Technological Impacts On Human Resources Activities Commerce Essay

In today ‘s dynamic concern environment, the universe around us is altering at a rapid gait. Some companies win whilst others fail because they are unable to maintain up with these planetary technological & A ; communicating alterations. There is now a greater demand for employees at all degrees to be to the full competent to the new technological developments. Global competition, altering engineering and increasing client outlooks are demanding more and more of an organisation and its people to be consistency with these challenges.

By making this, people non merely go more valuable, but besides marketable.In this assignment I would wish chiefly discourse on how telecommunication & A ; engineering made impact on new HR maps ( e-hrm ) and besides to the constructions, occupation responsibilities, work allotment and its cultural environment of organisations. By invention of new technological sweetenings may class some harm on some facets of human resource direction procedure. These issues will besides be somewhat discussed in this assignment by turn toing instance surveies and some practical illustrations.

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Traditionally the human resource is considered as merely the work force of an organisation. They merely wanted to make full up the places & A ; acquire the work done by anyhow. There is no human nature for them.

But it did non last long everlastingly. In 1980 ‘s the employers were rethinking about the human facets in a wide mode. They realized the human resource as an plus for the organisation instead than a work force. And besides the employers believed that without actuating the employees one could non accomplish the organisational aims in its full sense ( Dr.P.Subb Rao, 2008 ) .

In the average clip, the manner of nearing towards employees besides changed dramatically with the development of HRM. Earlier yearss the concern is considered as one unit or entity, but now it is considered as a procedure. In other word, they followed the scientific attacks or doctrines to pull off its work force.With the development of all those facets now most of the concern organisations in the universe are extremely influenced by modern telecommunication & A ; technological developments.

Harmonizing to Cesaria and Cubello ( 2002 ) , the organisation consists of “ the application of ICT tools & A ; functionality to better the effectivity and the efficiency of human resource direction procedures and to heighten Human Capital every bit much as possible ” . The chief concern or attending on this definition is fundamentally the chances provided by new technological invention to better HRM activities or maps.With respect to e-HR ( electronic HR ) that influences the basic HR activities of most organisations. Though it creates some of positive deductions, there is a possibility to do menace to is employees. In the average clip at present more cognition intensive organisations are seeable than traditional direct control houses ( Watson, 1994 ) . Harmonizing to ( Lower & A ; Mohrman, 2001 ) there are three chief factors of invention, where they acknowledge these to utilize of e- HR, such as the operation activities are automated ( i.e.

Payroll system, Stock telling system ) , one to one logic, the handiness of a big determinations and so on.

Electronic – planning:

Now I would wish to discourse some of the of import HR activities which have been influenced by new technological developments. Once the work force is determined ( e-planning )[ 1 ], one needs to enroll the suited campaigner for a occupation place. Basically in here, there are two ways of enrolling forces to the organisation. Internal ( promote the campaigner within the organisation ) and external beginnings ( new blood to the organisation from outside universe ) . But nowadays to do the life easier on-line enlistings are more popular than other enlistings methods.

One of the recent research depicts that around 70 % -90 % large organisations are extremely used this method ( K. Aswathappa,2008 ) . When we consider existent universe examples one could see that non merely private sector houses ( i.e. MacDonald ‘s extremely usage on line enlistings ) but besides Government organisations ( i.

e. NHS Trust ) adopted the e-recruitments methods for enrolling right forces. Nowadays HSBC specially utilizing the On line appraisal method to test the employees to their Bankss. So in a manner all the traditional enlistings methods are wholly changed with development of new engineering. Cuting cost, cut downing rhythm clip, less administrative process are some of the benefits that one house could accomplish.

In the average clip when the enlisting methods changed into computerized system, there is a possibility to do the enlisting procedure more impersonal & A ; inflexible and those whoever do non hold much cognition in computing machine & A ; new electronics would be in a critical state of affairs. In other words, they would be ignored and eventually they were demotivated due to technological alterations. Further, the computerized systems may unwrap some forces information about the certain campaigners ( K. Aswathappa,2008 ) .

