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The Jews were discriminated against in Germany between 1933 -1939 because of prejudice and discrimination. Jews were given a formal judgment before knowing all the facts because of an opinion not based on reason or experience. The Jews were discriminated because they were treated differently and unfairly based on grounds of religion and race. Jews were discriminated based on freedom and rights. They had no political right, their personal life and standard of living was taken away and they had no equal opportunities because they were seen as different.

I believe the first way that Jews were discriminated on was when they lost their political right due to being different and following a different religion. In 1933 Jews lost protection by law (freedom from attack), the police and courts did not protect the Jews from random acts of violence created by Nazi thugs. In 1935 Jews were no longer citizens of Germany, and were no longer seen as citizens and therefore lost their right to vote. In 1935 many Jews were imprisoned without a fair trial, and were sent to labour camps and then in 1941 Jews were deported to over crowded ghettos.

Overall political rights were the main reason why Jews lost their freedom and rights to be seen at German citizens and be protected by law because of their race and religion. Because they were discriminated against in political rights this led to Jew being discriminated in their personal life. The second way that Jews were discriminated by Nazi Germans was in their personal life. In 1935 Jews were no longer allowed to marry Aryans, neither have sexual relations with them. The punishment of this for breaking the law would be imprisonment without a fair trial.

Also mixed marriages between Jews and Aryans were no longer valid. Jewish men were made to take the name ‘Israel’ as a middle name while Jewish women had to take the name ‘Sarah’. They had their passports stamped with a ‘J’ on it to symbolise that they were Jews/. Many Jews has their passport removed to prevent them from leaving the country. Jewish children in 1938 were no longer allowed to play with Aryan children, neither where gypsies. In 1938 Jewish children were no longer allowed to go further in education because they were banned from attending German schools.

In 1939 Jews were no longer allowed to leave their homes after 9pm and could be evicted from their homes without reason and without notice. Many Jews were also not allowed to own their own property and it taken away from them, like bikes and typewriters. In 2942 Jews were not allowed to have or own a pet. They were also forced to hand over furs and woollen clothing. In 1941 Jews no longer received soap and shaving soap and where made to suffer without the goods that they needed. Jews were also forbidden to leave countries ruled by Nazis and where thrown into prison if they broke the law.

In 1940 Jews no longer received ration cards for clothes. Jews in Berlin were only allowed to purchase groceries between 4pm and 5pm. Telephones were disconnected, but before that the Nazis used to tap into people phones and listen to their conversations. Many Jews could not dress as they liked and had to wear old baggy clothes, they were not allowed to wear the latest fashion, because by buying these clothes they were taking the money of Germans who work had. Overall many Jews personal lives were affected by the Nazis and their rules and laws because by the end they would end up with nothing because they lost it all too political rights.

Thirdly Jews equal opportunities were discriminated because in 1942 they were not allowed to buy books, newspapers or magazines. They were banned from public libraries and Jewish publishing houses and bookshops were closed down. In 1933 in many places Jews were banned from parks, restaurants and swimming pools. They were excluded from cinemas, theatres, exhibitions, beaches and holiday resorts. In 1941 Jews were allowed public transport on their way to work, they then were banned from using public transport during ‘Rush Hour’ and were only allowed to sit down if no one else was sitting.

Finally in 1942 Jews were banned from using public transport at any time. Jews were not allowed to leave the country or their homes at certain times. In 1933 Jews were forced out of jobs in law, healthcare, civil service, density, journalism, teaching in Germany. Jews were banned from the German armed forces and were forced out of jobs in theatre. Overall equal opportunities has just gone out the window with Jews and just highlighted that they banned from everything due to racism and were not treated like other German people.

Germans standard of livings also changed from worse to hell when Jews were banned from all sports and athletic clubs. Their religion was put at a halt when rabbis and other Jewish leaders were stopped from preaching or speaking publicity. Jewish magazines and newspapers were suspended and Jewish writers and editors were arrested. Jews couldn’t own their won possession and from 1936 Jews were no longer allowed to own electrical and optical equipment like bicycles and typewriters, Jews were ordered to hang them in to the authorities.

In 1935 Jews were banned from open facilities such as parks, restaurants, cinemas and swimming pools. If seen there they would be beaten up and the law would just turn a blind eye. In 1938 Jews were excluded from theatres, concerts, exhibitions and beaches and holiday resorts. In 1942 Jews were not allowed to use public transportation at anytime, which caused a lot of trouble for Jews going to work. From 1938 Jews were banned from owning property and were banned from owning businesses and working where they want and having any job that they liked.

Some of the main turning points for the discrimination of Jews were the Nuremberg law. The Nuremberg Laws, as they became known, did not define a “Jew” as someone with particular religious beliefs. Instead, anyone who had three or four Jewish grandparents was defined as a Jew, regardless of whether that individual identified himself or herself as a Jew or belonged to the Jewish religious community. Many Germans who had not practiced Judaism for years found themselves caught in the grip of Nazi terror. Even people with Jewish grandparents who had converted to Christianity were defined as Jews.

In 1938 when one night of violence across Germany and Austria resulted in 91 Jews being murdered, synagogues being burnt, sacred objects were desecrated, shop windows were smashed and 20,000 Jewish men were rounded up and were sent to concentration camps. These turning points just highlighted that the Jews were bullied and had to right to stand up for their freedom. The Jews were discriminated against in Germany between 1933 when Hitler came to power and became chancellor to 1939 when the start of World War 2 began; Jews had no political rights and couldn’t vote.

Their standard of living was put at stake as was their personal life, as they couldn’t go to school, they couldn’t go to the park, their transportation was limited to a point were they couldn’t been use the buses. Jews couldn’t even choose their own sexual partner. They furthermore had no equal opportunities and were looked down upon because their jobs and education was limited. Being discriminated as they were would make the Jews feel upset, angered and upset and mainly depressed because they had nothing and were made to feel like outsiders because they stood for nothing.


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