Test Questions on Assessing a Learner Essay

1.What is the purpose of Assessing a learner (1.1)2.What should all evidence be, that is used for assessment? ( 1.2)3.What is the role and responsibilities of the assessor? (1.

3)4.Explain the regulations and requirements relevant to assessment in own area of practice(1.4, 3.4, 3.5, 8.1)5.Explain the strengths and limitations of 7 different assessment methods, making reference to how each method can meet the needs of individual learners. (2.

1,4.3,4.4)6.What key factors do you need to consider when planning assessment? (3.1)7.What is holistic assessment? How would you plan holistic assessment and what are the benefits. (3.

2)8.Why is it important to involve the learner and others in the assessment process? (4.1)9.Explain how you judge evidence and make assessment decisions, making reference to the criteria and assessment requirements (5.1, 5.2)10.Explain the procedures for and importance of quality assurance and standardisation.

(6.1, 6.2)11.Explain the appeals and complaints procedure (6.3)12.Why is the management of information important? (7.

1)13.Why should you give the learner feedback? (7.2)14.

What are the key policies and procedures that relate to assessment? For example Bright delivery policy and NCFE policies and procedures etc. Give a brief explanation of what each one is. (8.1)15.How can you use technology in assessment? (8.2)16.How do you ensure equality and diversity during assessment? (8.3)17.Why is reflective practice and CPD valuable? (8.4)


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