Electronic- choice:

Harmonizing to the K. Aswathappa, the chief intent of electronic choice are chiefly categorized into three. They are to accomplish the cost decrease, sustainability and maximal use of human resources. With the aid of HRIS ( Human Resource Information System ) , intranet most of the organisation are put in topographic point some systems in the organisation.

HRIS is most popular technological developments in these yearss within organisations. It manages all the employee information, describing analysing all employees inside informations and integrate with paysheet systems. And besides it tracts the attending, wage rise, public presentation developments, developing received of all the employees of a house ( internet,2009 ) . So in here they use the engineering as a controlling device other than any reson.When we consider the working topographic point ( Pizza hut UK Ltd. ) where I am working, they used a system called TMRI ( Team Member Readiness Inventory ) sheet which select the squad members though a pre programmed package and besides which indicates the appliers competencies, abilities by delegating a certain mark out of 100 ( Pizza hut working manual,2008 ) .

Electronic Performance Management:

In today ‘s universe public presentation direction besides extremely affected with new technological sweetenings. By utilizing the development of engineering one can better the productiveness, fight and employee motive.

The computerized public presentation direction system consist with basic Cardinal Performance Indicators ( KPI ) which shows the strength & A ; failings of a house. In this instance the house ‘s cyberspace & A ; intranet system besides help to transport out the public presentation reappraisal. There would be some negative facets will demo in some of the houses. As we know, one to one or face to confront interaction is more critical & A ; efficient than the computing machine based assessment system ( K. Aswathappa,2008 ) . Because the system could non understand the employees inner head.

Electronic Training:

Nowadays much more attending wage on e-learning or e-training of employees in the organisation. In simple word we referred as Online preparation which is more popular among today ‘s concern universe. Just for case, most of the top distance Universities are carry oning Video conference Presentations on line which acquire together all the participants in a one topographic point. In the average clip some service oriented organisations ( i.e. : Pizza Hut, KFC ) carry oning its preparation for its employees by utilizing DVDs in the work topographic point instead than making the preparation with a teacher ( Pizza hut working manual,2008 ) . Some other methods like EPSS[ 2 ]( Electronic public presentation support systems ) are the systems used for automate preparation of Airline industries to place the occupation AIDSs for pilots.

Distance larning & A ; cyberspace based preparation are most popular among today ‘s concern universe. Particularly under Tele developing one individual is centrally located and group of people remotely located and carry out developing through internet base techniques. For case, Honda Group practising this technique for their employees ( Gary Dessler, 2008 ) .The construct of ‘job for life ‘ has been changed with the impact of engineering & A ; globalisation. The occupation security is non an offer these yearss, now the tendency is just intervention ( compensation ) & A ; developing & A ; development ( Internet,2009[ 3 ]) . Even though we have experienced advantages from e-learning there are some disadvantages every bit good.

Though we have all these on line base systems some of the research shows that no significantly grater grounds for betterments ( Gary Dessler, 2008 ) .

Electronic compensation:

The other chief HR activity is the electronic compensation ( e-compensation ) system. Basically this is a web enabled attack. In here with the aid of compensation tools that enable a house to roll up, shop, manipulate, analyze and distribute those informations all over the universe by utilizing cyberspace browser & A ; intranet system. in a manner these web based tools supports to employees and directors for important determination doing procedure.

Specially these yearss most of the HR directors utilizing this tools for compensation disposal intents. The large challenge for HR professionals is planing a system which could mensurate the impact on homo ‘s behaviour ( K. Aswathappa,2008 ) . E-compensation & A ; bearer developments are one of the chief concerned in new physiological contract[ 4 ]. Therefore, direction should pay their attending on employability, bearer developments and work life balance of the employees when they practising new technological alterations ( internet,2009 ) . However, if the direction fails to handle its employees in full sense, this is the point where the whole common apprehension between employer & A ; employee will be collapsed. Now I would wish to pay your attending that how the engineering make impact on organisational construction, occupation responsibilities, work allotment and organisational civilization.

