Technology Replacing Human Contact Essay

In my personal sentiment. yes. engineering is replacing human contact. I have many friends that are high school instructors and they are being trained on how to learn on-line classs. While this makes sense for college pupils. I don’t think on-line classs are the proper manner to travel with high school pupils. In college people need the flexibleness for work. households. etc. In high school. pupils do non necessitate the flexibleness. high school Teachs more than merely knowledge. you get societal accomplishments. meet people. have to work with other people and physical activity.

I think this alterations society in a large manner. societal accomplishments are highly of import in many different facets of life. I think that concerns should be allowed to utilize engineering freely. if it is able to assist better their work flow and their productiveness. they should be allowed to utilize it. Peoples need to be careful with maintaining up on engineering so as concerns further their patterns with it. people are able to maintain up. I think there should be more preparation options out at that place to assist people particularly when more technically advanced employees are more likely to acquire hired/promoted versus 1s that may non hold those accomplishments.

I think that the authorities should non hold control over what is posted on the cyberspace. people should cognize how to state whether the information is good information or non. While this does do it difficult. trusted beginnings are easy to come by and the authorities should non be able to make up one’s mind what information the citizens get entree to and what information they don’t. It makes it harder for them to conceal things go oning in the universe from us like they sometimes do but at the same clip. the cyberspace helps them catch a batch of felons that they wouldn’t have caught in another manner.


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