Student Information System Essay

Foundation and BackgroundExecutive Statement:“Everyone who works at this university — or at any technology-driven establishment — understands how much we rely on our information systems. Unfortunately.

WSU’s IT substructure is progressively undependable. made up of disused systems that were non originally designed for the multiple undertakings they now perform. That they continue to work at all is a testimonial to employees who have specialized cognition of the alone holes that are often required. Clearly. a first research university can non long stand on such a shaky IT foundation. In fact. in the by and large glowing accreditation study filed by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities about our university this summer.

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one recommendation read: “The Committee recommends that Washington State University provide modern-day information direction systems that will turn to the demands of the hereafter for its pupil. academic and direction support demands. ” The commission echoed the findings of Gartner.

Inc. . the confer withing house brought in by WSU to analyze our information systems in visible radiation of our support petitions.

“The current applications do non supply the necessary legerity to run into altering concern and academic demands in a quickly turning and germinating environment such as WSU is sing today. ” the study found.

Students and their parents are frustrated by dislocations in our systems for enrollment. payments and fiscal assistance. Just this autumn. our enrollment package failed in the yearss taking up to the first twenty-four hours of categories. The state of affairs was resolved.

thanks to an intensive round-the-clock attempt by our scheduling squad. However. it was yet another clear mark that we can no longer detain solutions. ” Excerpt from: Dr. Elson Floyd. Positions. November 9.

2009Accreditation and Leadership StatementThe Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities ( NWCCU ) 2009 Evaluation Committee recommendation that Washington State University provide modern-day endeavor information direction systems that will turn to the demands of the hereafter for its pupil. academic and direction support demands did non come as a surprise. Over the class of fixing the 2009 Self-Study study. information engineering and an aging bequest system were identified as one of four cross-cutting challenges impacting the university as a whole and helping as a serious hindrance to come on for about every country of the university. Our internal appraisal. and that of the Evaluation Committee. was reaffirmed in May 2009 in a study provided by a nationally recognized professional adviser. Reacting to this challenge has been and continues to be a high precedence of the University.

The Student Information System undertaking is a cardinal constituent to the University’s overall attempt to heighten WSU’s ability to present improved and expanded information engineering services to the University community.
Problem StatementThe forces forcing the WSU pupil information replacing undertaking frontward are peculiarly strong at this clip. These are the primary concern drivers: • Hazard of non-compliance • Risk of system failure • Improved integrating and system capablenesss • Opportunity for a immensely improved concern intelligence plan • University. college and plan accreditation demands
P age |2These concern drivers push WSU frontward from a hazard and conformity point of view and/or pull WSU frontward from an chance point of view. While the administrative systems by and large do non cover straight with the strategic enterprises of the University.

they play cardinal back uping functions in carry throughing the University’s mission. Hazard of Non-Compliance The deficiency of a robust electronic work flow procedure across incorporate University systems jeopardizes WSU’s ability to exert equal internal controls in the current systems and in meeting complex regulative demands. In general. WSU systems are characterized by comparatively weak internal controls and are therefore vulnerable. Hazard of System Failure The current pupil systems put WSU at important hazard. The myWSU Portal has failed at cardinal times over the past several old ages – badly impacting the ability of module.

staff and pupils to fix for the beginning of both autumn and spring footings. The current 30 year-old pupil systems are alone to WSU and supported by merely two or three proficient staff members. some nearing retirement. In general. the handiness of qualified staff to back up administrative systems is highly limited.

and there is no seller support available for the current application package. Improved Integration and System Capabilities Historically WSU has worked around many restrictions in current systems. but is unable to make much more without turn toing the cardinal implicit in systems.There are long lists of system betterments that WSU needs. but is unable to implement due to the inflexibleness of current systems. Over the past few old ages WSU has. for the most portion.

merely developed and enforced systems to maintain current with regulative demands. WSU is non in a place to respond rapidly to market demands and force per unit areas with current pupil systems. On the other manus. there is a enormous chance to better the capablenesss of our systems and let for greater economic systems of graduated table. With the execution of PeopleSoft we will be able to sunset many bing peripheral systems while taking advantage of the economic systems of graduated table of an expanded.

flexible and incorporate system. Improved system capablenesss will non merely let WSU to turn to long-standing known defects. but will besides set us in a place to respond rapidly to unanticipated emerging demands.

Opportunity for Vastly Improved Business Intelligence The concern intelligence ( BI ) part of the undertaking will chiefly concentrate on university concern procedures and the demands of information consumers at the establishment.More loosely. this alteration in information direction will let informations consumers to inquire new types of inquiries that antecedently went unreciprocated. By structuring informations from a University position based on consistence of common informations and hierarchies. we will do a leap forward in coverage. prognostic analytics and informations mold. In order for our BI plan to be successful the execution squad will guarantee informations transition and informations warehousing are consistent with the demands of current and future organisational ends.

The BI functional team’s attempts will embrace informations transition and cleaning. informations warehousing. informations consistence and information ingestion. For describing.

a fit figure of general splashboards and studies will be made available at execution clip. Extensive preparation of the basic BI tools will be offered in the initial stage. In a ulterior stage tools for information analysis will be added to back up analytics.

