Text Messaging Essay

Mendez English P4 Essay “Text Messaging becomes a reality for the blind, and visually impaired. ” “85% of the British population owns a mobile phone, with sending over 11 million text meesages daily.

Text messaging is affecting teen literacy by how we can communicate, and how we spell. Example we use Facebook a lot, which is how we can also use improper spelling, or we can use incorrect use of the words. t can effect how we act, our writing and spelling skills, and our language( use of how it goes or use it in an incorrect way. ).

Teenagers text a lot because we like to send videos, pictures, and or plain messages. Its ruining teens knowledge because cell phones can cause brain damage and or it can make your eyes hurt if ur on it to long. But texting I s kind of helpful to us because it keeps our fingers occupied and , when we use our fingers a lot they grow.

The main bad reason why text messaging is affecting teen literacy is by how we can do anything but it can be seen by the government and your school so then us teens decide, to say things we shouldn’t or send things we shouldn’t then we end up getting in trouble because then , the school and or government has proof that your friend and you said that or sent it to each other, and you r both in trouble anyway. That’s why text messaging is effecting teen literacy.


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