Teen Driving Safety Essay

“In 2010. about 2. 700 teens in the United States between the ages of 16-19 were involved in fatal auto accidents and about 282. 000 of these teens suffered hurts in auto accidents. ” ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. n. d. ) . Given this information. this proves that auto accidents have become the taking cause of decease in teens in the United States. “The hazard of being involved in a auto clang is highest during the first 12 to 24 months of having a drivers’ licence. ” ( Becerra. 2012 ) . There are many facets that put adolescent drivers’ at hazard.

Inexperience and hapless judgement are immense factors and obvious grounds new drivers’ are more likely to be involved in an accident. With that being said. teens tend to undervalue insecure state of affairss. Speeding is another major factor that puts adolescent drivers’ at hazard. In add-on to hurrying. the presence of other adolescent riders in the auto besides increases the hazards of distractions associated to risky drive. Teenss are more likely to act in a hazardous mode when accompanied by other adolescents. Some teens feel peer pressured into moving in such audacious ways. Other factors include the deficiency of have oning place belts and driving at dark clip.

About 60 % of all fatal clangs affecting teens happen between 9 p. m. and midnight. ” ( Hoffman. 2010 ) . Driving during dark clip hours is more risky. teens driving at dark are four times more likely to be involved in a fatal auto accident because it is harder to see and reaction times can be delayed due to the issue of non being able to see every bit good. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration introduced a graduated driver licensing ( GDL ) system to assist prevent and cut down accidents from go oning. The GDL system was designed to learn first clip drivers’ at a progressive and steady gait.

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The graduated driver licensing system is broken down into three separate phases. Phase one is the Learners Permit phase and includes the driver to be at least 16 old ages of age. completion of basic driver preparation. 30 to fifty completed pattern hours with an grownup. and that the driver non be involved in any auto accidents or strong beliefs for at least six months to be able to progress onto phase two of the GDL system. Phase two is the Intermediate ( Provisional ) License significance that the driver has completed phase one and the route trial successfully and has besides reached the age of at least 16 and a half.

This phase covers of import information about safe driving determination devising and hazard instruction. Night clip drive is besides restricted in this phase unless under the supervising of an grownup 20 one old ages or older. with the exclusion of driving to and from work. In order to be able to drive for work purposes the adolescent driver must travel to the local DMV to acquire permission for work release. Adolescent age riders are limited to merely one rider for the first 12 months. and the driver must stay free of any strong beliefs and accidents for at least 12 months in order to be able to travel frontward to present three of the system.

The 3rd and concluding phase is Full Licensure. This means the driver has successfully completed phases one and two. is at least 18 old ages of age to be able to hold riders. and thrust during dark clip hours. Presently there are merely 40 six provinces and the District of Columbia that use the three phase GDL system. Arkansas. Kansas. Minnesota. and North Dakota follow a two phase GDL system that does non include the 2nd phase. Currently none of these provinces use a GDL system with all of the suggested guidelines and restrictions.

If all 50 provinces were to follow the usage of the GDL system including all three phases and recommended guidelines there would be an even greater decrease in the sum of auto accidents and human deaths. Continuous research proves that the GDL system is effectual in bettering teens driving accomplishments and besides cut downing the sum of accidents and human deaths. “Analysis shows that following GDL Torahs will take to significant lessenings of clangs for this age group – anyplace between 20 and 50 per centum. ” ( National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 2013 ) .

As of today. there has been no jurisprudence doing it compulsory for all new drivers to hold a vehicle monitoring device installed in their auto. These supervising devices can supervise and enter the usage of place belts by drivers’ and riders. velocity. terrible braking. fast acceleration. and even if a curve in the route is being taken excessively aggressively. They besides have a camera so that everything traveling on in the auto can be recorded and reviewed. Parents would be able to maintain path of what their adolescent drivers are making when they aren’t really able to be in the auto with them.

These monitoring devices would besides be programmed to describe to the local DMV. The DMV would have all studies through a computerized system. this manner actions can be taken when teens are mistreating these Torahs. If adolescent driving studies show that any of these Torahs are being broken. such as rushing or non have oning their place belt. the driver will be fined. along with having points on their licence. After the first discourtesy. each clip a driver breaks any more Torahs they will be fined twice every bit much as the first clip with points added on every bit good.

If uninterrupted hazardous drive is reported to the DMV the driver will so lose their drive privileges for a affair of clip. By holding these supervising devices installed adolescent drivers are more likely think more carefully when driving. For case. some teens will desire to drive safe and take safeguards because they know they are being monitored and will be punished if they are caught driving perilously. If holding monitoring devices installed into all autos at the clip of having a drivers’ licence became a demand. it would significantly cut down the sum of auto accidents and human deaths.

This would be a simple and convenient manner for parents to maintain path of their teens driving and for teens to act responsibly while driving entirely. The usage of these devices is highly good in giving teens the freedom they deserve while still being able to guarantee their drive is safe. If all 50 provinces were to inherit the three phase GDL system and all new drivers’ were required to hold a monitoring system in their auto. adolescent drivers would be acquiring the necessary experience they need while the figure of accidents and human deaths drop even more.


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