P age |3University. College and Program Accreditation Needs The hazard to the university was documented in both internal and external reappraisals including a recommendation from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities ( NWCCU ) based upon their Evaluation Team’s visit in 2009. While the university’s accreditation was reaffirmed. the Commission identified the demand for modern-day endeavor information direction systems as a challenge the university needed to turn to.Purpose of the Project CharterThe Project Charter is the primary operating papers specifying the ends.

aims. schemes. range.

organisation and criterions for the SIS undertaking ( “The Project” ) . It anticipates the world of really big undertakings and defines procedures for constructively covering with undertaking issues and determinations and defines the mechanisms for undertaking control.
Undertaking VisionOnce implemented. this pupil information system will positively impact virtually everyone associated with the University: pupils. their households. module and staff. The new system will increase informations truth.

do pupil information direction more secure. effectual. convenient and accessible. and get down to organize information across the system to simplify pupil entree to University resources.
MissionWashington State University demonstrates its committedness to WSU pupils.

module. staff and the State of Washington by be aftering. resourcing and implementing on clip and within budget a robust. modern. integrated. standards-based. sustainable and vendor-supported Student Information Systems ( SIS ) . The new SIS will better service.

answerability. work-flow. end-user coverage and supply entree to reliable. seasonably. accurate and insightful information for enrolling prospective pupils. pull offing thedemands of current pupils every bit good as the related demands of module and for institutional decision-making and resource planning.

Goals. Critical Success Factors and Success CriteriaBecause a new pupil information system is a important investing for the establishment. the successful execution will necessitate to run into or transcend a figure of ends. These ends or “Pillars of Success” will be used in concurrence with critical success factors to steer undertaking determination doing which optimizes the likeliness of run intoing the success standards as defined by system users for each functional country. Goals • • • • • • • Complete the undertaking on clip and within budget. Supply a system that well improves service to pupils. module.

staff and other users. Supply a system that supports institutional enterprises. Provide dependable and valid pupil and academic plan informations in one integrated University system of record that allows for the flexibleness to run into specific university and academic unit strategic decision-making demands and guarantee that information quality continues to better. Implement a stable. integrated.

upgrade-compatible system with minimum entire cost of ownership. Position WSU’s administrative applications to back up important growing and enlargement. Implement a dependable. secure and scalable proficient substructure.
P age |4Critical Success Factors Critical success factors are conditions and resources that must be present in order for the undertaking to win. • Acknowledge that people are the most of import critical success factor. For success. it is indispensable that we: o Place the right people in the right functions at the right clip across the comprehensiveness and length of the undertaking ; o Supply strong support by senior direction ; o Use skilled participants ; o Keep employees and pupils informed ; and o Foster wide engagement and representation.

o Give section forces a good apprehension of how their sections and functions will alter every bit early as possible in the undertaking so that people can absorb to the alterations more efficaciously. The organisational design attempt will be a sensitive subject for terminal users. • Agree that the PeopleSoft pupil concern procedures are moderately near to best patterns.

Therefore. it is sensible to get down with a “vanilla” attack to the execution and accommodate our concern processes to minimise complexness and optimise the delivered capablenesss of our system. Undertaking participants will be able and willing to believe out of the box. across departmental lines. and with an oculus ever toward the good of the establishment. • Ensure that the overall SIS undertaking is viewed as a “university owned” undertaking and non owned by single departmental silos. • Manage range in a disciplined but non stiff mode.

Scope alterations can happen if it’s best for the establishment. but they must be explicitly identified. assessed and approved. • Structure and subject administration procedure to a high extent with clear determination rights.The undertaking leadership’s determinations and procedures will be biased towards action. answerability. fairness and support for the greater good of the establishment. • Expect that we will non acquire the system and procedure design absolutely right the first clip.

Therefore. we will utilize an “iterative design” attack to implementation throughout the undertaking. • Agree that terminal users must be trained in respects to concern procedures in add-on to their function within the concern processes so that they can play a cardinal function in accomplishing the intended concern results. • Assume that the undertaking will be able to continue in the face of overall budget decreases. In portion this has to make with protecting the undertaking budget.

But more significantly the undertaking will non take topographic point in a vacuity. as many participants. and all those affected by the undertaking.

are being affected by budget decreases. Success Criteria WSU functional countries have defined the following as measurings of success for the SIS undertaking. As the undertaking progresses.

the undertaking squad will supervise activities and deliverables to guarantee that these standards are met. Campus Community • A individual beginning for associates and biographical/demographical informations. • Ability to make and keep checklists for pupils. streamlining student presentment of information needed for admittances and other countries. • Ability to make communications.

either by batch or manually. as needed by any country for their demands. P age |5Admissions • A seamless passage from the current bequest AIS system to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions in which staff from alumnus and undergraduate admittances will be trained and able to treat applications without confusion. • Ability to continue through all stairss of application processing via machine-controlled procedures wherever possible while retaining the ability to “rush” or manually procedure when needed for single instances. • Ability of departmental users to easy entree accurate informations for their daily operations which will cut down on manual intercession. • Ability to track appliers by the appropriate offices through all phases ( applier. admitted. confirmed ) for both alumnus and undergraduate.

in order to accurately project matriculation. • Logical mode for work to flux through the system. • Chiseled and flexible concern procedures ( easy to alter when necessary ) that are easy documented ( with certification tools that are common across faculties ) . and trainable ( with interfaces that are intuitive for users and developing stuffs that are easy to keep ) . • Easy entree for users/departments to informations for their daily operations alternatively of lists that are ‘fed’ to them by The Graduate School. This will cut down on manual intercession and communicating from Graduate School to sections and to pupils. Student Financial Aid • Meeting all mark deadlines and guaranting that informations across the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions environment is accurate and accessible.

• Successful burden of FAFSA/Scholarship applications. packaging assistance and bringing of financess to student histories while remaining compliant with province and federal ordinances all without adversely impacting pupils. Student Finance • Precise tuition computation. • Successful coordination of assistance release in concurrence with Financial Aid. • Appropriate and accurate poster of all payments to Student Accounts. • Accurate assistance disbursement/refunds to pupils on the first twenty-four hours of school.

