Summer Time Essay

Summer Time at the Beach I love warm summer days. Summer time is filled with vacations and loads of fun. I love packing up and taking off to the beach with my family on a hot summer day. A trip to the beach for me is like the perfect getaway from all the stress and pressure of everyday life, and is a great way to spend quality time with my family.

We enjoy being able to just get away together and not have to worry about work, school, or just the interruptions of a busy everyday life that can interrupt our time together as a family.I very much so enjoy every little second that I get to spend with the and a nice getaway to the beach is just a perfect way to do so. Watching the sunrise over the beautiful ocean waters is like my own personal slice of heaven.

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There are so many things about the beach that make it a calming and peaceful place. The sights and sounds are just so wonderful, such as the calming sounds of the ocean to the beautiful landscape all around. The amazing sounds of the oceans waves in a rhythmic way crashing up against the shore is the most soothing and pleasant sound.And there’s always the aroma of sunscreen in the air, and it just reminds me of a hot summer day. The wonderful smell of the ocean waters makes me dream for summer never to end. I can almost taste the salty ocean water when the breezy wind blows threw the air. There’s only one bad thing that can come from a day at the beach and that is maybe a bad case of sunburn.

Cauble 2 I enjoy taking long walks along the peaceful shore. There is just something about feeling the smooth soft, warm sand between my toes that makes me feel a sense of relaxation.The feeling of the warm summer sun can always put anyone in a peaceful and relaxed mood. But the summer sun can be a bit too hot. That is when I know it is time to take a relaxing dip in the cool ocean waters. Then, after a nice relaxing swim it is always nice to grab an ice cream cone there is something about sitting by the ocean and enjoying a wonderful tasting scoop of ice cream that makes it seem as if you have never tasted ice cream before.

There are so many fun activities to do while at the beach.I enjoy walking along the shore and picking up seashells with my son, and helping him build sand castles. Watching all the other families interact, and the children jumping with excitement just puts me in a place of happiness and joy. At the end of the day when most of the people have packed up and cleared out. I enjoy lying down on the sandy beach and watching the sunset over the calming ocean waters. As the day turns to night it’s just a calm and peaceful feeling to lay back and watch how the twinkling of the stars just glisten off the beautiful ocean waters.


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