Technology Has Evolved in Our Interpersonal Lives Essay

Since before the roman days, information has traveled only as fast as a ship could sail, a horse could run, or a person could walk.

Over the last century, information technology has brought our society forward and aids us in getting through life efficiently and more conveniently. Have you ever given a thought as to how we as human beings communicate with each other today? Has technology affected how we communicate with each other on a day-to-day basis? It was not so long ago that we were living without cell phones, lap tops, iPads, video chat, and the Internet.Life worked out somehow and we had interpersonal relationships that thrived.

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Today, though, most of us cannot imagine living without these things that would once have been considered luxuries. They are essential parts of our lives and of our relationships. Imagine if we did not have the luxuries, all the technology that lets us get things done faster, how would the generation today survive without these means? Have we as humans become so reliant on technology that we cannot even wake up without checking our phones?Drive to the nearest town without using GPS “Global Positioning Satellite? ” The answer is no! The average person using technology today would not sacrifice such a benefit in life and the way it moves along so much faster. Some people say life is too short; this is a great example of having the advantages, ease of access and the quickness, in the technology today. I would definitely second that statement about life being short, technologies advances have helped eliminate some stresses in our lives.Computer technology has advanced so much that we enter basic criteria and it will do the rest; some examples would be Banking and Inventory software. Keeping all the numbers in order for us and keeping track of merchandise at a warehouse has gotten easier. In many ways, the advances in technology have enhanced our ability to maintain our personal relationships.

Life has gotten so much busier than it once was; we are going at an ever-increasing pace, and need things to be as fast as we can get them, but not forget the true meaning of objects themselves.There are many times that we get so wrapped up in the “busyness” of daily life that if we didn’t have quick ways to communicate, sending a text or email to a friend or loved one, we would not have any real communication at all. There are days that receiving or sending an email or text is the way that we know that even in all the activity and responsibility of our lives, we still remember and care about the people we know and love. Technology is very important in our interactions today. If technology was taken from us beyond our control, what do think would happen?It would affect a whole lot of individuals around, not just the person that lost their communication device; on the other hand it would in fact affect everyone that would want to come in contact or communicate with that individual or loved one. There are other ways, however, that technological advances has underdeveloped some of our interpersonal relationships. We are so tied to our technological devices that we can go for a full day or more without having any real face-to-face communication.

This means that we are also missing out on the physical touch that we get when we are with someone in person. There is no hug or holding of hands that is done online or over the text message. An “XOXOXO” in signing off is certainly not the same as a friendly or romantic hug in any way. Although, this is not physical contact, we are able to talk on cell phones and send all types of messages of love everyday with the aid of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.There is also the means of video chat to stay connected in a more personal manner, with family and friends; having casual type visit would have been only during a family gathering or celebration. Without our cell phones, iPads, internet, or video chat, none of these may have been possible; texting, videos on-Demand, and Instant Messaging. How about video chatting with the hubby that is currently serving our country over-seas, or playing the X-BOX online that lives in Japan or hell even Germany.There is some thought that we literally would be separated by the distance between us and life if we did not have these luxuries.

The question is would it be much more difficult without all this technology? How would we re-adapt ourselves back into the future, not having any of these conveniences at all? Most everyone communicates through either e-mail or instant messaging now; it helps in making global communications easier and faster, compared to hand written mail that would take days if not weeks to deliver.As a result, it is difficult to tell when a person is serious or sarcastic—our crafty turns of idiom can easily be misconstrued. In addition, a positive facet of face-to-face communication is that it contributes to enhancing the truthfulness of the message. In this type of communication, it is somewhat difficult to hide feelings since the non-verbal communication is involved.

In particular, facial expression can reflect the message-givers emotion to some extent.Thus, the conversation participants are able to tell whether their partners are telling the truth or lying by; watching for certain body movements or hand gestures are easy ways to determine if someone is untruthful. As with almost everything else in life, there are some good things about it and other aspects that are not so beneficial.

The key is learning how to balance our technological time with our personal, face-to-face time. When we are able to do this, we will find that technology can be used more beneficially when it comes to our relationships. Therefore, the impact it will have in the future will only be known by them.


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