Student Records-Graduate • Smooth passage from one enrollment system to the following with pupil finishing their precedence enrollment with full category tonss. by precedence group. • Effective drop/add period get downing the hebdomad prior to categories and widening two hebdomads into the term. with pupils able to finish their alterations in a timely mode. • Planned and effectual usage of category lists and scaling by module before. during and at the decision of the 2012 autumn semester. • Ability to track particular population of pupils ( illustration: Fulbright and International Agreements ) in the Campus Solutions system instead than in shadow systems and paper files. • Ability to track and pass on with pupils on Graduate leave or Continuous Doctoral Status without staff intercession.

P age |6Reding • Ability for pupils and their advisers to make “programs of survey. ” • Ability for offices or pupils to run a grade audit to look into their position and advancement towards a grade. • Ability to track departmental grade demands and module commission eligibility. • Ability to easy schedule pupil tests. • Ability to treat lacking pupils easy along with holds to forestall enrollment until reinstatement occurs. • Improved dependability of the system and true truth of reported informations. Reporting • Adoption of a tool for easy entree to all constituents of the endeavor pupil system from a individual beginning with planned integrating and/or linkages to data outside the SIS ( Housing. Human Resources.

Research. Finance. Alumni. WSU Foundation. etc.

) . • Secure self-service entree to informations and information for a wide base of users in appropriate signifiers that meet diverse demands. • Ability to carry on deeper analysis and information excavation.

turning informations into information.Project ScopeIn Scope Items:WSU is replacing parts of its major administrative systems: Student. Student Warehouse. and the myWSU Portal. This will impact many support and peripheral systems as good. We are replacing WSU pupil systems with PeopleSoft Version 9. 0. The new PeopleSoft pupil system will be integrated with the bing WSU concern systems ( Human Resources.

Payroll. and Financials ) . The new system replaces functionality presently found in our “student” administrative systems.

which is comprised of faculties in AIS. RONet. Financial Aid and the Graduate Schools systems. Along with replacing the nucleus administrative systems.

a significant investing is being made in Business Intelligence. These attempts are being made to both adapt to altering administrative systems and to greatly spread out the handiness of concern information to directors and executives. New BI tools will replace the current ITS housed informations warehouse and Business Objects. the primary tool used to entree that information. Besides in range is the replacing of the current Undergraduate Admissions informations marketplace and the Graduate School describing informations base. The undermentioned list identifies what is presently in range for the SIS undertaking: • PeopleSoft Portal • PeopleSoft Campus Solutions o Academic Advising ( including DARS replacing ) o Student Self-Service o Admissions O Campus Community o Student Financials o Financial Aid O Student Records • PeopleSoft Data Warehouse ( EPM and OBIEE toolsets ) • PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Fusion Intelligence • OBIEE • Integration of current SAN located on SharePoint P age |7

Depending on undertaking advancement. public presentation to budget and concern demands. the maneuvering commission may add extra points to scope.

As this occurs. the extra points will be added as in range to this charter through the undertakings scope alteration procedure.Out of Scope ItemsOn a regular footing the undertaking squad and the maneuvering commission will reexamine undertaking range. Presently. the undermentioned points are deemed out of range: • • • • • Human Resources systems and processes Finance systems and processes Research systems and processes Campus Recruiting and enrolling concern procedures. Enrolling informations will be fed from bequest enrolling systems to Campus Solutions via an interface.

Campus Solutions Grade Book
Depending on undertaking advancement. public presentation to budget and concern demands. the maneuvering commission may hold extra points out of range.

As this occurs. the extra points will be added as out of range to this charter through the undertakings scope alteration procedure.ApproachUndertaking SequenceThe SIS undertaking will utilize a phased execution attack that delivers new and improved functionality in clip to back up the normal WSU academic calendar. The SIS undertaking will sharply seek to minimise customizations to the delivered package. Appropriate undertaking procedures have been defined to implement this pattern.

CustomizationsTo assist minimise customizations the WSU SIS undertaking will: • Communicate clearly approximately “vanilla” executions. The SIS undertaking position is that sound concern procedures are embedded in the package and that WSU will look to follow those procedures instead than altering the delivered package. We will oppugn why we do things the manner we do.

Be it truly a “best practice” or is it because our bequest systems have limited how we could make it? Many WSU concern procedures were built around antediluvian systems and restrictions of current systems. What’s the worst thing that could go on if we change it? • Be unfastened to possibilities and making things otherwise. Be unfastened to new ways of naming and speaking about things. Be unfastened to self-service.

mechanization and consistence. Explore and take advantage of the full functionality. How can we better service pupils? How can we better function sections? Along with presenting systems that WSU is in great demand of. this attack besides serves to pull off cost. The SIS undertaking squad will work really difficult to run into mark day of the months. Aggressive timelines require rapid decision-making. and the undertaking will work in this manner. Procedures are set up to back up knowing and sceptered decision-making.

These procedures are documented in the Project Management Plan papers. Proven methodological analysiss will be employed. The SIS undertaking will besides implement strong control mechanisms to efficaciously pull off budget. issues. alterations. etc. This includes outside audit inadvertence by JB Harris Consulting. the selected Quality Assurance seller.

which will execute monthly reappraisal of undertaking position. programs and budgets.
P age |8ConversionData transition is the procedure of migrating high-value information from our legacy dealing systems into the new PeopleSoft system. This is done for both operational and analytic intents. There are mature best patterns and engineerings available to minimise the cost of executing this work. Conversion will be performed by making informations infusions from the mainframe bequest system. AIS. These infusions will so be loaded to a series of presenting tabular arraies through the SQL stevedore tool.

