Sunset home repair handbook Essay

They’re small annoyances, but you don’t have to live with
them: a doorbell that doesn’t ring, a punctured wall, a squeaky stair. You’ll find solutions to these problems and many others in
Sunset’s new Home Repair Handbook (Lane Publishing Co., Menlo Park,
Calif., 1985; $9.95).

The 192-page book gives detailed suggestions for taking care of
roofs, ceilings, walls, doors, windows, floors, and more. You’ll
also learn how to repair balky plumbing, heating, and electrical
systems, as well as major appliances. Trouble-shooting charts match
specific problems with solutions; step-by-step color illustrations and
consise directions help you get to work.

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The book opens with chapters on household emergencies and tools and
materials you ought to have on hand. It ends with a chart of regular
maintenance steps you can take to prevent trouble.

Quick-fix suggestions and professional tips are sprinkled thoughout
the book. A glossary clears up confusing terminology.

The following three considered excerpts will give you an idea of
the book’s helpfulness for all kinds of household repairs.


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