Super trophic neuromuscular stimulation Essay

The super trophic neuromuscular stimulator is a battery powered machine which, by means of electronic pulses, replicates the brain signal that activates the muscles. By means of this system it is said that you can do your workout without making any effort. In other words: by using this machine one should be able to lose weight and gain beauty whilst lying on the sofa, watching one’s favorite soap on television and eating chips, cookies or chocolate. This last idea appeals to masses of people (especially the more corpulent ones).

Taking the above mentioned advantage into consideration, this product is the invention everybody has been waiting for. It should easily bring big money to its inventor, manufacturer and marketer, that is, if the marketing is well done. On this last point some critical remarks can be made. In my opinion the structure and layout of this advertisement can be improved a lot. If you look at the advertisement all you see is a lot of text which makes it unattractive to read. If you try to read it you will discover that the sentences are too long.This makes it difficult to read the text. Furthermore I think that at least half of the text should be deleted.

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On the space which is gained a picture of a well-sculptured girl should be inserted. For this there are two reasons. First of all a lot of people are visually adjusted (a picture tells them more than a thousand words). Second, as we all know, sex sells. A final remark about the structure and layout is that a big improvement could be achieved by changing the presentation. This is done by underlining words and by putting words in bold or in italics.

This advertisement is aiming at all the people that want to look better (without doing a workout). From the text you can conclude that the makers of this product are especially aiming at people of nineteen years and older (‘From the age of around nineteen, a signal from the nerve begins to slow down…

‘). Since women are the big spenders in the beauty industry, it looks to me that they are the main target group for this product. However, this is a very extended group therefore it is very difficult to address to this group by using its characteristics.The main objective is to persuade the reader to buy the super trophic neuromuscular stimulator. A second objective could be to position their product in the market. They do this by using terms as: ‘represents the very latest research into the science of beauty’ and ‘represents the very latest technology in the science of beauty’ which give the consumer the idea that he’s dealing with a high tech product.

The tone is formal and very scientific. They’re using many scientific terms by means of which they try to impress people. They try to impress their potential customers.Following techniques of persuasion are used: – Rhetorical question. The advertiser is posing a question on which only one answer is possible: The answer they want to hear.

An example of a rhetorical question in this advertisement is: ‘Have you ever looked at your array of beauty treatments and wished for an all in one beauty system which can do it all? ‘ – Pin-pointing the enemy. The advertiser is comparing himself with manufacturers of competing products without directly mentioning their names; ‘Our research and development in advanced pulse technology leaves other manufacturers guessing as to how super T.  N. S. is so effective. ‘ And: ‘Remember only the cleo11 uses super trophic stimulation the rest can only dream. ‘ – Repetition. In order to make sure that people remember the name of the product the name ‘cleo11’ is mentioned seven times, emphasized by means of bold letters.

Another example of repetition is given by repeating the scientific character of this product: ‘A unique system which represents the very latest research into the science of beauty’ and ‘a unique body toning system which represents the very latest technology in the science of beauty.Also the phrase: ‘This revolutionary compact battery powered machine uses a range of interchangeable treatment programs to…

‘ appears two times. – Assertion. The advertiser is making statements about his product as though they are universally accepted facts.

‘How super T. N. S. is so effective’ and ‘Remember only the cleo11 uses super trophic stimulation the rest can only dream’. – Positive selection.Naturally the advertiser only mentions positive aspects of the cleo11: ‘Reduce wrinkles on your Face, soften your Hands, lift your Bustline, tone your Shoulders, flatten your Tummy, tone the shape of your Buttocks and tighten your Pelvic Floor Muscles – all with one machine. ‘ Coming to a resume I have to conclude that the advertiser uses every persuasive technique from the top grade English book. On the other hand the layout has too much text and sentences which are too long.

The advertisement could be made much more vividly by using graphics or by adding a picture.In my opinion a good advertisement should at least show where the product can be obtained. This means there has to be a telephone number, website or an address. However, this advertisement doesn’t show a telephone number neither a website, nor an address.

Furthermore the repetition of the technology and science story is boring. All together this advertisement looks a bit old school to me. Similar products and advertisements have been shown a lot by tell sell advertising company. This company however went broke half a year ago. If you ask me, this tells enough about the effectiveness of this way of advertising.


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