The Oracle Component Interface tool will be used to so lade informations to the appropriate Campus Solutions information tabular arraies.
TestingThe scheme for proving SIS is to use all the facets as listed below when they are applicable and when they are possible. For illustration.

a public presentation trial is valuable when there is a concern about volume processing and/or a critical demand for response clip. A usability trial is valuable when the experience of users will assist us either in the design of the user interface or in the design of user preparation and help-desk tools and stuffs. A parallel trial is highly valuable when possible. Transcript production is an first-class illustration. The proving scheme varies from one enterprise to another and is incorporated into the execution scheme and so the undertaking program for that enterprise. Test Plan Before proving Begins.

a trial program is created. A typical trial program paperss input values for the trial. processs used to execute the testing and the expected end product values or consequences. Test plans range from really simple to really complex. normally in relation to the complexness of package procedures which are to be trial.

For case. proving whether a new user prompt is added to a screen may non necessitate a trial program at all. while proving a complicated procedure may necessitate documenting many varied input scenarios and the corresponding expected consequences and end products for each instance.
During the testing. the trial program is updated to log trial activities.

consequences and discrepancies with what was originally expected. Unit Test A unit trial typically focuses on a minimum constituent. faculty or narrow activity. The unit trial validates that the specific faculty maps right. In relation to new or modified codification. the unit trial is frequently performed by the developer. Integration Test Integration proving follows a concern procedure through a series of constituents.

faculties and activities to guarantee that a map performed by the system works every bit designed from terminal to stop. The intent of integrating testing is to uncover issues originating along the procedure concatenation. even though the single faculties execute right.

Performing integrating testing is normally the sphere of concern analysts or their equivalent that are good versed in the system functionality. System Test System proving takes. as its input. all of the “integrated” constituents that have successfully passed integrating proving. System proving is a more limited type of proving ; it seeks to observe defects both within the “inter-assemblages” and besides within the system as a whole. Parallel Test Parallel proving compares the end product between two different systems executing similar procedures on the same input informations.

In instances where the end product is non indistinguishable. the causes of the differences are researched and explained.P age |9Acceptance Test Acceptance proving normally occurs in instances which require a ‘sign-off’ in order for the cryptography or functionality to be considered complete. If the credence proving proves successful. the codification or functionality is considered ready for production. and no farther alterations are required or allowed. Performance Test Performance proving efforts to set a system under a heavy burden ( such as a big figure of coincident users or complex batch processing ) . The public presentation trial shows whether steps such as system response clip are acceptable.

Usability Test Usability proving seeks to detect whether the user interface is intuitive or at least easy to utilize. Usability testing is frequently administered in a controlled environment in which sample terminal users are monitored and asked for feedback on their experience.TrainingTraining is a critical activity to guarantee successful user acceptance of the new applications system every bit good as to run into the success standard of the undertaking. The user community of SIS is big and is spread out among multiple locations and campuses. The SIS undertaking will use a “Train the Trainer” scheme that provides elaborate application and concern procedure preparation to a choice group of “power users” throughout the assorted sections and locations. These “power users” in bend will develop other employees within the assorted sections.

The “power users” so can work as user support during the station go-live period. This maximizes the effectivity of preparation and minimizes the cost of schoolroom preparation and stuffs. Training will be made available to stop users via PeopleSoft online functionality ( User Productivity Kit ) . For preparation to be effectual. it should be delivered on a “just in time” footing in order to maximise information keeping and let undertaking repeat to reenforce acquisition. A elaborate preparation scheme and program will be developed as portion of the undertaking executing procedure.
ReportingReports to back up daily concern procedures will be delivered along with each Campus Solutions faculty.

These studies are referred to as Operational and Transaction Reports. The development of coverage demands. study layouts and information elements will be accomplished by the functional squads with input and engagement from the appropriate University section. The engineering squad will code and construct these studies and will help in proving and execution. The appropriate functional and proficient undertaking squad members will work together to construct and prove these studies as portion of the SIS execution.

In add-on. cross-functional coverage demands will be defined by the coverage squad and will guarantee that all University broad coverage demands will be met. A fit /gap analysis will be performed to place any cross-functional issues and to put way for analytical and concern intelligence studies to be defined subsequently. These will be so prioritized by each functional country.

based on concern demands. As an overall scheme. the executing and running of studies demands to hold a minimum consequence on Campus Solutions processing and user response clip. Where operable. coverage should be supported by the EPM and OBIEE toolset. PS Query and other Campus Solutions tools will be used when necessary and will incorporate good defined security to guarantee minimum impact to production processing and system entree.

A elaborate coverage scheme papers will be created as portion of the undertaking executing procedure.
P a g vitamin E | 10SecurityWith the execution of the new pupil system. WSU will implement a system that is FERPA compliant and gives users entree to merely the pupil records that they should be able to see.

PeopleSoft security can be set at two different functional degrees at the same time. An single user’s security entree privileges are controlled by the ensuing interacting combinations of these scenes for that user. Page ( Screen ) Access A user can be granted one of the undermentioned entree manners to Campus Solutions: • No Access—the user can neither see nor interact with the application. Further. if no entree is granted to any of the pages associated with a bill of fare pick. so that bill of fare pick is non shown to the user. • View-Only ( besides referred to as Display-Only ) — the user can see the informations on the page but can non alter it.

( Note that nexus controls on the page may or may non be active depending on the page design and coding. ) • Update/Display—the user can see and alter informations on the page if no effectual dating is involved. If the information is effective-dated so the user can merely alter current-dated and future-dated informations. non historic informations. • Correction—the user can see and alter all informations on the page. effective-dated or non. Administering Security In order to ease the load of redefining security for each single user. standard groupings of security objects are typically defined.

• Sets of pages and the corresponding page entree manners are grouped into permission lists. Additionally. any page or set of pages can look in multiple permission lists with the same or different entree manners. Besides. a permission list is frequently used as a convenient manner to keep a given row-level security definition. • In bend. permission lists can be grouped in a assortment of ways and assigned to a function.

