Test Dilemma Essay

Q1 ) How would you qualify Timberland’s exercising of its corporate power in society? Is Timberland prosecuting multiple stakeholders in its concern operations? If so. hw? Answer: I would qualify Timberland’s exercising of its corporate power in society as “Corporate Social Responsibility” . That is. forest is being socially responsible towards society and it is moving in a manner that enhances society. By exerting its power.

Timberland is practising the “iron jurisprudence of responsibility” which says that in the long tally. those who do non utilize power in ways that society considers responsible will be given to lose it.Furthermore. by moving in the general public involvement. Timberland is following the “Stewardship Principle” Yes.

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Timberland is prosecuting multiple stakeholders in its concern operations. get downing from Timberland’s direction ( CEO- Jeff Swartz ) who is has managerial responsibilities at Timberland and he is personally involved in the societal activities sponsored by Timberland. Timberland’s employees are chief stakeholders who in add-on to their occupation undertakings at Timberland are take parting voluntarily in its societal activities.

The community service organisation ( City Year ) is another stakeholder which is supported financially by Timberland. Non-profit organisations which benefit from the grants Timberland makes yearly are besides stakeholders for the company. Other communities and society members who benefit from Timberland’s community services activities are another set of stakeholders to Timberland.Q2 ) Has Timberland balanced its economic and societal duties through its assorted plans. such the Path to Service plan and sustainability ends? Are the company’s plans illustrations of enlightened self-interest? Answer: Yes Timberland has balanced its economic and societal duties through its plans. Timberland holds accountable for its shareholders and at the same clip recognizes its duty towards society and environment through the plans it implemented. This is clear in the statement of Timberland CEO “…While we are perfectly accountable to our stockholders.

we besides recognize and accept our duty. The plans implemented by Timberland are illustrations of being “enlightened self-interest” .Forest recognizes the long-run wagess to the company from its planetary engagement through an enhanced repute. client trueness. employee satisfaction. and planetary community support.

That is. it is Timberland’s self involvement to supply true value to its clients. to assist its employees to turn and to act responsibly as a planetary corporate citizen.Q3 ) What impact do you believe the current economic recession may hold on Timberland societal plans? Answer: Probably the societal plans will go on ; nevertheless. with less grants and contribution sums and more careful outgos on sustainability issues & A ; environmental plans. Please note: the instance is old and from my reading on the cyberspace.

it was mentioned that Timberland continued to give money and service work to City Year during the fiscal problem.Q4 ) How would you better Timberland’s corporate societal duty plan? Answer: •Create a set of Cardinal Performance Indicators through which CSR can be measured. For illustration. employees’ satisfaction could be one step of how Timberland is moving towards its environment. Another step could be the gas emanations from their mill to see how they are impacting environment…etc. Better communications with stakeholders. as an illustration. consciousness Sessionss could be held with stakeholders to explicate the importance and benefits of corporate societal duty.

•Involve stakeholders in the societal duty plans and listen to their sentiments on how to do it better. •Improve communications with employees. explicitly explain separation between layoffs and City Year contributions. Improve internal personal businesss •Involve in some societal plans aiming developed states in the Middle East particularly those which have merely undergone recoils and demands aid to retrieve.


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