Support individuals with specific communication needs Essay

Outcome 1 – understand specific communicating demands and factors impacting them.

1. 1 – Explain the importance of run intoing an individual’s communicating demands? Persons that have communicating jobs need aid and support to enable them to show themselves in the manner they want. it’s of import that you find out the best manner for the person to pass on for illustration it may be through gestural linguistic communication or composing what they want to state down on paper. you must esteem their preferable method of communicating as it is everyone’s human right to pass on and non leting them to make so is halting them from showing their options and rights. 2. 1- Explain how ain function and practise can impact on communicating with an person who has specific communicating demands? In my function of a carer it is my occupation to work in a individual centred manner to back up the service users I care for. to advance and back up them to populate independently and give them the freedom to show themselves and esteem their rights. By placing their preferable method of communicating I can accommodate the manner I speak to run into their demands.

You can supply the support and AIDSs that they need. without the appropriate support the service user would be unable to show their demands or how they are experiencing. 3. 1- Analyse characteristics of the environment that may assist or impede communicating? Features of the environment that may impede communicating include. a batch of background noise. people all speaking at the same clip. non confronting people when talking to them.

covering you mouth when speech production. speaking excessively fast or excessively slow. utilizing slang words. hapless lighting. hapless siting agreement.

Features of the environment that may assist communicating include. good lighting. a good seating agreement. speaking slow and clear.

confronting the person when speech production to them. turn off any TV’s/radios.4. 1- Analyse grounds why an person may utilize a signifier of communicating that is non based on a formal linguistic communication system? They may non be able to talk because of a medical status. they might of had a shot and happen it difficult to entree their normal linguistic communication accomplishments. There may be in a state of affairs where they don’t experience safe to talk openly and take to utilize a different method of communicating such as composing their ideas down or indicating out to different images to show what they want to state. Another ground could be that they do non portion the same linguistic communication system or were non taught therefore they could hold found another manner to pass on.

5. 1- Identify a scope of communicating methods and AIDSs to back up persons to pass on? Using and demoing the single images and objects an illustration is holding/showing them a glass when inquiring them if they would wish a drink or they can indicate at image of a cup to allow you cognize that they want a drink. Using gestural linguistic communication and makaton.Talking clear and decelerate to the person and reiterating what you have said if they need you to. Hearing AIDSs are a really common assistance to better the hearing of people with hearing troubles.

Some people may hold a computer keyboard that they can type onto so it says out loud what it is that they have typed this is a good method for people with address jobs. 6. 1- Describe the possible effects on an person of holding unmet communicating demands. They could go stray and down. they could develop metal heath issues if they feel like they are non included.

To do certain communicating demands are met I would work in partnership with the person. their household for illustration to place the service users specific communicating demands to supply the best attention and derive the best result.Outcome 2 – Be able to lend to set uping the nature of specific communicating demands of persons and ways to turn to them 2.

1- Work in partnership with the person and others to place the individual’s specific communicating demands. You can work with the person and others to place their demands this could be working with other members of staff. the attention director as you may experience that the service users demands have changed and may necessitate to set in topographic point a new attention program or reexamine it. You may be working with physicians or address healers.

2. 2 – contribute to placing the communicating methods or AIDSs that will outdo suit the person. As some peoples communicating can alter twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours due to medical or physical conditions you can assist to place the best methods to accommodate them by supervising them and describing what you find to your director they can so set in topographic point AIDSs or different methods that will outdo suit the person. Besides they will be able to put up meetings with the appropriate people e. g.

address healer.2. 3 – Explain how and when to entree information and support about identifying and turn toing specific communicating demands. You can entree the service users care program this will assist you to place any specific demands that they may hold. you can so give them the support that is needed to present the best possible attention Outcome 3 – Be able to interact with persons utilizing their preferable communicating. 3. 1 – Prepare the environment to ease communicating.

You can happen out how the single feels more comfy. it could be one to one or they may prefer to be in a group. Make certain there is non a batch of background noise and distractions have a good seating agreement where you can see and hear each other without holding things in the manner and so you don’t have to shout to hear each other.