Additionally. multiple functions may do usage of the same permission list in combination with other permission lists. • Effective security disposal leverages the power of functions and permission lists by delegating users with similar demands to the appropriate set or combinations of functions. Security entree for an person is defined by that individual’s assigned functions which are in bend defined by the role’s permission lists which are in bend composed of sets of pages. the entree manners of those pages. and the assigned row-level security.End User AcceptanceThe overall scheme for terminal user credence starts early in the undertaking and extends through Help Desk support after go-live. These are some of the cardinal constituents: Support by executive direction End users know at all times that executive direction to the full supports the SIS undertaking and understands the troubles of accommodating to these new administrative systems.

Engagement by in-between direction Middle direction is informed of undertaking advancement and involved in undertaking issues and determinations through vehicles such as the Steering Committee and Core Project Team. Engagement by university proficient leaders Similar to the above. university proficient leaders are informed of undertaking advancement and involved in undertaking issues through vehicles such as the Technical Integration Group.
P a g vitamin E | 11Undertaking communications Through multiple vehicles ( including unfastened forums and web pages ) . described elsewhere in the Project Charter. terminal users have entree to information about undertaking advancement. issues.

mark day of the months. etc. ( Please mention to the project’s communicating plan. ) Hands-on exposure End users have chances to see the system in action in a presentation environment.

Training Training specific to stop users and specific to the WSU environment is developed and delivered to stop users by the SIS undertaking squad. End user preparation will besides be made available to stop users via PeopleSoft online functionality ( User Productivity Kit ) . Testing To the extent possible. the undertaking squad will enroll terminal users to take part in trials. in order to supply early exposure and to have early feedback on any terminal user credence issues. Support Support for terminal users will be provided by the same organisational unit that is responsible for preparation. This will supply a seamless preparation and support environment that will widen into the hereafter.

This consistence will avoid the issues of inconsistent facts and linguistic communication.Staffing Approach and the Use of External ResourcesThe SIS undertaking is excessively big and excessively complex for WSU to set about on its ain. Therefore. outside advisers will play cardinal functions on the undertaking and will function every bit good as beginnings for the extra impermanent labour that is needed. The SIS undertaking will use advisers for their specific expertness and advice and will work to maximise cognition transportation. There will besides be a great impact on colleges/departments due to alterations in concern procedures.

including displacements in duty for informations entry and the signifiers and formats of the information available. Based on experience. this impact is best addressed by overall undertaking communications. appropriate engagement in the undertaking. and in peculiar by equal preparation provided by knowing trainers.
P a g vitamin E | 12Project Management and ControlIn developing a undertaking direction and control model. WSU benefits from the experience of other taking research-intensive establishments that have successfully implemented the PeopleSoft Student Information System.

WSU will sharply seek to use proven prima patterns and nucleus values that will steer us in the direction of the overall undertaking. 1. Demonstrate consistent and seeable support for undertaking by executive direction. 2. Continuously communicate execution information to university community. 3.

Re-engineer concern processes to conform to industry criterions built into the package. to avoid package customization. 4. Drive execution agenda with specific mileposts. 5. Develop concern intelligence and coverage schemes early in the undertaking. Data transition is addressed early.

non late. in the life rhythm. In add-on. operational and dealing coverage are to be delivered at the clip of go-live for each faculty. 6. Employ experienced advisers for expertness and support of nucleus functional squad.

Advisers enable WSU to do determinations. and WSU drives the undertaking. so that at the terminal of execution WSU will be self-sufficing.
7. Maximize cognition transportation from advisers to WSU staff. 8. Establish undertaking squads stand foring all functional countries. weighing functional more than proficient.

Functional procedure and demands are nucleus to the undertaking. 9. Delegate the undertaking direction squad and nucleus squad members full-time on the undertaking ; transfer normal occupation responsibilities. 10. Empower the undertaking squad to do determinations.

11. Path and reapportion undertaking budget in a timely mode. 12. Make a dedicated work environment for the undertaking squad. 13. Promote positive work environment. with actions to honor.

congratulations and celebrate undertaking successes and value merriment at work. 14. Monitor organization’s demand and preparedness to accommodate on a continual footing.

15. Construct paradigms early and frequently. Build. trial and demonstrate often.

Procedures and processs to implement these patterns are outlined and maintained in the Project Management Plan papers.P a g vitamin E | 13TimelineSummary of Key MilestonesMILESTONE ? Start SIS Implementation Project ? Academic Structure Defined ? Campus Community Defined ? Student Bio/Demo Data Converted ? Course Catalog/Schedule Converted ? ISIRs Loaded ? Enrollment History Converted ? Ready for Live Student Pre-Registration ? Student Financials Balances Converted ? Financial Aid Awarded/Packaged ? Ready to Post Grades ? Calculate Tuition/Accept Payments ? Business Intelligence/OBIEE and EPM Fully Functional TARGET DATE July 2010 November 2010 June 2011 June 2011 September 2011 January 2012 March 2012 March 2012 August 2012 August 2012 November 2012 June 2012 June 2012
P a g vitamin E | 14Undertaking StructureOrganization ChartThe organisation chart below illustrates the SIS undertaking organisation.

P a g vitamin E | 15Functions and DutiesThe tabular array below defines the assorted functions and duties of undertaking leaders and squad members of the SIS undertaking: Role Duties Overall • Act as title-holders for the undertaking • Make determinations that affect the University as a whole or those that can non be resolved by the Steering Committee Executive Leadership • Define undertaking success standards • Advise undertaking direction in declaration of escalated issues. ( See definition of “issues” under Decision-Making and Issue Escalation Process. ) • Seek input from SIS Policy Committee on fundmental academic policy issues • Review and O.

