Street Racing Essay

Racing is not a bad thing. It’s an exciting sport that requires training, discipline and skill. But the streets are no place for racing. Unfortunately, any young person can get into a car and drive. No experience, no talent, no discipline. All of this while innocent drivers use the streets for their day to day activities.

This is what happened 2 days ago, Thursday, 12th of March. 2 young teen drivers died due to illegal racing, 3 innocent people died and 2 were severely injured. The Police found messages on their mobile phones that they would street race that night. Young Thanasi and Jim had been talking for some time about street racing. That night they both stole their parent’s cars and decided to hit the streets. As they were racing at the curves of Limanakia,Vouliagmenis, it looked like Jim was having the lead. Thanasi saw this and was mad and decided to overtake him and that’s how it all happened. Thanasi decided to overtake him at the wrong time, it was a curve and Thanasi with no experience hit the gas and went over to the opposite lane. On the other side a car was coming with approximately 120 KM per hour. It hit Thanasi. Thanasi was wearing a seatbelt but with the speed he was going he couldn’t be saved. In the other car 3 innocent people died. The limit was 100 KM but it looked like they were going with 120 KM.

It looked like his friend Jim looked back to see what happened to his friend and lost control of the wheel. He also crashed against an other car coming from the opposite lane. The other car saw the reckless driver and stopped the car before they were hit. Jim without looking in front of him crashed against them. The two people in the car were severely injured and are now in the Hospital of Pireas.

Two vehicles line up at a streetlight, one challenges the other, both pressing on the gas and once the green light appears they take off as fast as they know how. Illegal street racing is not a new thing. It’s been going on ever since cars were made. Racing and bragging about whose car is better and faster. Every day, all over the world people are hurt or killed in car accidents due to aggressive driving on our streets. But the trend continues to grow. Movies like The Fast and The Furious have helped to spread the “virus” of street racing. Movies like these don’t show innocent victims getting hurt, they show good guys who have a passion for cars. Teens see this, and think that street racing doesn’t hurt anyone when everything they see in movies confirms it. Videos of illegal street races are downloaded off the web at a growing rate. Even on youtube thousand of videos are uploaded daily. Street racing is never going to stop. If it’s in your blood. You just have to be careful.


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