Strengths and Weaknesses of Lancaster Essay

1. Terms of reference* In this report I will introduce Lancaster and investigate its strengths and weaknesses, also analyse its potential development.2. Procedure* The information I will be using is from the Internet and books.

* I have also asked some people who live in Lancaster.3. Findings3.1 Location* Lancaster located in the north west of England. The City of Lancaster is situated in the County of Lancashire, England within the British Isles. It is approximately half way between London and Edinburgh.

* It is near the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the Lake District National Park, which are famous place of interest for traveling. Lancaster is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of England. With the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, Morecambe and Morecambe Bay and the Trough of Bowland all within half an hours driving, Lancaster makes an ideal touring base. (www. Transport links* You can take a train or a coach from Lancaster to many cities.* It is easy to travel in Lancaster.

There are ranks at bus station and railway station. The bus station is on Damside Street.3.3 AccommodationFind you cheapest Hotels in Lancaster and save money on Bed and Breakfast and Lancaster hotel accommodation by booking on line.There are a range of luxury hotels in Lancaster and 4 star Lancaster hotels. You will also find your cheap hotels in Lancaster and your discount accommodation, those hotels range form cheap quality bed and breakfast accommodation in Lancaster, to 4 and 5 Star luxury hotels in Lancaster, as well as airport hotels. Some of those hotels are near to major attractions and the local airport.

They offer hotel special offers Lancaster and also special deals on hotels near Lancaster. ( Natural resourcesThere have been few prehistoric finds at Lancaster, it was the Romans who founded a town here, Lone-caster or Lunecastrum possible names, it was an important Roman station, and traces of the Roman fortification walls remain. There was a garrison of five hundred horsemen stationed here, and a thriving Roman town with traders, temples bath house the remains of which can be still seen on the vicarage field.3.5 Place of historic interest* Although there was human activity on the future site of Lancaster thousands of years ago, it was the Romans who put Lancaster on the map.

* On the 14th of May 1937 Lancaster was granted City status. But it had been an important Town for centuries, and was granted its first charter as early as 1193.* The centrepiece of the quay is the former Custom House of 1765 designed by Richard Gillow, who was also famous as one of the family of fine cabinet markers.

Their work is much sought after today. The Custom House was carefully restored and opened in 1985 as Lancaster’s Maritime Museum. The Museum was expanded in 1987 into the adjacent warehouse, ( www.lancasterukonline.

net).3.6 SportingThe main aim of this area of work is ‘to develop, improve and enhance sporting opportunities from foundation through to excellence’. Within this post, close work is done with organizations such as Sports England and Sports UK to ensure that all programmers reflect national and regional developments.

As well as this, work is done in partnership with Lancashire Sport so as to co-ordinate the local delivery of the County “Active Sports” programmer. Great encouragement and support is given to new sports clubs and local sports facilities. The development of new sporting facilities is also highly supported, across all sectors, to improve access, provision and to raise standards. As well as delivering coaching sessions, a training programme will also be developed to contribute to increasing the number of qualified coaches and officials available in the area. Not only does this post hold responsibility regarding the supervision of the safety of all persons in their charge, but also of the inspection, maintenance and replacement of all equipment, as well as the every day general administration (www.literacy. Cultural activities* Lancaster CastleThis is one of the best-preserved castles in the country. Its beginnings date back to Roman times and from its commanding position on the hill overlooking the town of Lancaster and the River Lune, it stood as a bastion against the marauding forces of Picts and Scots.It occupies the site of a Roman Station.

A Roman fort with a garrison of 500 horsemen once stood on the site of the present castle. Duke of Lancaster owns the castle, although much of it is currently used as a prison and courts, there is still a great deal open to the public.* Lancaster CanalThe Lancaster Canal was opened in 1797 so that coal could be brought to the textile mils of the town. It was designed to use as few locks as possible and so takes a winding route. , (www. ConclusionIn this report I have already introduced relevant information about Lancaster on its geographical location, transportation facilities, worth-visiting places of interest, accommodation, sports affairs, and culture and history. As a tourist destination, Lancaster has also got certain weaknesses: such as it is not wildly known worldwide, its transportation still needs to be improved, it climate is not appropriate for visitors day to day.To sum up, in spite of Lancaster has some points that need to be amended, it is still a attractive tourist destination for both national and international visitors to have a wonderful leisure, especially for those visitors who are particular interested in natural landscape.5 Strengths and WeaknessesThe strengths of Lancaster should be mentioned, the famous landscape of Lancaster is The University of Lancaster, Lancaster castle, and Lancaster Canal. The weaknesses of Lancaster are that, the man-made attractions are not many enough, and the transports are not convincing for the visitors, and the weather is not good here.

6 RecommendationLancaster city is quite nice. Lancaster city council is preparing the Lancaster district local plan. Once finished and adopted it will be the first local plan to apply to the whole of Lancaster district, and Lancaster city council is always keen to improve its services, such like the hotels, restaurants, and transportation.

The government or city council should pay more attention on the attractions; create more man-made attractions or Leisure Park for the every age of people.


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