Television Is Good for Young Children Sample Essay

Our subject was “Is Television good for immature children” Obviously I say yes its good for immature kids.

Television helps to develop the immature children’s mental wellness. Nowadays telecasting is non merely for amusement but besides for instruction. Television is the most powerful and easiest manner to larn.

A major research survey has found that kids in low-income communities. some of whom speak English as a 2nd linguistic communication. significantly better in several keys reading accomplishments after on a regular basis watching telecasting shows like Between The Lions on PBS Kids. This type of shows helps them to enlarge their vocabulary power.

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Television channels like Discovery. Discovery Kids. National Geography. History channel and channel Thirteen are proven as educational channels. Young kids every bit good as grownups learn from these channels. After watching these channels on a regular basis they can larn to understand animate beings. human civilisation. history. uranology besides about pollutions factor and the nursery consequence. These all will assist them to enlarge their cognition and besides shape their apprehension of the universe.

Television is besides a major beginning of information of the universe political relations. about their state and besides current events through their intelligence shows.

About every telecasting channel shows awareness advertizements or filler about anti-drug. anti smoke or about AIDSs. which helps immature kids and their parents to cognize about the bad effects of these things.

Television game shows and quiz shows like Jeopardy and Who wants to be a millionaires help to learn immature kids about general Knowledge which will assist them to win latter on.

States like Canada. Great Britain and Australia have successfully incorporated telecasting into schools educational course of study.

Our opposition told about the telecastings incorrect consequence to the society. They talked about that media encourage force but a intelligence release of American Academy of Pediatrics shows that heavy viewing audiences of violent programming were less accepting of force or showed decreased aggressive behaviour after a media instruction intercession.

They besides talked about sex. but sex is besides a portion of our every twenty-four hours life. Many parents feel embarrassed to speaking about sex with their kids. But they can larn about sex in the telecasting.

They besides talked about that some immature kids imitate what they watch on telecasting. One of out opposition told about a Bangladesh male child who imitate as Superman and jumped out of his window but there is besides some other immature kids who watch life of great people and want to be like them and shaped our universe.

Everything has some negative consequence even when it concern about some life salvaging medical specialty. Some life salvaging medical specialty has some bad side consequence. Then what should we make? We will halt taking that medical specialty which can salvage someone’s life? We will halt to bring forth them? The reply must be no.

So telecasting is a powerful tool in educating our immature kids and that its positive side which outweigh its all-negative side.


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