Changing Patterns of Work with New Technology:

Basically nowadays traditional mill occupations go into hi-tech plants. Traditionally all occupation responsibilities are specific and in a formal mode with occupation descriptions. There are some boundaries or limitation to halt or boycott some kind of activities for a employee. But now flexibleness is one of the chief characteristics seeable in most of the organisation. For case, Lloyds TSB has experimented with flexible occupation forms with the purpose of cut down cost & A ; addition productiveness through its web engineering ( Alan Price,2000 ) . One of the research centres in Taiwan recruits extremely talented applied scientists to their house. And one of the research worker found that most of the applied scientists in the centre were nerve-racking while working.

This is because, they have to work long hours and besides high work burden. In other words, they were non able to socialise with their households. Though they extremely compensated, the direction besides expects some what excess attempts & A ; dedication towards its research and development programmes.

Another grounds shows that this is the ground for high turnover ( 65 % ) at TRP ( Tainan Research Park ) . So what this instance survey revels is that though this TRP is one of the high tech companies in Taiwan, they were unable to pull off its employees due to the failures in organisational construction & A ; work allotment among the staff. ( Journal of Business instance surveies, 2008 ) .

This shows some negative facets of new technological developments. Once the new engineering introduce to the organisation it is rather difficult to cognize the effects immediately. And besides it is non merely limited to proficient & A ; economic facets but besides affect the civilization and other parts of the organisation ( stampler, 1988 ) . In this instance the organisational civilization & A ; construction come into pattern.

Harmonizing to Armstrong M ” the construction indicates who is accountable for directing, organizing and transporting out these activities and defines direction hierarchies, therefore spelling out, loosely who is responsible to whom for at what degree in the organisation ( Armstrong M, 2001 ) ” .Armstrong once more defines the civilization is “ the form of values, norms, beliefs, attitudes and premises that may non hold been articulated but shapes the manner in which people behave and things get done. Valuess refer to what is believed to be of import about how people and the organisation behave. Norms are unwritten regulations of behaviour ” ( Armstrong M, 2001 ) .Any manner at present, the scenario has been changed that the HR sections have given a mission towards organisational construction to execute expeditiously & A ; efficaciously to supply a human consideration to the organisations. This transmutation procedure happened due to development of new engineerings ( Lower, Mohrman, 2001 ) . This statements were farther proved by Shaun Tyson & A ; Alfled York, ( 2001 ) . Harmonizing to them, they believed that there are two types of attacks are seeable in current organisational frame work.

The human resort attack and system attack[ 5 ]. Anyway they suggested that the organisations should follow the combination of those two attacks to set its environments. They refer this as “ sociotechnical system ”[ 6 ].

Now we will see how other facets of new engineering & A ; telecommunication comes under the civilization & A ; organisational construction of an organisation. Harmonizing to P Baloh and P Trkman the cyberspace users has grown up over 300 million in 2000. ( Baloh and Trkman, 2003 ) So one could conceive of how engineering rapidly distributing all over the universe. In other words the cyberspace has great influence on how the organisational construction to be and how we are traveling to make full up the places. For illustration whoever talented with IT techniques have more opportunity to happen a better occupation in the market and performed good.

( Baloh and Trkman, 2003 ) .In the altering form of work, Knowledge direction besides plays a function in the houses. The cognition is one of the chief basicss behind the success of any organisation ( Drucker, 1993 ) .

In this instance cognition has played a critical function in the past and at present. In today ‘s universe cognition, invention and alteration are all inter linked ( Castells, 1996 ) . The endurance of any current organisations determined by the manner of it uses the cognition of its professionals ( Internet, 2009 ) .

