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5 of the Most Common Myths About Being an Entrepreneur Being an ENTREPRENEUR is SO HOT right now. Or at least the IDEA of being one is… We all want more freedom, more recognition, more opportunities for creative expression and more MONEY! The ideals of Entrepreneurism are in themselves quite inspiring. I mean, who doesn’t want to make their own hours, work from wherever they please and potentially have control over how much money they make? What I find interesting, is that many of us don’t REALLY understand what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Take a look at the definition: ENTREPRENEUR – The owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through RISK and INITIATIVE. Hmm RISK… How many people do you know who want to become an entrepreneur but they never take any risks like quitting their job, or investing some money into their idea/business or even just putting themselves out there because they are afraid to fail?? And how about INITIATIVE? Or as I like to define it – TAKING ACTION. We all know someone who is constantly TALKING about starting a business, but never DOING anything about it.

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I decided that it was time to debunk the myths. Continue reading to learn the REAL DEAL about ENTREPRNEURISM. WHAT PEOPLE THINK BEING ENTREPRENEUR IS LIKE 1) I’ll be Able to Work Less. No more punching the clock or staying late to complete all the work on my desk. When I’m an entrepreneur I’ll be able to have my employees do all of the work for me. 2) It Will be Easier Than Having a Regular Job. No one to report to, I can roll in whenever I please – it will be like a vacation every day. 3) I Will Get More Time OFF.

No more missing drinks with the girls or having to cut my vacation short. When I work for myself I’ll take tons of time off. 4) A Great Business Will Become Successful Overnight. If I have a great idea and can get the steps into place success will happen within weeks. 5) I Have to Have the Next BIG IDEA like Facebook or Google to Start My Own Business. I don’t just want an online hobby. I want to start a business that will allow me to fulfill my dreams, but I don’t have any BIG ideas. WHAT BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR IS REALLY LIKE 1)  You Actually Work More <— At Least in the Beginning.

So I hate to break this to you, but being a successful entrepreneur usually ends up being more work than almost any job, but you end up being so fulfilled by it that you really enjoy working. Not to mention the fact that you get to decide WHEN, WHERE and HOW you work which is pretty awesome. 2) It is REALLY CHALLENGING. Being an entrepreneur can be extremely difficult and frustrating. No one gives you a road map or a special recipe for success. It’s all about working really hard, taking really scary risks and learning from your mistakes.

It is much harder than any job the majority of jobs that I can think of, but when you figure out what WORKS… NOTHING IS SWEETER! 3) There is No Such Thing as TIME OFF. You may choose to travel a lot as an entrepreneur, or work out side of the office, but the TRUTH is that once you own  your own business there is no such thing as TRUE TIME OFF. Sure you can delegate, or take a break from checking your email, but if there is something truly urgent you will suffer serious consequences if you are not available. And even if you’re not physically working it’s hard to turn your brain off when your business is your baby. ) Even the Best Businesses Take Time to Become Successful. Ask any successful entrepreneur if they were an “overnight success’ and they will surely laugh in your face. Even great businesses take time to build. The average start up takes 3 to 5 years to start actually making money. Now this isn’t to say that you couldn’t start something and make some money within a few weeks. This is simply to serve as a reminder that you should keep plugging away if you believe in your idea and you are seeing a positive response.

In a world of INSTANT GRATIFICATION entrepreneurs have to be able to put in the work up front to reap their REAL REWARDS later on. 5) SMALL and SILLY Ideas Can Make a TON of $$$. The more I study online business, the more it never ceases to amaze me just how basic of an idea you can use to launch a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. From a $9. 99 ebook, to the humble idea of selling diapers online, there is no idea too small to build a foundation in which to live the life of your dreams. Don’t overlook the simple opportunities in front of you. http://www. entrepreneuressacademy. com/blog/5-of-the-most-common-myths-about-being-an-entrepreneur/


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