Swot B&B; Ice Cream Essay

SWOT analysis is a really utile technique for understanding internal and external environment of the concern based on its strengths. failings. chances and menaces. SWOT analysis on Ben and Jerry’s. we can see the secrets of its success and what are countries for growing.Strengths: 1. Ben and Jerry’s has a well-funded and large-scale parent company.

2. Ben and Jerry’s has a good repute of the high-quality merchandises. 3.

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Ben and Jerry’s has the assorted and advanced merchandises. 4. Ben and Jerry’s is a powerful trade name with the high market portion. 5. Ben and Jerry’s has a well-known societal duty and environmentalism. 6. Ben and Jerry’s ensures employee satisfaction.Failings: 1.

Less media advertisement investing. 2. Life rhythm of individual spirit is short. 3. High monetary value.Opportunities: 1. Ben and Jerry’s can maintain on developing new merchandises. 2.

Ben and Jerry’s can do its ice pick more convenient to purchase. 3. Ben and Jerry’s can come in the Chinese market. 4. Ben and Jerry’s can collaborate with other trade names.Menaces: 1. Food safety.

2. The monetary value of natural stuff. 3. The rise of human wellness consciousness. 4. Already existed rivals and new rivals.Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is best known as a premium ice pick trade name and it has 800 franchises and 5800 eating locations in 28 states around the universe.

Annual gross revenues gross for Ben and Jerry’s exceeds $ 132 million. ( Statistic Brain. 2012 ) There is no doubting. Ben and Jerry’s is one of the best companies in the sweet market. Ben and Jerry’s were bought over by an Anglo–Dutch transnational consumer goods company Unilever in 2000. As a world’s third-largest consumer goods company and the world’s largest shaper of ice pick. Unilever non merely has provided the sufficient financess and huge planetary market for Ben and Jerry’s.

but besides has offered organisational direction manner and scientific direction method.By virtuousness of good resources. Ben and Jerry’s can beef up market. enlarge trade name. perfect direction and acquire more net income. If you do eat Ben and Jerry’s ice pick. you have to acknowledge that Ben & A ; Jerry’s is more flavourful comparison with other cheaper trade names of ice pick.

It is because Ben and Jerry’s ice pick contain higher per centum of butterfat and it is made with high quality vanilla. nuts. cocoa.

fruits and flavorers. In add-on. all Ben & A ; Jerry’s ice pick is made by non-genetically modified ingredients. like organic milk and organic eggs.

Not all consumers can separate the difference of Cocos nucifera between West Africa and South Asia. but about everyone knows choose organic agencies choose wellness. And high quality of natural stuffs can see the tasty and healthy of Ben and Jerry’s merchandises. Quality is the ageless topic of companies.Merely good merchandises can retain the consumers. aid concern win the competitory advantage from strong market competition. Meanwhile.

in order to run into different people’s demands. Ben and Jerry’s has already developed over 100 spirits of merchandises including ice pick. frozen yoghurt. water ice and ice pick freshness merchandises and the new spirits of ice pick is developing endlessly. They are utilizing particular features to separate the difference types of ice pick. For illustration.

low sugar. and low fat ice pick have particular colour effects on their bundles. they can pull people who are serious about weight. And some ice pick bundles with different Disney’s characters for pulling more kids. Ben and Jerry’s strengthens advertisement to do more people who ne’er eat Ben and Jerry’s taste their most popular merchandises named Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. because without first effort. there is no client trueness.

These selling tools non merely convenient consumers to pick and retrieve. but besides expand the scope of mark market. In add-on. Ben and Jerry’s has a strong trade name name. It is a stable and successful company with high market portion. Harmonizing to west European comeuppances market research.

Ben and Jerry’s has the largest portion of the luxury ice pick market was 39. 1 % ( IRI convenience gross revenues. 2008 ) . High market portion aid Ben and Jerry’s take the enterprise. Ben and Jerry’s has been working on charity and environmental protection. This is the cardinal difference above other trade names. Ben and Jerry’s non merely set much money into public every twelvemonth.

but besides promise to bring forth eco-packaging.Their foundation awards about $ 1. 8 million yearly and charity events beyond count. Advertisement is the most effectual manner to inform and carry the consumers and charity is the best advertizement. it has longer term efficaciousness than media advertizement. The employees are major wealth of the concern.

