Study plan I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply for SNU and a few words about my desired program

Study plan
I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply for SNU and a few words about my desired program. I completed matriculation exam in 2007 and got suspended and went to work in Thailand for two years. After that, I started my university education, studying geology at the University of Dawei. Although I always have a keen interest in politics, most of the university in my country doesn’t offer this course. I got suspended again my education to work in the Republic of Korea in 2012. Despite the fact that I was far away from the education field, I always wanted to continue my academic career. That is why I decided to pursue a higher degree in Korea and there is much reason to study for my higher studies. I have decided to apply for SNU which is the most prestigious university in Korea because I was motivated by the high academic standard of it and it would strongly enrich my future studies. I am currently studying one year Korea language program at the kookje college in Pyeongtaek. I already passed Topik level 3 and I am taking intensive learning to achieve topik level 5 or 6 in this year so that I would be fulfilled with sufficient language skill before coming to SNU. Moreover, I am very delighted to apply for SNU to learn political science courses. I have decided to apply for political science because it was my long-term desire to delve into political theories, history, and culture. As a person who absolutely interested in politics, I believe that I already have the fundamental knowledge of politics and I have wholeheartedly eagerness to study this course. Furthermore, it is my huge ambition to become a future participant in the politics field in Myanmar to tackle political and social crisis and peace process. Therefore, I am applying for the political science courses at SNU, starting in March 2019. I am confident that studying political science at SNU brings me one step closer to reach my goal. I am sure that I will put tremendous effort to become enriched and sharpened person through my academic years at SNU because it is the turning point in my life and it can alter immensely my thought and broaden my knowledge. I hope that you will acknowledge my expectations and will give me the opportunity to study in Seoul national university.
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