Alternate staff & A ; new engineering:

The Human resource sections used to be “ Administrative “ office and chiefly pay attending on commanding cost & A ; administer the staff ( Ulrich, 1997 ) .

But now, staffing is one of the country extremely affected by cyberspace engineering which saved the immense sum of companies money every bit good. As I mentioned antecedently with the aid of on line enlisting one can cut down the procedure clip from 18 yearss to 12 yearss ( Baloh and Trkman, 2003 ) . Basically there is no charge for postal, application charges and so on. And besides one can test out the best squad member from the pool.

And besides Tele working is one of the celebrated footings used in today ‘s HRM procedure. The simple significance is working from a distant geographical country fundamentally from place. In a manner this allowed more flexibleness to executing a undertaking and besides it increases the productiveness & A ; satisfaction ( John Stredwick & A ; Steve Ellis, 1999 ) . On of the recent research shows that teleworking has been increased 15 % yearly in developed states ( Baloh and Trkman, 2003 ) . Even though employees work in their ain site, they loss their societal life and besides go mechanised to work. In a manner their morale will be decreased. That is the most verse portion of the new technological invention.

In the average clip undertaking oriented plants are more popular among organisations. Nowadays most of the professional organisations are willing to enroll sub contract employees instead than the lasting 1. Because the companies prefer to engage the people from bureaus to acquire their occupation done. So one could acquire the cognition of aggregation of skilled people when they are needed for long term or short term undertakings ( Baloh and Trkman, 2003 ) . One of the taking illustration is Microsoft UK, they own more sub contactors than the lasting staff ( John Stredwick & A ; Steve Ellis,1999 ) .This sub contract signifier of work already created the negative impacts to the whole economic system when we consider the current postal work stoppage in UK ( internet,2009 ) .

When we consider about work allotment, the allotment of work depends on how you are capable to get by with new technological inventions. In other words, for best occupations one need the more instruction & A ; accomplishments ( debut to HRM chapter1, p-10 ) . By presenting new HR technologies the organisations could better determination devising procedure, cost economy and employee satisfaction. Stating the truth, those are the chief value for any of the concern ( Eric lesser,2007 ) . And besides there is grounds that one time you could pull off the human resource factor, so you can easy command over physical, proficient or economic factors. ( C.

B. Mamoria & A ; S.V.

Gankar, 2008 ) .As I have mentioned in earlier, the industries and officers were extremely affected by the new engineerings. And besides it changes the manner of work itself.

In other word, this is referred as electronic working topographic point. Further it goes to practical organisations[ 7 ]( i.e., eBay & A ; so on ) .

but once the organisation is non good plenty to follow these technological alterations, and so most of the places will be displaced. Therefore merely disregarding the impact on these alterations cause a serious impact on employees every bit good as the organisation itself ( S.K. Bhatia & A ; Nirmal singn, 2003 ) .


Harmonizing to Linda.H one thing becomes clear that the endurance and extinction chiefly depends on creativeness, invention and besides uninterrupted reclamation of a organisation ( Linda, 2004 ) . Though we have new technological systems, it should be in line with the concern scheme of the house.

More usage of engineering creates dual side effects to the organisation. In one manner it can consequences in bettering work burden & A ; better communicating. On the other manus, with out holding a good effectual scheme which will make a force per unit area on employees ( Linda.H,2004 ) . As we know there is no cosmopolitan attack to be followed by an organisation. Chiefly it should be tailor made by sing internal & A ; external factors of a house depending on the environmental challenges.However, there are chief three cardinal characteristics of an organisation.

such as civilization, construction and direction manners. When new engineering has introduced into the house, necessary accommodations should be made to these features if the organisation is to germinate. In other words one can non guarantee a success of a house merely reliance on engineering. But it has to get married engineering with human enterprise and a client oriented focal point which will put the organisation to last in the hereafter ( cyberspace, 2009 ) .


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