Technology: The Double Edged Sword of Society Essay

Our universe is traveling faster and faster. and at it feels as though clip is rushing up in our twenty-four hours and age. With everything altering. as life continues to travel frontward. we can see that technological promotions are holding huge effects on all countries of society.

Technological promotions are altering society drastically with the innovations of more and more high-tech equipment and tools. Because of this. effects of these technological promotions can be seen from every profession. to recreational activities. to signifiers of transit. and so many more parts of our mundane life.

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More specifically. we can see that communicating and how society operates and interacts is being mostly affected by these alterations. These promotions in engineering possess non merely positive. but negative effects on society. and impact how we communicate and operate with one another. Throughout the U. S.

. we can see that the promotion in engineering has had drastic alterations on today’s society. and how we communicate and operate in our day-to-day lives because of the power of the cyberspace. societal networking and the creative activity of Smartphone’s.Despite this being the youngest promotion.

we can see that societal networking has had major effects on the manner our society communicates today. The simple fact that a individual can merely draw out their Smartphone. and get down accessing Facebook.

a societal networking phenomenon that allows people to portion all kinds of information. such as images. pictures. website links. and most notably wall stations. is doing life improbably speedy and easy. No longer do people hold to name one another to speak to them.

but they can merely message them on Facebook.Our society is traveling further and further off from face to confront speaking. and it can even be argued to state phone calls are going a thing of the yesteryear. Whether or non this is a good or bad thing is highly problematic. but it seems to hold many benefits in today’s universe.

Furthermore. the fact that life is going faster and faster paced exemplifies the benefits of societal networking. Facebook is merely one of the few big societal media groups. Twitter.

Instagram. Tumblr. and Youtube are all illustrations that can be used to back up the positives of societal networking.

These other assorted societal networking sites allow people to pass on through picture. images and short small messages. In fact. societal networking allows for everyone in the full universe to pass on with one another and portion their thoughts and endowments with the universe. An illustration of this can be seen if a adult male were functioning in the ground forces and was stationed out in Afghanistan or someplace far off from the U. S.

. he could be able to pass on through any of these societal networking sites at anytime.Something every bit simple as having a image. picture or a message can do all the difference in a family’s life. All of this is merely possible because of the promotions we have made in engineering. Social networking is a double-edged blade holding positive and negative effects on society. In fact.

people are going addicted to societal networking. which in bend leads to less productive people among our society. Statisticss show that twelve per centum of societal media users have to look into their societal networking site at least one time every twosome of hours ( Dyer ) .Social networking is going wont forming and a changeless concern of the mundane user. This shows that societal networking. despite its many good effects can negatively impact our society.

how we operate and what affairs to us. Social networking is a powerful tool in our society. leting people from all around the universe to pass on with one another. portion all types of media and can even do alterations on expansive graduated table. such as in the in-between E and the U. S.

. but it besides has the possible to do jobs. such as being less productive and an overall lessening in the private life.Now even though the Internet has been around for some clip. it is a technological promotion that is go oning to turn.

and has assorted positive and negative effects on society. For illustration. we can clearly see how easy it has become to happen information on the Internet and the easiness of lending information to the web. This has made the Internet an highly utile tool. and has become the pick manner to happen information. every bit good as dispersed information. The fact that “Googling” something when the reply is unsure makes life speedy and easy. but with this comes negative effects.

Although. the Internet allows for people to happen and post information. many people run into skewed or merely false information. In many instances. it can be difficult to separate whether something is true or non if it is posted on the Internet. For illustration.

the website Wikipedia. which is an highly popular and utile tool. but is highly controversial because of its deficiency of credibleness among the professional universe. Wikipedia contains information on merely about anything person can desire to believe of. but because many people can redact their articles.

it is considered undependable or discreditable.Many pupils in our society battle to happen other ways of discovery information that doesn’t come from the cyberspace. Furthermore. it can be said that our society has become dependent on the cyberspace. and without the internet life wouldn’t be as speedy and easy as it is now.

Not merely has the Internet affected our society’s manner of obtaining information. but it has besides changed we communicate. With the Internet people can immediately message each other. voice call or even video confab with one another anytime and anyplace.

