Over the past 40 years, the computer enterprise hastaken great leaps and limits to where it is today.

One of the most influentialpeople throughout this time was Steve Jobs. He was an integral part of the risein personal computing. Also he was an excellent motivator for those workingunder him and those inspiring to be like him.

SteveJob is the chairman and chief executive officer of the well known AppleCompany. His great mind, ideas and innovation helped him to be successful. Hechanged lives of people. His philosophy to change the world made him the personwho he is now and put himself in a journey towards success. The factors thatcontributed in his success and failure in his life made him more motivated inall aspects concerning with his work. Iwill not take the same path as Steve Jobs because it is not easy to take acareer path especially in the field of technology. I’m not sure if I’ll putmyself into a computer business like him it would be a hit or could get anypopular because computer businesses nowadays are so at the top that if you’lltry to make a business that involves computers, you are not sure of yoursuccess into that business.

 As we all know that numerous of operatingsystems right now are out in the market and there are also open-sourceoperating systems that can be downloaded through internet. So the question cameto my mind and I ask myself, why would I take the same career path as SteveJobs if there are a lot of these kinds of computer software out there? Then Icould put in the picture that if I will make a business like him, I have asmall chance of excelling in that kind of business. There are many factorsof his personality that I don’t like in Steve Jobs that gives me another reasonwhy I can’t take the same career path as his. Like him being a short temperedboss to his subordinates.

I can’t be like that when I’m a boss I would be muchpatient to my subordinates and understand them as well because as a leader tothem I must lead them in the right direction that they will be more motivatedunder my leadership and also to gain their trust for the good of my company. Finally, the last thingI don’t really like in him as stubborn person; he never listens to othersopinions. Wanting much to decide what you really want to be in the future,there is no acquiring that you can be in a career in the future the way youplanned it to be because the things happen in this life of ours are justchoices we need.4. Why it is important for industrypeople to focus on technology to enhance their industry improvement?  Innovations in technology have improved operationsat agencies of all sizes andhelped turn small neighborhood corporations into worldwide corporations.

 Followingare the factors to enhance industry improvement: Communication Cell phones have emerged as small business necessities for owners and employees. Those devices are lifelines for staying in touch when on the street and responding to customer inquiries in a timely manner. Smartphone’s raise the bar with access to the Internet, email, textual content and social networking is other advances in communication that preserve small businesses connected to their customer bases and enhance internal communication within the enterprise. Marketing Technology has freed small corporations from the restrictions of prints ads in terms of achieving new and existing customers. Internet marketing ranges from easy informational website to advertising on search engines to online product sales. Email advertising and marketing is an effective and occasional fee technique to reach a large group of people with a newsletter, coupons or commercial enterprise.

Mobile advertising is a rather new frontier that reaches people through text messaging, marketing on cellular packages and supplying branded applications that tie clients into what’s occurring with the enterprise in a fun and entertaining way. Productivity Small enterprises need to wring each ounce of productivity out in their operations and generation tools help employees get responsibilities done more quickly. This may range from printing out marketing substances to offering customer support through email or online chat. The key is to keep employees focused while the use of technology and to apply it appropriately with the aim of saving time.

Provide employees with the right hardware and up to date software to maintain them working at peak proficiency. Customer Service Technology brings enterprises towards customers. Businesses use e-mail to answer questions, offer online chat to help clients that are visiting the business website, and equip call centers with the today’s phone device that makes customer support agents more efficient. Give customers a preference of approach to contact the company. Technology is powerful but keeps the people element in mind and don’t hold back on training employees in effective customer strategies and the proper use of the technology.   Telecommuting Many small enterprises now provide telecommuting and flex time as advantages. Colleagues can stay in touch from different locations and when working extraordinary hours by using email, online collaboration equipment and mobile computing devices.

Within the office, employees can share virtual files, convey records via presentations and create training videos to bring new employees up to speed. Teleconferencing Teleconferencing over the cell phone is one of the easiest conferencing strategies but development in recent years has brought web conferencing to the fore. Web conferencing can bring together web cams, audio and collaborative online meeting areas to create an exceptionally interactive environment. Members can see each other, work together on documents and recreate the in person meeting experience no matter where they’re globally. This is one manner that small businesses can extend their reach to include global customers and employees.


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