**Why should I be picked for First Librarian?**If you were in the situation where you had to pick the person who would decide what you would eat for the rest of your life, would you know who to pick? Today, I will be telling you how you should pick your First Librarian and why it should be me as it is an incredibly important job. First off, in order for someone to be successful with this job, they must have several attributes. For one, the person must have leadership qualities. Second, they must have experience.

Third, and most important, they must have extensive knowledge of lore.In order for someone to be a successful First Librarian, they must have the qualities of a leader. These qualities are the founding of all great leaders, whether they be evil or good. First off, they have to have a secure mind. This means that the leader needs to not react on impulse or first thought. All actions should be thought through thoroughly and carefully.

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I have never been one to act on impulse as I believe that it is better to think something through rather than being rash. Next, they have to be calm in drastic situations. If we didn’t need our leaders in times of stress or troubled times, there would be little to no need for leaders. Further, due to the fact that we need leaders in these times, they must have the ability to use a calm and clear mind to solve issues, no matter what is happening. Without this trait in our leaders, many countries and teams would have failed long ago.

I can definitely give this as I am normally laid back and calm in all situations that call upon this attribute.For success in such a role, the one holding the position must have prior experience in leading and dealing with stress. Both of these intertwine in what I am discussing today as leadership and stress come in a bundle package. Therefore, I will be explaining how they fit together and how I handle it.

So, while being a leader, you are subjected to a lot of stress. This stress builds up over time and eventually gets to the point where it seems overwhelming. Those who are inexperienced will crumble under the pressure and fall. Those who have experience in such situations will stay standing. Due to stressful situations in real life with leadership, I have attained and gained this attribute of being strong-minded through all sorts of stress.

Therefore, I hold the second out of the three attributes.Finally, we will move on to the third out of the three attributes to success in an important role in the Lorekeepers. This pertains the most to the group as it deals with lore knowledge. Knowledge in the lore is obviously the most important in our wonderful group of Lorekeepers. It is our job to store and learn the knowledge of the universe and the Force, keeping it safe.

Obviously, in order to be a successful First Librarian, you must have extensive knowledge in lore. Further, I definitely hold this knowledge as I have written dozens of case studies, some being private and others being public. I have a lot of knowledge in lore as I enjoy reading about Star Wars (as well as other types of movies/books). With that said, I can assure you that I have the third out of the three most important attributes in being a successful First Librarian: knowledge in lore.In the end, I have explained how I hold the three main attributes of a successful First Librarian.

I’ve told you how I have leadership, how I have experience needed for First Librarian, and how I have the knowledge required to be a successful First Librarian. I may not be able to tell you how to pick the person who decides what you eat for the rest of your life, but I have definitely told you how to pick your First Librarian and why I should be the one picked.


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