Success in Life Based on Hardwork or Luck? Essay

Peoples win because of difficult work and fortune has nil to make with success. make u hold or differ with this position? .

There has been tonss of arguments taking topographic point about one’s success. There is an sentiment that success in our life is a affair of hardwork and no room for fortune to go win. However. i do asseverate an opposite statement that one’s success is based on many factors including hardwork. fortune. felicity. attitude and certain degree of accomplishments.

Hard work has a important function in winning life. It is considered to be one of the outstanding elements lending to find one’s hereafter. Today success is measured on the footing of money and celebrity. For case. if we work hard. we can larn alot of money or become celebrated. Therefore people assume that merely money can do them wealthy or success in life.

A individual who’s success should non be calculated on his/her wealth. There are many other factor such as love. a good household. friends. those can specify really clearly what is success. One human being cant be recognised as a ego content individual with out holding an interior peace evenif he gets alot of money. So one’s success can be defined as the fullfillment of physical. psychological. religious and societal demands of an person. so material accomplishments together cant do a individual win in life.

Luck has got a great significance in acquiring win. Because life is considered to be a game. A game winning is associated with the element fortune. Similar in life state of affairs excessively. For case. a hapless person’s life can chage by winning a lottery. So fortune has its ain importance.

Therefore success in life is a much more complicated issue. Furthermore. harwork and fortune have important function in one’s success along with certain other elements. So it is non the affair of lone hardwork and fortune besides has its ain importance in acquiring win in life.


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