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As you may hold late heard. recently we received intelligence from the corporate central office that it would be in the best involvement of the full company to pay more attending to affairs of forestalling accidents and any other safety-related steps that affect the workplace. including both office and field activities related to all types of occupations that we complete.Every individual employee in each office at every subdivision needs to be aware in this respect so that he/she is most efficient and effectual in the day-to-day public presentation of his/her mundane undertakings that relate to their occupation duties so that safety is ever of paramount concern.

With this end of safety of all time present in our heads. I believe the bottom line of the accent on safety could be considered to be the preparation that each of us receives in his/her foremost initial hebdomads on the occupation every bit good as the preparation provided on a regular footing throughout each twelvemonth of our employment with M-Global. so that we are ever cognizant of how to run in a safe mode.The preparation picture gives the company the mechanism to supply each of you with the agencies to go cognizant of the elements of safety that relate to the specific demands and demands of your ain peculiar occupation.

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Therefore. at this point in clip I have come to the decision in the procedure of contemplating the relevancy of the new corporate accent on safety to our peculiar subdivision that we need. as a subdivision. to give much greater examination and analysis to the manner we can forestall accidents and stress the concern of safety at every phase of our operation for every employee.Toward the terminal I have asked the preparation coordinator Kendra Jones to piece a written preparation plan that will affect every individual employee and that can be implemented get downing no subsequently than June of this twelvemonth. When the program has been written and approved at the assorted degrees within the office. I will carry on a meeting with every section in order to stress the major and minor constituents of this approaching safety plan.

It is my great pleasance to denote to all of you that effectual in the following month ( February ) I will give a monthly safety award of $ 100 to the single subdivision employee at any degree of the subdivision who comes up with the best. most utile suggestion related to safety in any portion of the subdivision activities. Today I will take the action of puting a suggestion box on the wall of the lunchroom so that all of you will hold an easy manner to put suggestions for safety into the grapevine and to be considered.As an fond regard to the memo you are now reading from me. I have provided you with a transcript of the signifier that you are to utilize in doing any suggestions that are so to be placed in the suggestion box.

On the last concern twenty-four hours of each month. the box will be emptied of the completed signifiers for that month. and before the terminal of the following hebdomad a victor will be selected by me for the old month suggestion plan. and an proclamation will be placed by me on the bulletin board in the company workroom.If you have any inquiries in respect to the corporate safety plan as it affects our subdivision or about the suggestion plan that is being implemented here at the Denver office at M-Global. delight make non waver to do your remarks known either in memoranda signifier or by manner of telephone response to this memoranda.


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