K. alterations that affect University policy. undertaking continuance and budget • Foster executive support and buy-in • Assess value accomplished for the investing • Attend hebdomadal “State of Project” Steering Committee Meeting Recommendations and Oversight • Review undertaking advancement on a regular basis • Make policy alteration recommendations as requested by Steering Committee Project Direction • Review advancement and work merchandises • Prioritize ; make up one’s mind range boundaries for possible customizations • Manage organisational alteration • Determine what hazard extenuation schemes to follow • Review and O.K. options to decide issues. jobs and range alterations to be brought to the SIS Steering Committee • Monitor that staffing is maintained ; take part as appropriate in campaigner choice • Provide hebdomadally updates to Microsoft Project program • Provide operational inadvertence over nucleus functionality Overall
Decision Authority ExampleExecutive Committee• •Changes to execution day of the month Major range or attack alterations with impact to beSteering CommitteePolicy Committee• • • •Project Management Team: Tori Byington Mark DeMaio Mike Corwin John HansenPrioritization of range alteration petitions Risk extenuations to follow Approval of issues to intensify to SIS Steering Committee Resolve any undertaking squad issues that can non be resolved by the undertaking squad membersP a g vitamin E | 16Role WSU Steering Committee Chairperson Tori ByingtonWSU Project Manager: Mark DeMaioDuties • Assume duty for the successful completion of the SIS undertaking • Maintain inadvertence and enforce accountablity for the undertaking squad • Co-chair of Policy Committee • Lead and coordinate issues escalated from the nucleus undertaking squad • Assist with graduate school functionality Overall • Assume duty for executing of undertaking program and the successful completion of the SIS undertaking • Manage and revise undertaking workplan with inputs from Oracle Project Manager and WSU Technical Manager.

BI and Change Management squads • Review and O.K. clip in SIS clip tracking • Oversee and direct Oracle Project Manager • Facilitate the development of undertaking scheme paperss and project organisational points • Create weekly undertaking advancement position studies • Assist with facilitatation of the hebdomadal Steering Committee Meeting • Facilitate the resoultion of undertaking issues and jobs as appropriate • Provide monthly advancement studies to Independent QA advisers • Assist with transition planning attempt and scheme Contract Management • Review contracts. place exposures and manage contract alterations or add-ons • Monitor contract conformity • Scrutinize disbursals • Escalate seller issues to carry through declaration Risk Management • Manage hazard tracking. extenuation schemes recommended.

extenuation schemes adopted. responsible party. position. chance and impact • Monitor impacts to critical way based onDecision Authority Example • Provide counsel and leading sing academic policy and publish escalation • Oversee and supply counsel to project direction squad members• •Oversee planning activities Maintain undertaking work programP a g vitamin E | 17Function• •Duties updated undertaking agendas from Oracle Consulting Project Manager and WSU Technical Manager Participate in all quality checkpoints Recommend hazard extenuation schemesDecision Authority ExampleIndependent Oversight • Provide independent undertaking direction sentiments to the State of Washington • Provide independent undertaking reappraisal. appraisal. and advice to the CIO • Assume other responsibilities as appropriate and defined by the Vice President and Chief Information Officer Overall • Manage and take all Campus Solutions functional activities • Provide inadvertence and direction to Oracle advisers • Provide Campus Soluitions capable affair expertness • Create and manage elaborate undertaking agenda for Campus Solutions execution undertakings and supply undertaking program updates to WSU Project Manager • Provide advancement studies to WSU Project Manager Budget • Create and pull off seller elaborate budget • Calculate burn rate throughout stages • Reconcile to actuals from finance Contract Management • Review contracts.

place exposures and manage contract alterations or add-ons • Monitor contract conformity • Scrutinize disbursals • Escalate client issues to Oracle Management when required to carry through declaration Risk Management • Assist with hazard tracking. extenuation schemes recommended. extenuation schemes adopted.

responsible party. position. chance and impact • Monitor impacts to critical way based on•Lead constellation activitesOracle Project Manager: John HansenP a g vitamin E | 18Function• •Duties updated undertaking agendas from Oracle Consulting Team Project Managers Participate in all quality checkpoints Assist in making hazard extenuation schemesDecision Authority ExampleProject Administration • Monitor appropriate model in topographic point for undertaking consequences Detailed Task Management • Assign undertakings and proctor completion • Update completed Microsoft Projects • Identify at-risk. late undertakings • Provide preliminary position digest to Program Director hebdomadal • Identify and supervise critical way • Review squad work merchandises ( primary ) • Manage daily staff resources • Assign and keep equal resource degrees and appropriate allotments • Manage issues tracking ( day of the month. duty. position ) Overall • Assume duty for all development activities.

including all facets of the lifecycle • Create and manage elaborate undertaking agenda for techncial execution undertakings and supply undertaking program updates to WSU Project Manager • Develop transition scheme and program • Provide leading and direction to WSU proficient staff • Identify and staff proficient functions to successfully present required functionality • Act as WSU client director for all Oracle proficient services and Oracle On-Demand • Provide leading to guarantee successful execution of WSU environments. when necessary Detailed Task Management • Assign undertakings and proctor completion • Update completed proficient activities in Microsoft Project • Identify at-risk. late undertakings • Provide preliminary position digest to Project Manager hebdomadal • Identify and supervise critical wayWSU Technical Manager: Mike CorwinP a g vitamin E | 19Role • • • • Program Coordinator: Ivy Wang SIS Budget Administrator: Dawn Barnard • Washington State Treasury/COP Liaison: Barry Johnston • • • • • • • •Washington State University Budget Liaison: Matt SkinnerDuties Review squad work merchandises ( primary ) Manage daily staff resources Assign and keep equal resource degrees and appropriate allotments Manage issues tracking ( day of the month. duty. position ) Responsible for organizing undertaking logistics including infinite. onboarding. supplies. etc.

