Sugar Trade Sample Essay

Theodore Roosevelt one time said. “Do what you can with what you have. where you are. ” For the British this meant utilizing islands such as Jamaica and Barbados to bring forth. procedure. and sell sugar.

Sugar cane thrives in hot humid. tropical climes. The British used sugar for things such as rum. molasses. and other aides. The sugar trade grew and thrived for three specific grounds: the perfect clime was available ; sugar was new to Britain so people wanted it. and the usage of free labour supported by bondage. The first ground that the British sugar industry was able to turn and boom was due to the tropical clime of the Caribbean islands.

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Harmonizing to document one the British controlled many islands in the Caribbean proving that the land to turn sugar was available. Document two shows the ideal clime for sugar growing is approximately 68? to 90? Farenheit and about 80-90 inches of rainfall per twelvemonth. The clime of the Caribbean had a great impact on sugar growing being proved.

Another motivation for the British sugar trade industry’s expansion and endurance was the consumer demand. Document 3A records that sugar cane was new in England and were the top sale ; it was the most of import import for Britain.Confirming papers 3A’s treatise. papers 3B provinces that the mere ingestion of sugar could non be prevented due to its epicness.

Thereby turn outing that without customers’ sugar trade would non be sold as much. The concluding account of the sugar trades prosperity was their demand for free labour. supported by bondage. Explained in papers six. slaves were the most of import thing for the plantation. They were besides really expensive.

The mean monetary value for a male slave was ?25 ( 25 lbs ) . papers 10 shows that the figure of slaves increased in the 1700’s. as did sugar production. To sum up there were good grounds for the escalation and saving of the sugar industry.

Although there were other grounds these three were the most of import.


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