Telecom Market Declines Essay

Introduction and Landscape:- The Spanish communications market generated 22. Ban ($29.

Ban) in 201 2, which represented an 8% decline year-on-year. Due to the prolonged economic recession, which is forecast to last another two years in Spain, we expect the communications market service revenue to rebound only in 2015, when it will grow (in local currency terms) 2. 3%. However, despite the market declines forecast for the next two years, the communications industry will still generate sizable revenue throughout 201 8 – a cumulative total of 132. N (Shabby) between 2013 and 2018. On the fixed side, the main revenue growth drivers in the second half of the forecast period will be fiber- based services. On the mobile side, growth will be driven by the NOVO and MM sub-segments, which have expanded remarkably in the past couple of years.

Furthermore, with the strong adoption of smartness and tablets that the Spanish market Is experiencing even In this recession, mobile browsing and other mobile applications are poised to be growth engines for the entire communications market. Table of Content:- Executive SummaryMarket and Competitor Overview Spain In a regional context Economic, demographic and political context Regulatory environment Demand profile Service evolution Competitive landscape Major market players Segment analysis Mobile services Fixed services pay-TV Identifying Opportunities On the basis of product type: Communications market Macroeconomic environment Mobile side. On the basis of geographic: Spain NOVO and MM sub-segments Smartness and tablets About JOBS Market Research:- JOBS market research is a leading player in the market of research report distribution.


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