Television and Displaces Productive Activities Essay

Television in this age has a great impact on human life. Growing up the generation of today is quite exposed to this technology. While there maybe positive impacts of Television, the negative impact often outweighs positives.

A shocking fact to be noted, most teenagers have watched approximately 15,000 hours of Television and have been exposed to over 350,000 commercials by the time they graduated. They have no control over what they see and what information they absorb. Often the child prefers to stay home and watch TV instead of going out and engaging in some physical activity.Television displaces productive activities such as sports, exercise, and even social activities. This in turn effects the child’s physical and mental growth.

Television channels often broadcast content with violence ; gore, obscenity and profanity, delusive information and gossip. All this leads the child to think it’s all right for him to behave in the manner that he sees on TV. Moreover, studies have shown that daily viewing of TV by school-aged children affects their academic performance drastically.

As they spend less time doing home-work or reading other informative books. The biggest impact of Television is advertisement The ad-companies target children as they are more vulnerable. The children in turn make unhealthy choices. They consume more junk food, and are drawn in by the fanciful things advertised. If parents carefully monitor what their child is watching, the risk of negative influence is minimized Growing up the child shouldn’t be encouraged to spend his time watching TV, rather engage him in sports or reading and other creative activities.


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