Some ways that we can make a community sustainable are by having neighborhoods support a large amount of green land and also share vegetable and fruit gardens.  New efficient ways of transit; biking and walking instead of an automobile traffic and multi use communities where schools, local residences and commercial spaces are near each other and can be powered by solar panels, geothermal heat pumps or windmills.  Another way would be by installing green roofs, this is where a roof is covered by vegetation either fully or partially. Sustainability is a process of continuous improvement so communities constantly evolve and make changes to accomplish their goals.

The government can help in making a community sustainable by getting rid of more crime, this could be done by sending more police units out more than usual.  To make sure that nothing is being done illegally.  Also the government can make more community activities like parks, hiking trails, rec centres , community care centres,etc… another way the government could help is by reducing the the use of fossil fuels in industrial areas and lowering the cost of medication.

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The government could also lower taxes so people don’t struggle with their money as much as they would. Basically we should be trying to use more efficient sources of energy instead of the use of fossil fuels as they are harmful to our environment, animals and us humans. To live sustainably we must preserve fossil fuels and use more solar electric energy instead. We should also bring more immigrants into the country so we have a larger population and we are able to maintain a community for years to come. Legal immigration is good for creating more jobs, medical resources, and academic achievements.

Do you know what PayPal or Uber is?  Well Without immigration, those companies wouldn’t exist in the first place. And about 40 other billion-dollar companies in Canada/United States would never have been founded, either.


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