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Make sure that each group has at least two stopwatches, preferably 3. When you are outside, each group must stand 20 yards apart. These distances can be measured ahead of time to make the lab go faster. To record times, you stand at the beginning (I. E. 20 yards from Group 1), and wave your arms when a car passes to sign the timers in all the groups.

They will start timing when they see you wave your arms, and stop when the car reaches their group. They will be recording 2-3 times for each ar that passes and then averaging.When you are done collecting data, bring the class Inside, and have the following table e on the board. They will average their times for each car and convert the times to hours before filling in the table. For the analysis, students will create a distance versus time graph for each car to get the down when they see students on the side of the road, so the velocity may not actually be constant.

Their graphs may show deceleration. Also, there is plenty of room for error I measurements of distances and times. Students should be able to see these possible sees for error and account for them in the questions following the lab.Car Number I Time I(s) I Time 2(s) I Time 3(s) I Prerogative (s) I Prerogative (hrs) I 2nd car I 3rd car I 4th car I 5th car I Name: SST car Velocity of Traffic on Highway 26 ere goals of this lab are to: come familiar with velocity as a relationship between displacement and time. 2. Find velocity from displacement vs.. Time graphs.

Four group will need 2-3 stopwatches and at least 1 calculator Procedure: As a class, you will be determining the velocity of 5 cars on the highway. Your group Nail be collecting ATA that will be used by the class. There will be 5 groups in the class.Your teacher w ill give your group a number, 1 through 5. 1 . In your group, choose at least two people carry stopwatches, and have one person be the recorder.

2. Your teacher will stand at the side of the highway, at least 100 yards from the inter section. Group 1 Nail stand 20 yards toward the intersection from the teacher. Group 2 will stand 20 way reds from Group 1 (total of 40 yards from teacher). Continue until Group 5 is standing 100 yards away f .

When a car passes your teacher, she will wave her hands, signaling all timers in eve ray group to start their stopwatches.When the car passes your group, have your timers stop timing, an d the recorder will record the times on Table 1. . Do this for 5 cars, and record all data. Table 1 . Times recorded by your group. 5. In your group, average the two or more times taken for each car so that you have only one time for each car.

Record in Table 1, and convert to hours. 6. Return to the classroom, and collect the data from all groups on a table on the chaw Keyboard. 7.

Record the class data on Table 2. Group I Distance(Hyde) I Distance(miles) I Titmice I(hrs)Titmice 3(hrs) I Titmice 4(hrs) I Titmice 5(hrs) II 1201 511001 Ill Car I Velocity (mi/hrs) I ill 211 311 411 511 Average Velocity = Table 2. Class Data . Create a distance vs.. By finding the slope time graph for each car, and determine the velocity of the car of the line.

If there is not enough time, Just write the data down and graph it later. Att ACH your graphs to your lab when you hand it in. . Enter your velocities calculated for each car in Table 3 and calculate the average v elicit of traffic on the highway.

10. Do cars follow the speed limit on the highway?


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