”Task on a Dolls House” by Henrik Ibsen – a Fable Sample Essay

In this fable. I will seek to exemplify the subjects of money and repute in the play A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen ; and how holding them as a precedence in your life will finally do your life to fall apart. Which links back to Part 3: Text and Contexts.

It is a instead unusual manner of researching the issue but I intend on demoing penetration into the manner people perceive money and repute. I thought that the best manner to learn a morale or lesson is through a fable. which is the intent of the text. As I mentioned I will seek to concentrate on the subjects money and repute and the jobs that are created through them.

The Cheetah shall stand for Nora. an animate being that can accommodate o unrecorded both a dependant and independent life style. An animate being besides associated to power. grace and beauty. The king of beasts shall stand for Torvald. Lions with their large Maness are considered the ‘kings of the jungle’ . That is a mark of their power and strength. The king of beasts with the biggest mane is considered the leader of work forces. which is a mark of how of import societal image and repute is for a male king of beasts.

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My mark audience would be kids over the age of 6. That is because a fabrication is merely a fraction of existent life is like and it merely shows illustrations to simplify the apprehension of the text. A fable must be simple plenty for a six twelvemonth old to understand.

I believe that the clip this text is published would be a instead modern clip because it requires cognition of both the subjects and the animate beings ; and it would be released someplace in Africa. because of the cultural context involved and knowledge required of king of beastss and chetah.

Life of the chetah

Once upon a clip there was a beautiful. lonely chetah in demand of person to take good attention of her. “Who can take attention of me better than a large. strong king of beasts? ” she thought. So the chetah went and found a king of beasts to populate with. This king of beasts was the wealthiest king of beasts of the land. He was a really proud king of beasts ; he ever had the biggest mane. the tastiest repast and the largest cave. But. he merely let the prettiest king of beastss live with him. He ever wanted to do himself look the best he can. He would ne’er even go forth his cave without brushing his mane. His Repute was the most of import thing to him. The chetah of class knew that the king of beasts would ne’er allow her unrecorded with him if she weren’t a king of beasts. She had to cover her musca volitanss mundane and feign to be a king of beasts merely so she can populate with him. The king of beasts would ever featherbed her really kindly and convey the chetah everything she asked for. and allow her hold the biggest cave of all. He besides let her raise the childs to be like her and the king of beasts. She lived a really happy life and thought that she had it all. But the chetah still couldn’t deny the fact that she was non a king of beasts.

But the chetah would non ever acquire what she wants. Sometimes she would hold to utilize her oblique and cunning ways to acquire what she wants. She was a smart chetah but she did non straight show it. She preferred to feign to be that lovely married woman that listens to her hubby brainlessly. So at times if something wasn’t traveling her manner she would cream her paws really gently and walk around easy. about like a small greenhorn looking for her female parent. Then she would whizz quietly and rub her caput against lions’ really tenderly. This ever worked with king of beasts. and ever got her what she wanted. She had her manner with covering with people. chetah would ever acquire what she asks for. It was a mark of her power. but she knew it was all a show. it was all make-believe ; merely to maintain on life ‘the good life’ .

One twenty-four hours the king of beasts got highly ill and was unable to run. The chetah offered to run for him but he replied: “Do you suppose I am traveling to do myself pathetic before my whole herd. to allow people believe that I am a adult male to be pampered by my ain married woman? I can non let that to go on. ” “ Pooh! We can borrow some nutrient so. ” Said the chetah. “Cheetah. you know what I think about that. NO debt. no adoption. There can be no freedom or beauty about a place life that depends on adoption and debt. ” He replied. “ We will travel on a short clip longer without runing so that there will be no battle. ” There was no point reasoning with king of beasts. for when it came to money even her craft and oblique ways could non work.

The chetah knew that there was non adequate nutrient. So while the king of beasts was kiping she snuck out softly and went to run for nutrient. But when the king of beasts got better he realized that there was more nutrient than he expected. So he asked the chetah and she replied that there was more nutrient than she thought. she besides said that she managed the nutrient good. “Oh. my favorite is moving as a responsible king of beasts! For that I am traveling to honor you with a nice hunting! ” said the king of beasts.

So the two of them merrily went to run. But as the king of beasts tried to demo the chetah how to run. he couldn’t have her under control ; the chetah would run how a chetah would run. fast and brutally. and non how the king of beasts hunted. And this made the king of beasts a spot angry. And while they were running with each other. they fell into a puddle with H2O and the cheetah’s musca volitanss were demoing. “What is this? ” the king of beasts asked. “Why do you hold such curious musca volitanss on your fell? ” “Oh. king of beasts beloved. these are nothing” she replies as she is toppling about creaming her paws. Then the king of beasts realizes that the chetah is non a king of beasts. she is far excessively fast and excessively graceful to be al king of beasts. He so asks her if this is true. She tries to avoid the inquiry but in the terminal the truth is revealed.

“Have you been lying to me this whole clip? You shall ne’er come near to the childs once more! Have I been populating a life that is non existent with you? ” the king of beasts said really angrily. “Yes. king of beasts. It is true. I am a chetah. But that does non count king of beasts. What matters is that we are a household and that we are populating a happy life. ” The chetah said. The king of beasts so replied: “I shall non do myself be ridiculed by you. A king of beasts merely lives with king of beastss. Leting a chetah to populate with me will merely demo my failing to the people. ” “If you are unwilling to alter king of beasts. so as I am now. I am no married woman for you. Goodbye Lion. ” The chetah said as she walked off steadily. The chetah could non bear to populate another twenty-four hours of a life where she had to go an wholly different individual. merely so she can remain in a house.

In the terminal the chetah walked off unhappily from what she had wanted and the king of beasts lost what he should hold cherished the most. his beloved the chetah. All of this happened because all the chetah was after was “a perfect life” . which happened to be a bogus one excessively. And of class because the king of beasts cared about his repute more than he did about his household. One should ne’er populate a life without intending. A nonmeaningful life shall ever fall apart.

Work cited:

Ibsen. Henrik. A Doll’s House. New York. Dover Thrift Publications. 1992. print.


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