Ben and Jerry’s through different ways to promote their staffs. such as high wages. Ben & A ; Jerry’s liveable pay benchmark was $ 15. 34/h in 2011 and far above the USA lower limit pay was $ 7. 25/hr.

( B & A ; J USA home page. 2011 ) Besides. excess premiums. staff wellness plans and community garden all can better the employees empower and motivate.

Employee satisfaction is a factor of Ben and Jerry’s success every bit good. To sum up. concern success non inadvertent and lucky. big parent company.

good repute. advanced merchandises. powerful trade name name. high societal duty and employee satisfaction are the causes of Ben and Jerry’s success.But there are no first-class companies. Ben and Jerry’s is no exclusion. First. as a net income devising organisation.

Ben and Jerry’s puts more money into charity instead than media advertizement. Charity is good. but less advertisement investing against Ben and Jerry’s spread outing corporate acknowledgment. Second.

Ben and Jerry’s has some spirits that had taken off shelves rapidly. Keeping fresh is all right. but every new merchandise used big resources before they launch in the market. Too short life rhythm of merchandise will take to resources waste. Third. in Tesco.

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream’s monetary value is ?0. 90/100ml. but most of other brands’ monetary values are ?0.

20-?0. 40/100ml. The high monetary value will shut the door on many consumers.Ben and Jerry’s has many chances of bring forthing. such as it can develop more spirits and increase the life rhythm of some merchandises. They besides can construct a few spirits merely belong to Ben and Jerry’s. Just like when consumers hear Big MAC.

they associate McDonald’s. And different sizes and forms of ice pick besides can pull more consumers. such as ace size ice pick bath or ice pick saloon. because now Ben and Jerry’s merely has two sizes of ice pick bath ( 500ml and 150ml ) . And healthier merchandises are necessary.

fat free or sugar free all the good picks. Ben and Jerry’s still do non hold a list of gluten-free spirits. so they can make full this spread. The chances of market is that make their ice pick peddling machine go into more Cafes. schools. railroad Stationss and film.

It is convenience for people who need to refill energy and merely greedy.At the same clip. Ben and Jerry’s can spread out new markets. such as Asia market and Africa market.

Some professionals say that the graduated table of Chinese ice pick market has more than ?30 1000000s and expect the luxury ice pick portion of 20 % -30 % . Haagen Dazs has entered the Chinese high-end ice pick market early. its success shows big market demand in developing states. Ben and Jerry’s should catch this concern chance. In add-on. Ben and jerry’s can bring forth different merchandises harmonizing to the different cultural. Fox illustration. the consumers can purchase fried staff of life stick and meat jook in Chinese KFC.

So Ben and Jerry’s can establish the ice pick Moon bar to run into Chinese consumers’ gustatory sensations. Forthemore. Cooperation is besides a good pick. and this cooperation can be different sectors. like cooperate with AMC Theatres.

and the consumers merely can purchase Ben and Jerry’s ice pick at AMC Cinemas. And they besides can collaborate with vesture trade names and publish their alone cow images on limited edition vesture. This is a good manner of advertisement every bit good. Of class.

Ben and Jerry’s can collaborate with nutrient companies. similar Cadbury. to bring forth “Cadbury Jerry’s” cocoa ice pick. Powerful combination will be easier for win-win.Preventing accidents before they occur is necessary.

Food is related to human wellness. so from natural stuffs to production. every phase exist hazard. Such as. natural stuff pollution. unqualified nutrient additives and dirty nutrient processing. Every individual item can make up one’s mind the quality of merchandises. And with the monetary value of cattle provenders is raising will take to the monetary value of milk up.

so Ben and Jerry’s has to be more on natural milk. Meanwhile. more and more people focus on wellness.

the frozen nutrients will endure winter. Obviously. Haagen Dazs is an arch challenger and it has more market portion around the universe. At the same clip.

the new rivals can look at any clip.In decision. in position of Ben and Jerry’s ice pick long-run development. Ben and Jerry’s should fit strengths to chances. convert weaknesses into strengths and change over menaces into chances. And so it will acquire more successful in the hereafter.


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