Supervision is an important process which should supports

Supervision is an important process which should supports, assures and develops the knowledge, skills and values of all staff members. Supervision is an important part of the EYFS as they are a tool to help look at the best practices of the staff in a constructive way and make improvements where needed.

The scope and purpose of Supervision:
As stated supervision is an important process for any organisation. The whole purpose of supervision is to improve the quality of work we do and ensure that staff feels supported in their work. It helps to evaluate the skills and needs of the staff members (Ref: Tilmouth & Quallington, 2006 Pg.135). It helps in improving the quality of work to achieve the set goals. Supervision also ensures the safety and protection of children. It brings accountability as the staff has required knowledge, skills and experience. Purpose of supervision is not only about reflecting on negative happenings but to celebrate the success in the organization.

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Functions of supervision:
• Educational – It is the process about training, supporting and bringing improvement in supervisee by working with them and making her become a better teacher. Experienced person should be involved in this process
• Support – It is very important that Supervisor is positive, knowledgeable, encouraging, flexible and professional. They should be able to provide correct information and advice to help the supervisee manage that stress more effectively and provide re-assurance and emotional support. For Example, my Supervisor is continuously supporting a teacher who is not able to deliver her lessons appropriately. Supervisor is helping her as a mentor so that she can improve.
• Executive – Supervisor has to oversee that policies and procedure are being followed consistently. This principle of supervision is useful to maintain the quality in work and accountability.
• Meditation- Supervisor should be able be to provide academic, personal and professional support to supervise. Supervisor plays a role of meditator between management and supervisee and acts as a buffer in case of conflicts.
Principles of Supervision
There are some important principle of Professional Supervision which every organisation should follow and it should be part of Supervision policy. Supervisor and supervisee should establish and maintain a positive and co-operative working relationship built on trust, respect and a non-judgemental environment. It should be confidential and ongoing process. It` ensure organisational and staff accountability and development which in return promotes reflective, creative, ethical and safe practice. Supervisor should ensure that staff is clear about their roles and responsibilities and there is consistent in setting keeping in mind the values, policies, procedures and quality standards. Supervisor should monitor the progress of supervisee in relation to performance appraisal.
However Professional Supervision is unsuccessful if wrong person is a supervisor. It may be inefficient if supervisee is not ready to participate and there is lack of trust between both the parties. If there is too much personal interest of supervisor, the process gets affected. Confidentiality is most important part of supervision. If it is not maintained by either supervisor or supervisee, than the process is ineffective.
Therefore supervision works well when trust respect and confidentiality is maintain by supervisor and supervisee. Supervision policy should be read and signed by all. To have positive environment in the organisation and have productive team Supervisor should be knowledgeable and skilful.


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