Television Argument: Living without a television for a week Essay

You have probably experienced a time, when you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the television and could sit hours eagerly absorbing whatever show was on at that moment in time. Sometimes, an hour would turn in four and you might fall asleep with your eyes still glued to your television screen. Although there can be something you can gain from watching selective television shows, there are many disadvantages of watching television. Living without a television for a week might seem awful, however, there are plenty of reasons why this could benefit you.

Without, television I could take up a new hobby. This could be anything from a sport or learning a new instrument. This way I could be doing something instead of, just watching television. I could socialise more with my friends because normally I have no time as I am too busy watching television. We can experience new things such as taste new foods, see new sites. We tend to turn on the television, when we have nothing to do and we watch whatever’s on. I have a tendency to watch something even if it doesn’t interest me.

Another argument in favour is that you can have more time in your hands. Even though, there would be some programmed I’d miss such as Eastenders, Simpsons, Holly oaks and Waterloo road, I could play sports with my friends. This way I can get some exercise and I can catch up on the latest gossip! It would also mean that I have more time to do my homework and I can go to bed on time.

So even though living without a television might seem awful, there is a lot you can gain from this experience. A good reason to carry on living without a television is you can socialise more, stay fit, keep up to date on your work and just have fun. You can entertain yourself instead of relying on the television to entertain you.

But when the week is over, I think I would reduce the amount of television I watch but I wouldn’t stop watching it altogether as you could learn a lot from the television. The television promotes a wide variety of shows – some good, some bad – some educational, some not. I think watching educational shows on television for a while is reasonable but not for too long. People in other countries don’t have the privilege to own or watch a television and yet, they still make the most out of their lives and have fun. There is more to the world than the television.


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