Summary of To Kill a Mocking Bird Essay

Their first “adventure” to the Raddled Place began when Dill bet Gem “The Grey Ghost’ for two Tom Swifts that Gem would make Boo Raddled come out of the house. After three days of taunting Gem, Dill said Gem only has to touch the house then he would win. Of course due to Gem’s love of honor and the fact that Gem never refused to a bet, he accepted, running to the house, touching it real quick, and then going back to the porch of their own house. Dill left them early in September to return to his home in Meridian. They soon started school where Scout was already unwished and the first day by their teacher Miss Caroline Fisher.We got to know more about the Cunningham when Walter Cunningham came to Scout’s house during lunch since he had no food. After lunch, Miss Fisher experienced a surprise when she found a cootie on top of Burros Else’s head, sending him home then instructing him to take a bath for the next day before going to school, only to find out that Burros is never going back to school till first day next year.

During the next summer scout spent most of her time sitting in Miss Maude Atkinson front porch due to the obsession of Dill and Gem to their new game they call “Boo Raddled’.Scout soon got more information about Boo Raddled from Miss Maude during one evening. After a while Tactics caught them playing ‘Boo Raddled’ and got annoyed at them for “making fun” of Boo Raddled.

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During Dill’s last day in Macomb County, Gem and Dill planned to give Boo Raddled a letter through a window. Gem lied to Tactics by telling him they were going to play in Miss Earache’s fish-pool, then meeting Dill before making scout go home. Rejecting their instruction for her to go home she went with them.After paving their letter in the window they heard a shotgun fire and ran through the yard with Gem getting his shorts caught forcing him to leave them before running again.

Later that night Gem went out to get his shorts back only to find them repaired and folded neatly. After that event, Scout experienced her first snow, but later that night tragic came when Miss Muddies house burned down and all her things with it. Later in Christmas they got a visit from Uncle Jack who gifted them with air rifles before they went to the Finch’s Landing where Aunt Alexandra, Uncle Jimmy, and their cousin Francis lived.Soon after dinner Scout and Francis fought because Francis called Tactics a Niger Lover and Scout got mad and punched him I the face forcing them to go home and Scout to talk to Uncle Jack about the reason of the fight. When Tactics was 50 they experienced another problem, namely a mad dog. Seeing the dog they ran and told California, who calls Tactics and warns the neighbors not to come before Tactics, who was known as One-Shot Finch, to kill the mad dog. There next problem is with Mrs. Dubos because she was taunting them every time they passed ongoing to Tactics’ office, but one day she went to say that Tactics is a Niger lover.

During that day Gem bought a miniature steam engine for himself and a real baton for Scout, and while they were walking home they noticed that Mrs. Dubos was not in her porch where she usually is then Gem grabbed Scout’s baton and destroyed her camellia. When Tactics returned he showed Gem a piece of the baton that Gem left in Mrs. Double’s yard. Tactics made Gem go and apologize, after Gem returned he told Tactics that Mrs. Dubos made Gem read a book to him every day of the month, and Tactics totally agrees.

A few days or weeks after the month Tactics received a call and went to Mrs. Double’s house until late past Scout’s bedtime, when Tactics arrived he told them that Mrs. Dubos has already died and all she left for Gem was a single perfect Camellia. When Gem turned 12 he was more difficult to be around with so Scout spent more time with California. During on Sunday when Tactics was not home California invited Scout and Gem to come to the First purchase (a Niger church) with her instead of going alone. During one of their visits they heard more about the case f Tom Robinson against the Lowell.One Sunday they had a surprise visit from Aunt Alexandra. During this long stay many disagreements happened between Aunt Alexandra and Tactics, concerning many different issues.

One night after an argument between Gem and Scout, they discover Dill in Scout’s bedroom. It seemed that Dill ran away and traveled from Meridian to Macomb. The next days Tactics also had different guest who talks to him at his yard, all coming in gangs. One night Tactics went out riding their car which he rarely does, so Gem, Scout, and Dill tires to find him.After looking through Attic’s office they soon find him outside of the Jail with a light bulb above and a newspaper in his hands in front of the cell of Tom Robinson, after a while a group of people arrive and talks to Tactics but Scout comes rushing to the center of the group and discovers that one of the men is Mr. Walter Cunningham.

After Scout tries in vein to make a conversation with Mr. Cunningham, the group eave as they have come and Mr. Underworld pops out of his window with a shotgun.

After a short conversation with Mr. Underworld, Tactics took the kids home. V. Analysis: ) Characters: A.

Jean Louise “Scout” Finch ; Daughter of Tactics Finch, younger sister of Gem, best friend of Dill, loves reading books, kind, Hates school B. Jeremy “Gem” Finch ; Son of Tactics Finch, older brother of scout, best friend of Dill, has an uncanny love for adventure, loves honor more than his head, areas Scouts seniors C. Tactics Finch ; Father of Scout ; Gem, Lawyer, kind, also known as One-shot finch D.

Simon Finch . ; Methodist, Created Finch’s landing E. Aunt Alexandra >Remained in the Landing, Sister of Tactics & Jack, Cold get; Cook, Negro, G.


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