Summary and Opinion of Sidney Sheldon’s “Master of the Game” Sample Essay

Sidney Sheldon is a brilliant writer capable of manufacturing secret plans every bit intricate as a spider’s web. Maestro of the Game entices the reader. maintaining them thirstily turn overing their orbs over word after word.

tossing page after page into the bitty hours of the forenoon.The book is a narrative of a immature Scottish adolescent who ventures down to South Africa in 1883. and twists from the wastes earth a luck in diamonds.

He is swindled by his concern spouse. Saloman Van Der Merwe. but with his marbless and courage lickings his ex-partner and with his money builds up a monolithic pudding stone. Bantu tribes slaying his boy. and he suffers a shot. go forthing his married woman to head the company.

His married woman Margaret heads the company. but it is his girl Kate that is as driven and passionate as him and builds the pudding stone into an even larger one. She is a shrewd concern adult female and manipulates the lives of her progeny. Because of her passion for her company. she wanted her boy to besides work in it and construct it up. nevertheless he did non desire to- he had a passion for the humanistic disciplines.He was a gifted painter and he could hold gotten far if Kate had non paid off a Parisian critic to diss him so profoundly that he could ne’er be an creative person. of all time.

Kate manipulates her boy into get marrieding a German miss named Marianne so that she could unify Marianne’s father’s company with her ain. Marianne had a status that could perchance kill her if she had babes. but Kate kept that a secret from her boy and Marianne had twins. and died. Tony found out and hit his female parent.

but she did non decease. He had a leukotomy and went to a sanatorium and the twins turned out to be every bit beautiful. but really different. One.

Eve. was conniving. covetous. greedy.

and promiscuous. and the other. Alexandra. was sweet and loving. Eve attempts to kill Alexandra many times but is unsuccessful and she makes them look like accidents. She besides deals drugs and slumbers with many work forces. and blames it all on Alexandra.

Kate finds about Eve’s fast ones and prevarications and disinherits her. bans her from the household. and expels her from their lives.

Eve finds a adult male to get married Alexandra and slaying her. so Kate will hold to convey Eve back into the household. But. the adult male is brainsick and beats up Eve really badly. and when Kate finds out that Eve was hurt. although she doesn’t know it was Alexandra’s hubby. she brings Eve back into the household. Eve so murders Alexandra’s hubby.

The physician who treated Eve after she was beaten by Alexandra’s hubby realizes Eve killed the hubby. and says he will attest against Eve. unless she marries him. She does. and when Kate finds out the whole narrative she has the physician disfigure Eve’s face to do her a grotesque. which he does. Eve transforms from a cruel.

conniving. greedy adult female into a sweet. loving one merely because she is so monstrous. Although Kate has no 1 to work in the company.

she still is the Maestro of the Game. because she in the terminal manipulates everyone’s lives and trades what she thinks is justness.In general. this book is capturing.

The turns. bends. and dips are like a roller coaster drive and when one finds a book that can truly hold one’s involvement sufficiency to hold one flipping page after page when it’s good past midnight. one know that it is a choice piece of literature.

What was interesting was Jamie’s astute ways of stealing the diamonds back. and acquiring retaliation at Van Der Merwe. Besides. how Eve disguised her slaying secret plans. and how she blamed Alexandra for everything were besides really interesting.Although this book was phenomenal. some parts were raging. Kate manipulated Tony’s life so much.

that he did non populate his ain life at all–his calling was dictated by her. every bit good as his matrimony. He might every bit good have been a marionette. with Kate keeping the strings. and even if that was raging. it is the point that Sheldon was seeking to emphasize. He wanted to demo how barbarous and manipulative Kate could be.I recommend this book extremely.

but non for school reading. A twosome of parts toward the terminal are instead sexually in writing and although do non rule the secret plan are non appropriate for reading in school. However. for anyone looking for a book full of escapade and world. this is the perfect one.


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