The effects that the Internet has on communicating within our society are positive and negative. With the Internet 1 can maintain in touch with people everyplace. but our society is going less and less used to direct communicating. This isn’t a positive consequence and as the Internet continues to go more and more of a natural portion of society.

it will merely acquire worse. Face to confront communicating is of import because it is a valuable accomplishment. every bit good as a good subscriber to the human mind.A survey completed by George Mason University shows that pass oning in individual leads to more trust and apprehension with one another. where as on-line communicating is driving our society into a deeper divide ( Luscombe ) . Furthermore. people need to pass on with one another straight in order to populate a healthy life style and be empathic towards one another.

Our society needs to happen a balance between pass oning virtually and in individual. in order to keep our humanity. Consequently. the Internet is go oning to determine our society. and is impacting it in many drastic ways.Having a dependence on the Internet isn’t good. nor is losing the comfort and benefits of direct communicating.

but the Internet isn’t traveling anyplace. and society will go on to accommodate and alter as the Internet grows larger and becomes more of a natural portion of society. Finally. the Smartphone can be discussed.

which is the most invariably altering technological promotion of the three. but it is the promotion with the larges effects on society. Smartphone’s have merely been around about six old ages. but they are going the norm in our society and are highly powerful tools that are impacting the manner our society communicates and perates.

For illustration. with a Smartphone people are capable of utilizing the cyberspace. societal networking. texting. picture and phone calls. as good the usage of apps. which are designed plans for Smartphone’s.

these included ITunes. web browsers. games.

and the list goes on. With all of these capablenesss. the Smartphone has many positive and negative effects on society. person who has a Smartphone can pass on with people in merely about anyhow. and they have the ability to make so immediately in the thenar of their custodies.

Furthermore. Smartphone’s are doing day-to-day life move at improbably faster and more efficient ways.With this. many people get lost in these devices and the multitudes seem to ever be looking down into these powerful tools. Everyday people walk around with Smartphone’s in manus. non paying any attending to what is go oning around them. This alone is doing our coevals and future coevalss to swerve from direct communicating and consciousness of the universe around them.

Although. Smartphone’s are doing a job in the manner our society is working in a societal facet ; it does supply benefits to everyone who partakes in utilizing Smartphone’s.With the power of a Smartphone. a on the job pupil or grownup can be able to maintain path of and make merely about all their work inevitably. every bit good as recreational activities. Surveies show that 80 per centum of the world’s phone users are utilizing Smartphone’s.

which is an astonishing sum of Smartphone’s ( Singh ) . So many people have switched to utilizing Smartphone’s because of the easiness they present to day-to-day life. Because of this fact. Smartphone’s are altering the hereafter and how society will run.Bank histories. shopping. web surfing. picture watching.

intelligence articles and so many more types of undertakings can be completed on a Smartphone and the simple fact that it is merely a phone is unbelievable. In order to maintain with gait life is traveling at. the Smartphone about seems necessary to work in our altering society. All in all.

the Smartphone is a device that is non traveling off. and despite its few negatives. the benefits are merely excessively powerful to lose.

As a consequence. the major promotions in engineering over the past few decennaries is holding profound effects. of both negative and positive mode. on the manner our society is pass oning and operating.From the effects societal networking. the Internet and Smartphone’s are holding such as altering how our society is pass oning and what is going the norm ; to how and what people’s day-to-day lives revolve around to carry through their day-to-day demands.

Consequently. all of these promotions bear with them negative side effects on society. For this ground. many people strongly dislike these engineerings and the power they possess and what they are making to society. nor can they see the benefits.

Despite all this. there are huge bulks of people that can accept the fact these promotions are necessary for society to travel frontward.With all this said and done. it’s of import to observe that these technological promotions are turning larger and are going even more powerful tools for society to utilize. but it’s of import we don’t allow it alter society for the worse. We can’t lose the importance of confidant and direct communicating and the benefits it has on society.

Technology has the possible to run our lives. and we need to maintain this in head in order to forestall this downward spiral from happening ; so that we can retain the simple enjoyments in life. every bit good as merely keeping what makes us human.


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