Summary of Crisis Negotiations Sample Essay

Involved in Peloponnesian War ( Athenian vs. Spartans ) | Independent. impersonal island| Interest: spread outing imperium. conquer Melos due to economic and strategic location ( had to acquire Melos no affair what cost ) | Interest: remain independent |

Athenians sent representatives to negociate to Melos ( last opportunity to yield )

What went incorrect?

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Athenian| Melians
Using coercion to negociate – create acrimonious climate| Menaces from Athenians lead to intuition and disfavor to Melos| Has military presence. which create bad atmosphere to the negotiation| Melians viewed either war or slavery| Regarded power and strength as virtuousnesss – had a right to acquire what they could| Argued that they are impersonal non enemy| Forcefully took control of the meeting by set uping land rules| Restriction had blocked Melian’s ability to organize a scheme. Melian commissioners were forced to be defensive| Threaten: if Melians do non follow with the demands. they would be destroyed| Melians refused to give in because they believe they had nil to derive and everything to lose|

Athenians had the negotiating power but did non exert economic and military power sagely

Two elements created power instability:
* options to a negotiated understanding
* negative committednesss

Both use postulating schemes to fulfill its positional concerns
* alternatively of making value. they used claim value
* alternatively of being concerted and imaginative. they chose to see dialogues as difficult. tough bargaining

Consequence of positional bargaining
* inefficient and unwise dialogue
* unsatisfactory decision

Zartman ( 1984 ) suggests a series of stairss in deciding this type of state of affairs: 1 ) Each party must determine what they and other parties’ involvements 2 ) One of the parties must show that the struggle path is excessively dearly-won. and there is alternate which leads to a sensible grade of satisfaction of the involvement ends

Two possibilities when covering with a more powerful party:
1 ) usage 3rd parties as mediators
2 ) formation of alliances


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