Besides acts as Administrative Assistant to Project Management Team Reports to the CIO Assumes duty for pull offing all facets of undertaking fundss. including the undertaking budget. Responsible for undertaking clip tracking. Besides responsible for disposal of all adviser contracts Advises CIO on undertaking fiscal affairs that relate to the WSU and to the State Treasury Office Responsible for all communications with the Washington State Treasury Office sing undertaking support Responsible for regular studies and outgo entries to the Treasury Office Responsible for organizing long term Certificate of Participation certification and payments Advises CIO on undertaking fiscal and budgetary affairs that relate to WSU and to the Office of Financial Management Advises the undertaking squad on pupil financials as it relates to the University’s budget and budget procedureDecision Authority Example• • • •Meeting scheduling Document readyingMonthly budget study Approval of all adviser petitionsOther Teams• Student User Team is a group of selected pupils that will take part in focal point groups. proving. reappraisal.

etc. The Integration Group. chaired by the Director of UISS. consists of proficient leaders within the undertaking and within the university IT community. The integrating group is responsible for guaranting that undertaking functional determinations are aligned with proficient waies. The group works with the University community to develop proficient integrating criterions and ensures non-ERP systems can incorporate with PeopleSoft. SIS Communications Committee will be responsible for and will organize all campus and University broad communications refering to the SIS undertaking.

•P a g vitamin E | 20Team Operationss and Guiding PrinciplesSIS executions bring together a group of gifted persons to convey about important University transmutation and betterment. While WSU can and should anticipate a really positive and successful undertaking. executions can besides be a challenge. The SIS undertaking will seek to equilibrate the demands of squad member work and personal clip. The undertaking will advance trust. answerability.

openness and will supply mechanisms for struggle declaration.
Project Management and ControlUndertaking Plan MaintenanceThe overall SIS Project Plan is a consolidation and integrating of the undertaking plans for the single enterprises. Undertaking programs will be created and maintained in Microsoft Project for these enterprises: • • • Campus Solutions Portal Business Intelligence

The Oracle Project Manager is responsible for keeping the undertaking plans. with inadvertence and way from the WSU Project Manager. This duty may be partly delegated to advisers and/or to a WSU Project Administrator. but the Project Manager is responsible for the unity of the program as a whole. including integrating across undertakings and with other enterprises. Care activities include marker of completed undertakings.

reassignment of undertakings. redefinition of undertakings. etc. Since undertaking programs contain greater item for near-term undertakings than for longer-term undertakings.

a portion of the regular care of undertaking programs is the decomposition of approaching activities into undertakings. The ideal undertaking. from a size point of view. iswhat one individual can carry through in a hebdomad. That degree of item is usually expected to be present for the approaching three months.

With respect to the SIS undertaking program the SIS undertaking squad will work with the WSU Project Manager and Oracle Project Manager to “plan the work and work the program. ” At the beginning of each hebdomad. the Oracle Project Manager will guarantee that each squad member knows and understands the work that is expected to be worked on and completed during the hebdomad. The Oracle Project Manager will finish updates to the undertaking program ( s ) each and every Friday. Undertaking programs will be done in Microsoft undertaking. will be versioned. and will be kept on the SIS undertaking SharePoint site.

P a g vitamin E | 21Undertaking MeetingsContinual communicating across the undertaking organisation is indispensable and will frequently include meetings. However. it is indispensable that meeting clip be designed to maximise productiveness and efficiency. Therefore. the standard SIS meeting protocol is: • • • • • • • There is a designated chair. There is an docket that includes expected participants and subjects to be discussed. Meeting notes are kept.

typically by supplementing the docket with cardinal determinations made and/or follow-up points and assignments indicated. Necessary paperss are available either as pre-printed stuffs or as electronically displayed stuffs. Meetings are conducted in such a manner to maximise the productiveness of the group clip investing.

Team will endeavor for full engagement in meetings. Team members that are unable to go to a meeting should be prepared to accept the determinations reached during the meeting. Executive Committee – typically every 3 months Steering Committee – hebdomadally or as needful SIS Policy Committee – monthly or as required/requested by the Steering Committee. Senior Project staff – hebdomadal Steering/Project Coordination Committee – hebdomadal SIS Project Management Meeting – weekly Project Management – hebdomadal Quality Assurance – monthly Functional Teams – daily or as required
The standard SIS meeting agenda includes: • • • • • • • • •The nucleus functional squad working Sessionss are held as needed. A general undertaking form is to run into daily as a group in the forenoon and to work as persons or smaller groups in the afternoon. but this is at the discretion of the Project Manager.Undertaking ReportingUndertaking position studies will happen hebdomadal and monthly.

