Task 1 T

Task 1


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1. What do my Students know and don’t know about plagiarism?
2. How well do they know?
3. What is it that I should do to improve their knowledge in regards to plagiarism?

Bailey,J.2016. Why do Students not Understand plagiarism?, Plagiarism Today,1 SeptemberBlog.
Available at:

Weberwulff, D. 2018. How similar is too similar?, p.Org, 27 FebruaryBlog.
Available at:

Cornero,A.2017,”ESL Student’ Awareness of plagiarism Avoidance”, St Cloud State University:Culminating projects in English,85EBook.
Available at:

T.1.3 Source 1
It credible and usable as it gives in depth about the topic and help in making students understand the basics and advanced knowledge based on the topic.

Source 2
This is credible and usable as it helps in giving the students as to how the content is used or as to going about plagiarising.

Source 3
It is credible and easy to find information and understand. But this source helps in terms of avoidance and gets more detailed with making better writers.

Source 1
That the reason why students don’t know what plagiarism is, is because of ignorance and feel that its right for them to just copy and paste, but clearly that’s not how it is you need to plagiarise and cite.

Source 2
Most students tend to ask this question “how similar should my work be than the one I copied from the web”. Well the answer is not about how similar it should be you should learn to write in your words and give credit to the writer or author, because it is not your work.

Source 3
Plagiarism should never be avoided cause if you there are consequences that you will never like and most likely in other institutions kids gets expelled and while others a 0% mark is obtained. Therefore it is very important to plagiarise and not avoid it.


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