Summary.”Wright’s Law” Essay

Summary “ Wright’s Law” by Zack Conkle Zack Conkle in his video, “Wright’s Law” describes a teacher from Louisville male high school, Jeffrey Wright.

Mr. Wright is a physics teacher who has his own style of teaching the subject. Students are attracted by the method of Wright’s teaching and explaining physics. However, besides of teaching what he suppose to teach in class as a physics teacher, he also teaches his students about life. Conkle interviewed a student, Chelsea Fox.Fox said that normally she doesn’t tell her stuffs to teachers; nevertheless, she counts on Mr. Wright. This is because the trust between the teacher and the students.

Wright also opens up to his students. He talks about his son Adam who was born with a disease called Joubert Syndrome, which only 417 people on earth have it. This disease makes Adam unable to do normal activities as other people. Wright used to blame the unfairness of god to make his kid suffer.Yet, his daughter found out that Adam actually could see, therefore, they started to teach him some sign language. Until one day, when Adam told Wright that he loves him in his sign language, Wright started to understand that it doesn’t matter “how things work”, love is the reason why we are in the world. Mr.

Wright tries to encourage and inspire the students to seek for what they want to do in the future and remind them that no matter what, there is always someone who supports and cares about them.


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