Weekly Status Each Oracle adviser will supply a hebdomadal position study to the WSU Project Manager and the Oracle Project Manager. The Oracle adviser will work with their WSU opposite numbers to bring forth the position study. The position study will detail the work in advancement. achievements. issues. hazards. hours and all information necessary to let the Oracle Project Manager to update the Microsoft undertaking program. All position studies will be posted to the undertaking SharePoint site and be seeable to the nucleus undertaking squad. The WSU Project Manager will supply a hebdomadal study that summarizes undertaking position. advancement against mileposts. maneuvering commission action points. and hazard sum-up and resource issues. In add-on. the WSU Project Manager will supply an overall undertaking appraisal of work in advancement. achievements. issues. hazards and hours. The functional coordinators and proficient lead will describe position to the Project Director and Project Manager ( and to each other ) at the hebdomadal Core Management Team meeting.
P a g vitamin E | 22Monthly Status and Quality Assurance The WSU Project Manager and SIS Budget Administrator will guarantee that an updated undertaking program. budget drumhead issues log. and hazard log are available on SharePoint for scrutiny by the Independent Quality Assurance Advisers by the fifth concern twenty-four hours of each month.Project Budget ManagementBudget direction is critical to finding undertaking position and doing seasonably project determinations. The SIS Budget Administator. in close coaction with the WSU Project Manager. is responsible for tracking existent disbursals to day of the month. actively prediction of entire undertaking costs. and administrating undertaking contracts. Responsiblities include: • • • • • • • Create and pull off elaborate budget Review/approve invoices/record in spreadsheets Calculate burn rate throughout stages Reconcile to actuals from finance Review contracts. place exposures and manage contract alterations or add-ons Monitor contract conformity Scrutinize disbursals
The budget direction procedure is supported by the SIS Budget Administrator. with representation from the Office of Business and Finance and the University Office of Budget and Planning. The SIS Budget Administrator and WSU Project Manager are responsible for tracking clip spent on the SIS undertaking. Core squad members and advisers will subject a hebdomadal timesheet demoing clip spent by enterprise and by activity. This is an of import tool for undertaking direction. It allows monitoring of resources as really delivered to the undertaking. every bit good as a trailing of what is required to finish activities. This timesheet is separate from. and has a different concern intent than. timesheets submitted for paysheet intents. The SIS Budget Administrator and WSU Project Manager will run into monthly to reexamine and track fiscal/project advancement. to decide unfastened issues. and to discourse approaching planned outgos. The SIS Budget Administrator is responsible for the processing of all project-related bills. This includes contractor/consultant bills with rapprochement against undertaking timesheets. The Undertaking Manager has authorization to originate disbursement petitions in conformity with established undertaking budgets. The SIS Budget Administrator will supply second-level reappraisal and put appropriate accounting codifications on the minutess.Issue ManagementIssues will originate throughout the life of the undertaking. An issue is any status or state of affairs which. if non addressed. threatens the undertaking from a clip. cost or consequence point of view. When an issue is identified it is logged. in the SIS Project Issues Log. located in the SIS Project SharePoint site. The log of outstanding issues is reviewed as a standing point on undertaking squad meeting dockets. Standard protocol for issue creative activity includes: • Assign a alone ID • Name the issue • Describe the issue. including its possible impact • Assign a precedence ( Critical. High. Medium. Low ) • Assign the individualresponsible for declaration • Set the initial position ( Open )

P a g vitamin E | 23The protocol for issue reappraisal includes • • Update position. record key determinations and following stairss Determine the current position ( Open. Closed. Hold )Once an issue is opened it remains on the log until closed. One manner to shut an issue is to decide it by taking action or doing a determination. Another is to find that in fact it isn’t an issue ; no action or determination is required. A 3rd manner is to turn it into a undertaking on the undertaking program. All issues will be tracked via the SIS SharePoint Issues List. Issue logs are maintained at multiple degrees on the undertaking and managed as follows: • • • • The SIS Steering Committee Chair The WSU Project Manager The Oracle Project Manager The Functional Lead ( for an person undertaking within a given enterprise )Decision-Making and Issue Escalation ProcessIssues will originate over the class of the undertaking. An issue is any status or state of affairs which. if left unsolved. threatens the undertaking from a clip. cost or consequence point of view. Quick and appropriate declaration of issues is critical. Each of the nucleus undertaking squads are empowered to place and develop recommended declarations to project issues. Some issues. those that affect University policy. undertaking range. undertaking agenda and the budget. will necessitate escalation and declaration by the Project Management Team. the Steering Committee or the Policy Committee. If an issue requires escalation. it will be assigned a “PMT” position and will be reviewed by the Project Management Team hebdomadally. In the event that a hebdomadal turnaround is non sufficient to finish an activity on clip. the issue proprietor can intensify the issue to the WSU Project Manager instantly. The Project Management Team will either accept the declaration or. if required. delegate it to the Steering Committee for blessing. Items escalated to the Steering Committee will be reviewed hebdomadal.
Change Control ManagementOne of the more hard facets of a big undertaking is change. Change is a fact. and it needs to be managed in a controlled manner. The procedure should be speedy when the petition is straightforward and cheap and really considered when the petition is more complex and/or more expensive. The alteration control procedure has these stairss: 1. Propose Anyone may suggest a alteration informally in the class of the undertaking. These proposals are normal “what-if” treatments. A formal petition for alteration. nevertheless. must travel through the WSU functional lead. If the functional lead concurs. a System Change Request ( SCR ) is initiated. If the functional lead does non agree. an issue will be opened. and the issue procedure used to decide the dissension. The System Change Request ( SCR ) includes: • Initiative • Requestor • Date • Description • Expected benefit • Attachments as necessary
P a g vitamin E | 242. Log System Change Request The System Change Request ( SCR ) is presented to and discussed with the Project Manager. If the Project Manager agrees with the judgement of the functional leads. so the Project Manager assigns an ID to the SCR. and logs it in the System Change Request Log. This log is maintained for the overall SIS undertaking. 3. Assess System Change Request The requested alteration is analyzed to find what would be involved if this petition were approved. What modules/dialogs/tables/etc. would be affected? What more specifically would be the benefit? What would be the cost to the undertaking? Assessment of benefit and cost is done on a ‘lifetime benefit/cost’ footing. For illustration. a customization to PeopleSoft will necessitate to be revisited every clip a new PeopleSoft release is installed. In the instance of more complex petitions this analysis can itself be a considerable sum of work. As a consequence of this work the original SCR is modified. so that it now includes: • SCR ID • Initiative • Requestor • Date submitted • Analyst • Date analyzed • Description ( revised if necessary ) • Affected constituents • Expected benefit ( revised if necessary ) • Expected cost ( clip and dollars ) 4. Review System Change Request All SCRs are reviewed by the Change Request Group ( Oracle Project Manager. Technical Lead. Undergraduate Liaison. Graduate Liaison. the Independent Project Manager. WSU Project Manager. and the SIS Steering Committee Chair ) . The Change Request Group so decides


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