To synthesize iron (II) sulfide from iron and sulfur Essay

Procedure:1. Weigh 2.

1g of iron powder and 1.2g of sulfur powder. Put them in different places.

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2. First take a magnet and approach to iron fillings. The magnet will attract the iron filings.3.

Then take a little bit sulfur and put in into water. Observe what you see. Sulfur dissolves in water.4. After that put the iron filings and rest of sulfur in a test tube and mix well.5.

Hold the test tube with the holder in inclined position, and heat gently. Take away the burner as soon as the mixture starts to glow. When reaction stops, heat it strongly for two more minutes.

6. Take the substances out of the test tube onto the watch glass. If necessary, break the test tube to remove the contents from it.7.

Watch the substance formed. Examine the effect of the magnet on the substance. Is it attracted by magnet? Crush the substance. Add a spatula measure of the substance to about 10cm3 of ethyl alcohol. Close the test tube with a stopper and shake it. Does it dissolve?8. Remember that iron is attracted by magnet and sulfur dissolves in ethyl alcohol.

Did the properties of iron and sulfur change when heated together?Conclusions and Evaluations:* First we saw sulfur dissolved in water but when we heated together the sulfur lost its characteristic and didn’t dissolve in water.* The same thing when we heated them together iron filings lost their characteristic; first magnet could attract the iron filings.* At first sulfur was yellow and the iron filings were black but the heated mixture was black-brown solid.* As shown in the table density of iron was 7, 86 and sulfur was 1, 92 but at last the density of iron (II) sulfide was 4, 84.* We saw that the mass-mass ratio between iron and sulfur is 7/4. And 7gramsof iron reacts 4 grams of sulfur to give 11 grams of iron sulfide.

* We can say that a new compound, iron (II) sulfide, is built up from iron and sulfur. The word equation for this reaction is;


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