3. 2 – usage agreed methods of communicating to interact with the person. You will happen the in agreement methods of communicating in the service users care program. for illustration if I went to a service users place for the first clip I would look into there attention program I can so present the right attention attention that individual. if the service user had hearing troubles I would see it in the attention program I can so accommodate my ways of communicating to accommodate the person so that they can understand me I would talk clear and at a louder volume and if they preferred to I could demo so images or points so that they understand what I am stating.3. 3 – Monitor the indivuals responses during and after the interaction to look into the effctiveness of communicating.

It is of import to supervise the responses of the service user so that you can happen out if they understood you okay and if the method of communicating is working for them. if it is non you will hold to describe it so that it can be reviewed. so you will be able to happen out if the demands of the service user have changed and may necessitate to set in topographic point new methods to pass on. 3. 4 – Adapt ain pattern to better communicating with the indivdual.Mr A has demiata and Parkinsons which affects his address he enjoys speaking to the carers and stating them about his twenty-four hours and what he has been making since he last seen you nevertheless it can be difficult to understand him although sometimes it is better than others.

one time you get to cognize him it is easier to pick up what he is stating you but you needed to listen really carefully and it helps if there is none or small background noise. He has a computer keyboard that he can utilize to type what he wants so it plays it out loud this is good for yearss that his communicating is hapless. Although he finds it thwarting when you can’t rather understand what it is he is stating he understands and you can utilize things to set such as demoing him objects and images so that you can see what he wants.Outcome 4 – Be able to advance communicating between persons and others4. 1 – Support the person to develop communicating methods that will assist them to understand others and be understood by them. I would make this by doing certain the environment was effectual of communicating by doing certain the lighting was good.

chairs are confronting each other. people are confronting each other and doing certain there’s non a batch of background noise. I would back up the service user to utilize the methods that they feel are best for them and do certain others are all right with the methods and all can understand each other clearly. I would supervise their response before and after communicating for illustration nodding or shacking of caputs I would let so clip to thing before they answer so that I am non hotfooting them and inquiring them if they understand and if they have any inquiries.4. 2 – provide chances for persons to pass on with others. To supply the chances for persons to pass on with others such as other carers. nurses.

physicians I would utilize their in agreement ways to pass on if the service user communicates through mark linguistic communication you would do certain that there is person in the room that can utilize and understand mark linguistic communication so that they can understand what the service user wants to state they can so state the professional what has been said and they can wait for the response and mark back to the service user. Another illustration could be a service user with hearing troubles you would do certain that they holding their hearing AIDSs in if they use them. and allow the other individual know that the service user has problem hearing so that they know to talk louder and clear.4. 3 – support others to understand and construe the individual’s communicating. I would back up others to understand and construe the indivual by first stating them about the service user so that when they foremost run into them so they have an thought of their communicating demands.

for illustration when I foremost Mr A I could understand a really limited sum of what he was seeking to state me but as you get to cognize him and have meet him a few clip you can pick up more as I have know him for a piece now I find it easier to understand him and now how to pass on with him in a manner that works for him. I support other carers understand his communicating methods and I can pick up on what he is seeking to inquire for so I can so state the other carer what it is. I besides support communicating by set uping the seating so it’s closer so you can hear and turn down TVs.

wirelesss and have good lighting so you can besides see whets go oning as he may indicate something out or demo you cards with word or images on.4. 4 – Support others to be understood by the person by usage of in agreement communicating methods. By demoing them that if they come closer and are face to confront with the individual they are seeking to pass on with it will be easier and they will happen it better than if they and shouting from the following room or standing on the other side of the room. besides If they can turn down any background i. vitamin E Televisions or radios it will better them communicating.

Outcome 5 – Know how to back up the usage of communicating engineering and AIDSs. 5. 1 – Identify specializer services associating to communicating engineering and AIDSs.

Specialist services associating to communicating engineering and AIDSs include. telecare. action on hearing. sense. Braille.

World Wide Web. british-sign. co. United Kingdom5.

2 – describe types of support that an person may necessitate in order to utilize communicating engineering and AIDSs. Hearing AIDSs will necessitate to be made/ordered to suit the person. 5. 3 – Explain the importance of guaranting that communicating equipment is right set up and working decently. The equipment needs to be set up decently so that it works for the service user and they can understand how it works. what it does and explained to them so that they can utilize it in the right manner. It besides has to be checked decently so that it doesn’t cause any injury to the service user.

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