Success and luck

Does luck have anything to do with success?Do some people become successful quicker because they are lucky?And why do some people work hard and never succeed?Is success a matter of talent or luck?In a society, we find both successful people and not so successful people. However, it is obviously not just luck that determines a person’s success.

Hard work and determination are two key parts of success. When people succeed, it is the result of hard work. Luck can have nothing to do with success. In my opinion, I think that success needs hard work, but a little luck can play a part as well. Success is based on hard work.

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When we look at successful people, we all think they are , because we know, at the back of their success; they have worked hard. Although luck is secondary, we cannot forget it. In fact, in some ways, luck also plays an important role. Hard work is a key factor, luck can boost one`s success. So both hard work and luck are important in achievement.There is an opinion that success in our life is a matter of hardwork and no room for luck to become successful.

One’s success is based on many factors including hard-work, luck, happiness, attitude, determination and certain level of skills. Currently success is measured on the basis of money and fame. For instance, if we work hard, we have more capability to have a good job and make a lot of money.

Thats why people assume that only money can make them wealthy or successful in life. Luck has a great significance in being successful because life is considered to be a game. A game is associated with the element luck. Similar in a life situation too for instance, a poor person’s life can chage by winning a lottery. So luck does has its own importance.Just to clarify, a failure is someone who gives up when challenges come their way. It’s not when someone try’s hard and didn’t pass the test or does something wrong when they’ve tried so hard.

A failure will not admit that they didn’t put in enough hard work in their task. This will affect them negatively, they will blame it on elements that are beyond their control. Successful people don’t become what they strive to be overnight. They worked hard to reach their objectives.

So, when failures blame their fate on thing that they can’t control such as luck, it shows that they are not determined to reach their objectives. There are some people who work hard but never reach their goals. This shows that their approach is not correct. An example is, if a student prepares for their math test by memorizing formulas instead of using them on problems to solve them, they are bound to fail. In this case, they failed not because of lack of hard work but because of their incorrect technique.

 So, a person should not blame their destiny on something the can’t control like fate. Instead, they should analyze how successful people have managed to reach their goals. And then compare their own strategies with theirs to see where they went wrong.That’s why success in life is a much more complicated issue.

Although, hard-work and luck do have significant role in one’s success along with certain other elements. So it’s not only hard-work,  luck also has its own importance in getting opportunities in life. Luck only grabs a right chance for you, but to make it even further you have to work hard. Talent and hard work are behind mostly all success stories but sometimes they simply aren’t enough. Whenever we succeed , it may be worth being thankful for the role of opportunity in our lives.

Who knows it may even make you luckier.


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