theft.

Since that twenty-four hours all Michael wanted was to accomplish justness for the evictees and aid people in demand. particularly the homeless and adrift.“We got into this concern because we thought the jurisprudence was a higher naming. We could contend unfairness and societal ailments.

and do all kinds of greats things because we were attorneies. ”“You don’t do it for the money. You do it for your soul”“Privileged people don’t March and protest ; their universe is safe and clean and governed by Torahs designed to maintain them happy. ” -This explains Michael’s life before Mister held him surety. He was untroubled and he didn’t make anything to alter the universe.

he was populating in a epicurean life.The major subject in The Street Lawyer is justness. Michael wants the 17 people that have been evicted by Drake and Sweeney to hold justness because of Drake and Sweeney 17 people were stateless and 4 of them died.

In the terminal. Drake and Sweeney pay reparations for what they did and Michael was besides punish for perpetrating expansive theft.


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